• Five must-have fashion week trends & how to add these into your home

    27 September, 2016

    Fashion season is back in full swing, and we’ve seen a shift in silhouettes and a palpable shakeup in patterns and colour. From contemporary catwalks at Fashion Week, fresh into the walls and accessories of your home – here we explore how you can use these trends to help inspire a fashion-led switch up in your home.

    Texture touches

    Radical ruffles adorned the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, and channelling notably ruched décor is the best way to get the look. Add in frilly cushions and chiffon curtains to channel a romanticised style to your space. These kind of fabrics work really well alongside pastel hues and blushed metallic shades of rose gold and copper.

    organic wallpaper

    Holy Granite by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    Pinstripe perfection

    Striped pattern variations were everywhere at London and New York Fashion Weeks, so filtering this trend down into your home will make sure you stay ahead of the curve. This beautifully replaces the bathroom nautical trend from last year and frames stripes in a totally different light. Add elements of this trend into your home with the Behind Trees by Studio Rita.

    Faded denim

    Stonewashed fabrics are making a resurgence, with denim being at the forefront of the trend. Take inspiration from this style by focusing on the faded elements and reflect them in your interior – watercolour wallpaper is the perfect example of this and works fabulously on a feature wall. Add in different textures featuring alternative shades of blue to mix up the look. Watercolour by South African design studio, Lemon will add a dramatic backdrop to your space.

    watercolour wallpaper

    Watercolour Blue, Lemon 

    Tiny florals

    Micro-repeat floral patterns mixed with delicate sheer materials were all over the Fashion Week catwalks. Beautiful snippets of this trend can be added into your home through the introduction of floral décor, accompanied with nods to nature through organic materials such as rattan and reclaimed wood.

    Graphic geometric

    Three dimensional prints are set to take over the fashion world, so why not get a snapshot of this in your own home to really pack a punch? This pattern trend is all about structured self-expression and introducing this trend into your home will give it a contemporary update. Add in geometric cushions and throws, and consider wire accessories to help create an additional sense of structure.

    geometric wallpaper

    Polygon Off White, By May

    How will you be recreating the catwalk trends at home?

  • Photowall and Lemon present: Frame of Mind

    15 September, 2016


    Photowall and South African design studio Lemon are proud to present Frame of Mind – a wallpaper collection focusing on people’s varying styles, moods and emotions. It brings together subtle watercolours, textile structures and highly detailed hand-painted patterns.


    Mosaic patterns from the bare mountain top, and banana leaves brought to life by decorative details. The motifs in the Frame of Mind wallpaper collection are colourful, subtle, present, personal and trendy, all at the same time – and they suit all different kinds of room.

    The collection includes 11 hand-picked motifs, some in different colour schemes. The motifs are available from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £29 per square metre.



    The porcelain, tablecloth, candlestick, cushions, bedside lamp and bedding are from R.O.O.M. The interior photos were styled by @hannerlii.

  • How to get your home Autumn-ready

    26 August, 2016

    As seasonal changes set in, welcoming chillier nights cuddled up on the sofa seem like a world away from the summer highs we’re now experiencing. But even if we’re in the midst of a sunny spell, there are still small steps you can take to create an autumn-ready feeling in your home. From stripped-back textiles to autumnal wallpaper, here we explore how to transition from summer liveliness to autumn cosiness.

    Pared-down palms

    Botanicals are back, and summer’s biggest interior pattern trend will be sure to follow through to autumn. Exaggerated palm prints and monstera leaves have taken the season by storm – to channel an autumnal variation of this trend, pare down the punchy hues in favour of earthy palm prints. Swedish designer, Linnea Nilsson Lundell, has created Monstera – a beautiful repeat pattern that’s perfect for a living room feature wall. Get the look and update your home accessories to reflect the green hues in this piece. Introducing decorative throws and house plants will work well to create an extra sense of harmony in your home.

    leaf pattern wallpaper

    Practical accessories

    Rainy season is around the corner, but it’s not always possible to keep an umbrella at hand. Decorative updates such as coat hooks and stands not only keep your rainy things in check, but also make a subtle feature of practical interior staples that don’t really excite the senses. Hunting for wall hooks that match your home style can add unexpected character to your hallway. If you’re particularly a fan of the monochrome trend, channel contrasting coat hangers with monogram imprints to inject some personality into your storage space.

    Power of the plaid

    A firm favourite among keen crusaders of cosiness, plaid is the perfect transitional pattern as it’s so versatile. It can be styled out in summer with neutral shades and in autumn/winter with dark, ethereal tones. Soft textures pair really well with tartan, and swapping out your light summer fabrics for heavier blankets and cushions helps to give your space a refresh without it dominating your interior style. If you’re looking for a quick-fix in your bedroom, consider updating your headboard fabric to a plaid pattern. Alternative autumnal cues such as deer wandering in the wilderness look fabulous on a canvas print. The Photowall Fallow Deer features stunning burnt orange and green tones that really suit the season.

    photo wall mural

    Check out some more of our tips on how to get your home autumn-ready

  • New designs from the creatives at About Blank

    23 August, 2016



    This year’s balmy summer evenings are coming to an end, and autumn is making its presence known. But why not make summer last a bit longer with wallpaper designs that convey a surfing feeling? With our new designs from About Blank, you’ll find everything from eye-catching palm trees and lovely mile-long sandy beaches, to surf photos taken at dawn.


    The designs can be ordered in any size you like and cost £31 per square metre. Pictured here is the design Huntington Pier – the perfect motif to make summer last a little longer in your home.


  • Five DIY garden party ideas to end summer on a high

    15 August, 2016

    Celebrating the great outdoors in your garden with friends and family can often make some of the best summer memories – the warmer weather often means your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home interior and gives you the opportunity to let your creativity spill out. Whatever your home style, or occasion, we’ve take a look at the top five garden party ideas to transform your unloved outdoors into a flourishing space fit for the perfect summer soiree.

    Shine bright

    Extra sunlight in the evenings creates the perfect backdrop for parties that go long into the night, but when the sun finally sets, lighting is key to add a spark to an outdoor get-together. Industrial-style bulb string lights are really having a moment and add the perfect finishing touch to gardens that are long and thin. Draping your lights across the garden and positioning them in a criss-cross style adds to a rustic effect, which is ideal for an outside setting. If you’re looking to add your own personal touch, making your own lanterns can be a great way to brighten up your space and add in a unique handmade feel to your garden.

    Pockets of colour

    If your garden is in need of a colour injection but you don’t want to go about installing planters, a great option is to upcycle tin cans and transform them into beautiful vases. Simply rinse out the cans and remove any external labels, then add wallpaper designs to the outside and finally, take a small selection of flowers to pot. These are a great way to add temporary colour palettes to your outdoor space without having to give your garden a complete overhaul. Contrasting patterns work well here too, as well as vibrant repeat motif wallpaper such as Flora.

    DIY ideas

    DIY vase

    Table toppers

    Celebrations just aren’t the same without a centrepiece – whether you position your table indoors to avoid any potential downpour, or keep your table outdoors to allow your guests’ easy access to food and drink. There’s a variety of different ideas to really add some glamour to the focal point of the occasion – how you choose to accessorise depends on your party theme, and different decorative pieces suit different interior styles.

    Country creations

    If your interior style is country chic, then you’ve probably already channelled vintage-style bunting in your home. But there’s nothing quite like the process of creating bunting yourself. Add a beautiful decorative addition to your outdoor space and give your garden the personal touch by selecting wallpaper patterns and designs that mirror your interior taste – transform these into bunting by cutting out the shapes and attaching the individual pieces to string.

    DIY bunting

    Finishing touches

    Little details can really bring your outdoor gathering to life and help create the perfect party atmosphere. Really personalise your space and create large scale party signs to add cuteness to the outdoors – chalk board signs are a super quick and easy way to add these touches, or if you’re feeling adventurous, choose a font you love and print it out onto card. Then cut out the individual letters and use string to tie them together – these look fab over a cake stand or in the entrance of a gazebo.

    Which DIY ideas will you be adding into your garden?

  • Imaginative children’s rooms that inspire play

    11 August, 2016


    The end of summer draws near, and autumn and the back-to-school season will soon be upon us. So why not start the new school year with a revamp in the kids’ room? Here are our best tips on how best to decorate a children’s room in a way that inspires fun and play.

    Paper a feature wall with a pattern that the kids can colour in themselves. Your own Picasso (with paint that’s not always inside the lines) straight on the wall. Above we have used the Happy Forest – grey motif by Sne design.

    Alternatively, order a blank canvas and let the kids really make their mark. Here at the wallpaper factory, we used colourful balloons, arrows and our own mini artist to create a watercolour painting in a fun way. It is a great happening for birthday parties or just as a fun activity for the family.


    Follow these easy steps to create your own unique masterpiece.

    1. For this idea you need: a blank canvas, craft paint, balloons, a balloon pump, darts and some pins. Make sure that you use a craft paint that is non-toxic and washable.

    2. First fill each balloon with some of the craft paint. We used the same colour as the balloons, but you can mix and match colours.

    3. Use the balloon pump to blow up the balloons (But be gentle when pumping up as you don’t want paint going everywhere, and be sure to tie the balloon once it’s fully inflated).

    4. Attach the balloons via the tie you made to the blank canvas with one of the pins.

    5. Give the children a dart and enjoy the balloon popping fun :-)


    If you´re unsure about letting your own mini artists loose on the walls with paint, we have extended our range with children’s motifs by designer Cecilia Lood. Imaginative, detailed designs that take us on a journey into spotted clouds and slumbering foxes.

    The motif pictured below is called Forest Turquoise. An imaginative design in soft colors that inspires the children to play and dream.


    The motif Tree Top Pink  pictured below, creates a warm and cosy feeling in the bedroom.


    For more inspiration check out our collection of childrens wallpaper. Cecilia Loods fairytale collection is avaliabe here.

    To order a blank canvas from Photowall please contact our Customer service and we will help you out.

    Best of luck with your creative projects!

  • Samba-inspired design trends for your home

    4 August, 2016

    The eyes of the world are on Rio de Janeiro as the Brazilian city steps up to host the 2016 games. There’s hardly a better time to take a slice of the country’s renowned carnival atmosphere and incorporate it into our interior design. From tropical wallpaper canvas prints and bold up-scaled geometrics to natural materials like jute, bamboo and wicker, we look at how you can take your interior to the tropics with a few simple tweaks and additions:

    Go bold and beautiful

    Take the biggest wall in your living room or open-plan kitchen and make a tropical feature of it. The new AL Collection at Photowall, created by artists from around the world, beautifully blends luxurious palm leaves and vividly coloured flamboyant flowers, as well as Honduras parrots, for an exciting samba style. Turn up the heat and create a fun twist by adding parrot or flamingo ornaments to the room.

    Jungle Canopy 2 Spring

    Jungle Canopy 2 Spring by AL Collection

    Life’s a beach

    Drench rooms in sunshine and bring the essence of Brazil’s golden beaches into your home with a tropical canvas print. Bright colours team perfectly with dreamy, far-away landscapes to transport you to your very own island paradise. Accessorise the space beautifully with natural elements like a seagrass rug.

    Thailand Island Beach Wallpaper

    Thailand Island Beach by Photowall

    More is more

    One for the colour confident – go all out with busy, printed carpeting and centrepiece décor, or opt for a feature wall of framed prints or photographs backed on to a vibrant tropical wallpaper that’s alive with colour. Choose your favourite holiday snaps and mount them as part of the gallery wall for even greater impact.

    Pineapple Wallpaper

    Pineapple by Rina Donnersmarck

    Bathroom paradise

    Bathrooms or en-suites provide a great setting for a smaller, tropical motif. Choose a bright, leafy wallpaper for the wow factor and incorporate accessories such as a gilded bamboo mirror or bamboo-covered toilet roll storage. White or warm wood tones work beautifully with this trend so don’t be afraid to experiment.

    Colour me happy

    If you’re not quite ready for such bold changes to your décor, pick out your favourite elements and highlight them instead. Let the carnival accent colours of olive and jungle greens, hot pinks, sea blues and sunshine yellow envelope you in that ‘holiday’ feeling, while textured, oversized lamps and potted ceiling-high palm leaves perfectly finish off a space without being too overbearing.

    Will you choose to embrace the tropical trend to maximum effect or opt for a few accents instead?

  • Top wallpaper recycling ideas

    28 July, 2016

    Adding a bright and colourful feature wall or wallpapering an entire room can be a great way to transform the look of a space. But you can often be left with excess wallpaper which can feel like a waste. We’ve taken a look at the easiest ways you can take the fun element of wallpaper design and use it elsewhere in your home:

    Top drawer design

    Beautifully transform the interiors of drawers – or the back of shelving units – by lining them with your favourite patterned wallpaper. Of course your favourite chest of drawers won’t be rugged enough to snag your delicates, but a pop of colour or a striking pattern can add that extra little bit of interest.

    In the frame

    If you’ve chosen a lively, graphic pattern for your statement wall, mirror that burst of personality on an opposing wall. Cut your leftover wallpaper down to photo frame size, and display several pieces on a gallery wall to perfectly complement the bold prints at the other side of the room. An easy interior update with minimal effort.

    Alternatively, show off your favourite photograph in a frame that’s backed with wallpaper to demonstrate your own personal style.

    Flies by Mia Marie Overgaard

    Flies by Mia Marie Overgaard

    All wrapped up

    Extend your vibrant style into your loved ones’ lives by crafting greetings cards to suit almost any occasion. Use intricately cut wallpaper samples, swatches of fabric and other craft items to decorate Christmas cards or wish someone a happy birthday. You could even go one step further, and wrap gifts in unused wallpaper – it’s much stronger than wrapping paper and the bold prints will make for a great talking point.

    Step by step

    If you adore the simplicity of wooden flooring and stairs in your hallway but want to add some wow factor, cut wallpaper to fit the stair risers. Once you’ve pasted it on, varnish it to make the paper hardwearing, and you’ve got a beautiful décor that will immediately draw the eyes up as you enter your home.

    Coming to a head

    Instead of creating a feature wall behind you bed, play around with the idea of an over-sized headboard by upcycling wallpaper backed on to wood to give your boudoir a unique twist. Be daring with bright patterns and hues to match the colour scheme of the room and accessorise with bold cushions and throws.

    Eternal Weekend by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    Eternal Weekend by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    Chic cabinet interiors 

    Brighten up the inside of a dull medicine cabinet by adding pops of colour and pattern between its shelves. Alternatively, transform a china cabinet into a stunning display piece – experiment with different patterns to ensure it becomes the glamorous focal point of the room.

    How will you be transforming your interiors with upcycled wallpaper?

  • Tropic wallpaper design from AL Collection

    25 July, 2016

    AL-Collection_JungleCanopy2Luxurious palm leaves and tropical flowers meet Honduras parrots in brightly coloured wallpaper designs from AL Collection. Photowall is expanding its range with a mix of the classic photo and patterns characterised by an exciting new design expression – all created by artists from around the world in our AL Collection.

    The designs are available as made-to-measure wall murals costing £26 per square metre. Pictured above is Jungle Canopy 2 Spring, ideal in any living room.

    AL-Collection_TropicToileThe motif pictured above is Tropic Toile Spring.

  • Riviera-inspired interior ideas | Photowall

    20 July, 2016

    It’s the time of year when thoughts naturally turn toward sunnier climes and rest and relaxation for that hard-earned annual break. But whether you’re holidaying this summer or not, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the continent to your interior – and with the Tour de France currently under way, there’s no better time to look toward French chic interiors to inspire your inner designer. The French Riviera is known for its glamour and intricate architectural detail – and we’ve taken a look at how you can channel its effortless styling secrets in your home.

    Simply does it

    Invest in a backdrop that’s uncomplicated in its colour palette and let vibrant-hued accessories inspired by the Mediterranean do the talking. The simpler the palette, the more ‘calm’ a room can inspire. Opt for accent features like French Provincial pottery and wrought iron décor to perfectly set off the pale colours of the walls.

    Feeling blue

    Blue gradient swatches are integral for Riviera-inspired interior. For the ultimate in French chic interior design, think stunning far-reaching sea views and wall-to-wall sunshine and recreate that summer feeling. Go bold with hues reminiscent of the ocean for your feature wall and add muted, complementary tones and paired-back accessories with it. The effect of faux painting techniques like sponging and colour washing will add layers of intrigue and give the look of textured stucco.

    blue-wash wallpaper Photowall

    Blue Wash by Photowall

    Get feminine

    Choose beautifully feminine patterned wallpapers and introduce a feature wall of florals or birds to really juxtapose with charming rustic furniture. French charm can border on shabby chic so introduce sprawling armchairs draped with luxurious throws – and opt for a teasing hint of gold in wallpaper and accessories for that added touch of glam.

    Spring Pines - Mira Nameth - PhotowallSpring Pines by Peppercookies

    Elegant and opulent

    You might not have the beautiful, tall ceilings and oversized windows commonly found in French drawing rooms, but there’s no reason why you can’t recreate all that elegance fit for a castle and take inspiration for your inviting reception room. Add southern accents to the neutral richness the French do so well, and look to your wallpaper to add that vintage yet strikingly rustic element.

    Photowall Vintagefabriken - wallpaper garlands

    Romantic bedrooms

    Nobody does romance quite like the French, and it’s easily reflected in the warm tones of a decadent, boudoir-style bedroom. Think rich greens and golds, draping chandeliers and beautifully feminine lace panels on curtains. Add in medium-toned wood furniture and tap into the gallery wall trend with a collection of vintage-inspired mirrors hung on a feature wall to add individuality.

    From fashion, to celebrity and food and all that history, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from beautiful France. How will you be updating your home with French chic interiors this summer?