• Advent Calendar from Photowall – December 4

    4 December, 2016


    Hi, it’s time to open this year’s door where Christmas isn’t the focus at all. Here, flowers are gathered in lovely colours together with ladybugs and imaginative butterflies that reminds us of warm summer mornings. You can buy this wallpaper today at 50% off * it’s designed by Nadja Wedin and is called Budgies off White Large. A work of art for the walls in almost all kinds of different rooms.

    Use the code Gift4 at the checkout to get 50% discount, it is valid until 23:59 PM.

    *Offer not valid for specially adapted images or personal assistance, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Advent Calendar from Photowall – December 3

    3 December, 2016


    Hi from a snowy Stockholm where we are in full swing opening today’s door. Behind it hiding a true favorite – a perfect gift for your Christmas stockings. Today it’s the canvas print Old Vintage World Map that you can buy for 50% off*, use the code Gift3 at checkout, valid until 23:59 PM.

    Vintage Old World Map is a subtle, stylish detail on the wall – it’s a perfect gift to your history loving friends as well as to the traveller.

    *Offer not valid for specially adapted images or personal assistance, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Advent Calendar from Photowall – December 2

    2 December, 2016


    Behind today’s door is hiding serpentine flowers in colours (almost only) from natures own colour palette. The wall mural design you can buy today at 50% off* is called Bouquet and designed by Olaf Hajek. A hand craft piece of art made to be on your wall.

    Use the discount code Gift2 at the checkout, its valid until 23.59 PM.

    *Offer not valid for specially adapted images or personal assistance, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Advent Calendar from Photowall – December 1

    1 December, 2016


    It’s finally December 1st and it’s time for this year’s Advent calendar from Photowall! Every day, until December 24th, we’re offering 50% off * on one chosen product from our Christmas gift tips. Everything from wallpapers to transform your living room, hallways and kitchen, prints for your loved ones and canvas prints from your own images.

    First up is the wall mural design Lost Landscape Light from Scandinavian Surface, which you can buy today for half price, use the code Gift1 at checkout.

    The motifs from the Norwegian design studio with its almost fairytale feel is perfectly suited both for your living room and hallway.

    *Offer not valid for specially adapted images or personal assistance, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • Festive tips for a cosy Christmas

    28 November, 2016

    If you aren’t snuggling up in front of a roaring fire in a pair of oversized socks with a steaming mug of cocoa during the depths of winter, something’s gone wrong. Add in a sprinkle of festive magic and you’ve got the perfect formula for a cosy Christmas, but how to create that enchantment though? Besides heaps of seasonal décor, the right colours and textures can add just that. The living space is the epicentre of Christmas and transforming it can help create that cosy ambience that makes this time of year so special. Here’s how:

    Festive fabrics


    This super sophisticated trend has trotted straight off the catwalk and into living rooms this year. Saved no longer just for party frocks and dancing shoes, velvet is the new go-to fabric for winter. Damson, emerald green or midnight blue are just some of the rich colours that showcase velvet as its best, instantly lifting a room to a new luxe height. Go big with a statement sofa or subtle with full length curtains.

    botanical wallpaper


    Christmas is no stranger to tartan, having long been synonymous with traditional festive style and an easy way to inject a slither of colour into a room. Pair with a masculine wing-back chair, pine cone garland and stag print cushions to complete the Highland-inspired look.

    Faux fur

    There’s nothing like the tempting lure of faux fur on a cold winter’s evening. Though it’s at its best in cool grey and crisp snow white, this fabric never fails to add warmth to a room. Soft rugs keep toes toasty, particularly if you have wooden flooring. A pile of oversized cushions won’t be out of place in a cosy living room and don’t forget to drape a faux fur throw on your sofa which can add an easy elegance to any space – and is great for curling up in.

    faux fur blanket

    Cable knits

    Hands up those who love a chunky knit in winter? When you’re not wearing them, use them to update your living room for a seriously cosy Christmas feel. Why not go all out and upgrade an armchair or just add heaps of textured cushions to your sofa?

    watercolour wallpaper

    Christmas colours

    Copper and rose gold

    Let this dynamic duo of metallic shades rule your living room this Christmas. While dominating colour palettes all year round, they are also a beautiful alternative to traditional festive silver and gold hues. Plus, a metallic touch can effortlessly lift a neutral room from cold to warm.


    Timeless red will never go out of festive fashion. The colour of Christmas can easily be paired with white, cream or gold to create a space so inviting, you won’t be able to resist sinking into your sofa and putting your feet up in front of a crackling fire.

    Green and white

    These two simple colours evoke festive thoughts, with a nod to Scandi-style, too. But we’re not talking about olive or lime shades that wouldn’t have been lost in the 70s, rather deep emeralds reminiscent of lush forests. Team with natural wooden accessories to nail the Nordic look.

    Christmas crafts

    Looking for more interiors inspiration? Head to our blog today.

  • Finally – Photowall’s advent calendar with Christmas gift ideas and 50% off

    22 November, 2016


    We welcome in December and all the festive preparations with a definite Christmassy feeling. Here at the wallpaper factory we’re making tree decorations with wallpaper and offering some great ideas for Christmas gifts. Throughout December, from the 1st up to the 24th, we’re choosing some of our best gift ideas which are available at half price on the day they are presented.* We will show you our daily tips on Instagram and on this blog, and every Friday we’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up during the week.

    To find out how to make the Christmas tree decorations pictured above, take a look at our DIY guide here.

    Wishing you a cosy, snowy (but not too snowy) December!

    * Offer not valid for specially adapted images or personal assistance, and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
  • DIY Guide – Christmas tree decorations created with wallpaper

    21 November, 2016


    Christmas is soon here and we are preparing for the festivities with a day full of crafts and gift wrappings – everything done with wallpaper. Here we have three simple crafts you can create for your Christmas tree. A very easy one, easy and a bit more difficult one. Take a look at our guide and follow the steps to create your own decorations in minutes.

    Very easy – Christmas tree

    1. You will need – your favorite motif, a scissor, pencil, string, a hole puncher and tape.
    2. Draw a tree in any size on the wallpapers back, or print a finished template, there are plenty to find on Pinterest. Add the template with the top toward the drawn pine tree and draw another.
    3. Cut out the pine trees, but do not cut the middle off.
    4. Fold them together with the motif out and tape them together.
    5. Make a hole in the top and attach a string in the desired length.
    6. Finished! Hang as a decoration on your Christmas tree.



    In the picture we’ve used motifs from Lemon’s latest wallpaper collection.

    Easy – the star

    1. You will need – your favorite motif, a scissor, pencil, string and a hole puncher.
    2. Draw a star on the wallpapers back or print a star template, there are plenty to find on Pinterest. Cut out the star.
    3.  Fold the star, the high points should meet each other.
    4. Repeat as it gets folded (see picture).
    5. Now fold the parts between the high points (see picture). Repeat on all five corners.
    6. Make a hole in one of the star’s corners and attach a string in the desired length.
    7. Finished! Hang as a decoration on your Christmas tree.



    A bit more difficult – Christmas ball ornament

    1. You will need – your favorite motif, a scissor, pencil, string, two clips and a hole puncher.
    2. Measure out bite-sized borders and cut out as many as you need. The longer the border you do the more borders you will need, depending on how dense of a ball you want to create.
    3. Make a hole in the center of each border and a hole at the tip of each edge.
    4. Then attach one of the clips in the middle and on all borders.
    5. Begin to assemble the ball.
    6. One tip is to attach some borders in the other clip, and then collect the rest and draw in the same clip.
    7. Attach a string to the desired length in one of the clips.
    8. Finished! Hang as a decoration on your Christmas tree.


  • Crafty Christmas: DIY tips to get the festive feeling

    14 November, 2016

    ‘Tis the season for festive fever, with Christmas just around the corner, the countdown to 25 December is well and truly on. Of course the annual Christmas tree may be firmly on your decorative tick list, but what else can you do to ramp up the merriment throughout your home?

    We’ve got plenty of simple DIY tips to inspire your festive style this December, to help mirror the feel-good cheer of the holiday season.

    Cinnamon centrepiece

    Transform run-of-the-mill candles into attention-grabbing centrepieces for your Christmas table. Layer the exterior with dried cinnamon sticks and finish with sprigs of holly, berries or mistletoe. As the candle warms, it will create a heavenly cinnamon scent that will waft through every inch of your home.

    DIY Christmas decorations

    Bottled berry branches

    If you have dozens of empty bottles hanging around the house, we’ve just found a new use for them. Artfully arrange a number of berry branches with pussy willow in whatever shape or size glass bottle you have to hand and display in alcoves, fireplaces or windows.

    Wallpaper stars

    Stars are part and parcel of Christmas – so why not give them a creative update by crafting them from your favourite wallpaper? Hang your stars with colourful thread for maximum impact.

    DIY star garlands

    Wall mural garlands – Friends in Need by Team Hawaii

    Handmade garlands

    Bunting is an effortless form of decoration and is easy to create yourself with a Christmas twist; stick to traditional lettering, go natural with various sized pine cones or put your paper art skills to the test with snowflake origami. These simple additions can hang from your fireplace, in your kitchen or up your stairs in festive fashion.

    A touch of copper

    Red, white and green are the go-to colours for Christmas décor, but why not add a touch of copper, too? The metallic shade can bring a warm and vibrant edge to festive proceedings. Whether candles, chandeliers or vases, pair with green foliage for a stylish Christmas look.

    Ornament wreath

    Baubles aren’t just made for hanging on trees. This year, forgo the status quo and use them to form a contemporary Christmas wreath to hang on your front door or hallway mirror, or even as a stylish addition to your table.

    Jar of lights

    Got a tangle of fairy lights gathering dust in your attic? Rather than face hours of unravelling string after string, scoop up your lights and place them in an empty jar. This decorative idea is a simple but effective one that can last all year round, too.

    Jingle bells

    The light tinkle of bells is forever associated with Christmas (and the arrival of Santa and his reindeer), making them a must-have feature for your home this holiday. Choose your favoured ribbon and tie them to your door and window handles for a final festive flourish.

    DIY Christmas wrapping paper

    For more DIY inspiration, discover our dedicated blog section.

  • Photowall 10 years – Celebrate your style

    10 November, 2016


    10 years, thousands of wallpapers, millions of styles

    There are as many styles as there are people. Maybe you are classic, playful or innovative? Maybe you do not know the word – but you know what you think is good? In 10 years, we at Photowall have been working to produce wallpapers for all sorts of styles, personalities and homes. With today’s digital printing technology there are no limits to what can be done with wallpapers. Magnificent photographs, designs of various kinds or your very own work of art, with wallpaper and creativity, anything is possible.

    Prior to our 10th anniversary, we at Photowall have selected a wallpaper each that describes our personal style. We created an anniversary collection featuring our absolute favourite wall mural designs, a tribute to the personal style and the desire to walk your own path.

    To add an extra touch to our birthday celebrations, we are offering 50% off our range of products – valid until November 18. (Does not apply to murals or prints from your own photos and can not be combined with other offers or discounts). Just enter the code style10 at the checkout.


    What is your style? Take a chance to win to win a Photowall gift voucher. The prize – an entire room’s worth of wallpaper/mural*. All you need to do to enter is to take a photo of something that you feel describes your own personal style. Post the photo on Instagram and tag it #photowall10years. We will present the winner at @photowall_sweden on 30 November. Don’t forget you must have an open profile to enter. Maybe it is you who will fill your home with a lot of personality in just the style you like. Good luck!

    * Maximum of 15 square meters

  • DIY dark drama: Get the look for Halloween

    28 October, 2016

    Halloween notoriously favours tones of the dark variety; think vibrant oranges, inky blacks and forest greens, which coincide with the colour trends that are set to take the interiors world by storm in 2017.  While this year’s colours of choice are still in vogue, the design world is flirting with a new palette that will be revamping rooms in the next 12 months.

    Dark is the new light, with pastels being switched out in favour of deeper, richer tones which can provide a slice of mystery and intimacy that paler tones can lack – perfect for Halloween, too. But what are these colours and how can you use them in your interiors? It’s time to bring dark colours out of the shadows and install them into your home for a glamourous, dramatic style.

    Mustard yellows

    While high-voltage yellow was the go-to tone for 2016, the new year will edge towards a mustard shade. With its soft orange undertones, the colour makes for a perfect autumnal accent shade that will work throughout 2017, too. Rather than splash across your walls, look to use mustard yellows in your accessories, such as a feature chair or statement lamp to really make your interior pop.

    pineapple wallpaper wallmural

    Orange accents

    Halloween’s official colour is set to feature on interior hotlists next year – so why not incorporate it this October, just in time for this year’s ghoul-fest? Orange is versatile and can add an element of warmth and energy to any room. Pick dusky apricot for a softer take on the trend, blood orange for a hue reminiscent of a dramatic sunset or terracotta for a rustic, earthy vibe. Team with simple ivory, stormy black or chocolate brown shades for a sophisticated yet contrasting style.

    orange wallpaper

    Rich greens

    Bring the outdoors in with dark green hues. Emerald, forest green shades are must-haves for your next DIY interiors project, and help to inject a sense of opulence and glamour to any room. Create a feature wall with botanical wallpaper, add texture with a shag rug or upholster your favourite chair in the bold shade. Pair with velvet accessories and work with a grey, white or black palatte to nail the ultimate dramatic look that fits Halloween’s haunting style as well.

    leaves wallpaper

    Dark florals

    Forget everything you thought you knew about florals – next year they’re getting a dark makeover. Bright spring-like patterns and chintz styles may have once been the preferred option for designers and interior lovers alike, but that’s all about to change. Black is being married with muted pinks, creams and greens to create a glamourous, gothic look. Stay ahead of the trend by installing a series of moody canvas prints in your living room.


    For further DIY inspiration, take a look at our dedicated blog section.