• Photowall and Acne JR in exclusive wall mural collaboration

    1 September, 2015

    Photowall is proud to present Trompe l’œil, a wall mural collection designed by Acne JR of Sweden. The collection plays with well-known patterns in a new graphical style – all with Acne JR’s familiar design style.

    Plump clouds, austerely graphical brick walls and the charming teddy bear Chester. When Photowall and Acne JR create wall murals together, the result is innovative creation and sweet graphical music.

    The design duo behind Acne JRMats Johansson and Sofia Ekvall – have designed the collection from the perspective of play and children, with function as the guiding principle. This is always the point of departure for Acne JR’s products, whether toys or wall murals.

    “We started by looking at different building materials, and at the room as a physical space. The basic idea was to see if we could use the wallpaper panels as building blocks, and that people could use them to build up an entire, unique environment from their own imagination. We also looked at a lot of classic ‘trompe l’oeil’ – the Tegel design is an example of this. It’s the most iconic motif in the collection – and the most obvious play on the physical wall,” says Sofia Ekvall.

    Trompe l’œil is exclusive to Photowall and comprises five designs – Bambu, Tegel, Kubik, Cumulus and Chester – all in different colour schemes. The designs are available for £35 per square metre.  The interior photos were styled by Susanna Vento and taken by Unto Rautio.

    AcneJR-Bambu-Photowall-web AcneJR-Kubik-Photowall-web AcneJR-Tegel-Photowall-web AcneJR-Cumulus-Photowall-web

  • Five vibrant feature wall murals to liven up your living room

    24 August, 2015

    Choosing a shade of colour, a pattern or texture that perfectly reflects the mood of your space, while accentuating its key features, is often an interior balancing act. Design considerations like what key trends to channel and which hues to implement are all an important part of getting it right.

    Let’s take a look at which walls murals will liven up your living room space, helping you to achieve the interior space of your dreams.

    Influenced by the 70s

    Reliving the 70s swing is so ‘now’ and the bold tones and non-apologetic prints are perfect to add extra vibrancy to your living room. Savvy décor devotees are channelling reclaimed accessories alongside contrasting textures and materials such as brass, leather and velvet – all prevalent in the vibrant 70s era. Mustard yellow hues paired with teak furniture is an interior match made in heaven. Add a touch of 70s chic into your living room space with Photowall’s stunning Twist  wall mural.

    In with the bold

    Big beautiful patterns and accent colour pops are a fabulous addition to your living room. Choose prints with daring colour swatches for maximum impact – the brighter the better. Use bold prints on a feature wall to give your living room the ultimate statement. Pair Photowall’s Bright Florals wall mural with stripped-back grey and white hues and vintage-style accessories.



    Interiors that beautifully echo the natural world are a big thing this season. Elements such as wood and stone are being paired with paint colours that reflect nature to create an indoor/outdoor haven – fresh shades of green are a stunning accompaniment to a moody grey wall. Try Photowall’s Botaniques de Talie paired with olive green soft furnishings and stone accessories.

    Colour clashing

    Oversized patterns, dusky palettes and contrasting colours have made a resurgence in the interiors world. Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ is the beautiful red hue, Masala – its earthy undertones mean it pairs and clashes with almost any colour. Use this a base shade for accents and then build on this with orchid and grey hues. The Finch wall mural contrasts beautifully with a red-based paint and grey accessories.


    Tactical textures

    Layering textures, patterns and styles has been a strong trend in 2015. Stark lines and soft curves are a great way to add texture into your home. Use a wallpaper with sharp lines as your living room feature wall and accessories using soft throws and faux fur cushions. The Zickzack wall mural looks spectacular in mint with bronze accents.



    Which of these trends will you be adding to your living room?

  • Interior inspiration: how to make your small space chic

    19 August, 2015

    Maximising a small space with a few visual adjustments can transform the look and feel of your home. Interior design methods such as space-saving techniques and optical illusions are all simple tricks that will make your small space chic.

    Let’s take a look at some simple tricks that will enhance the design of your small space.

    Bright and beautiful

    The use of light hues can help give the illusion of a larger room – neutral shades such as whites, greys and pastels reflect the most light and will give your room an airy feel. Light-absorbing dark tones create a cosy feeling, but should be used wisely in a small space. Moody shades of blue and brass features are a key interior trend this season – introduce these accents into your room to add some trend-setting colour depth. Flies by Mia Overgaard is the perfect print for a small space and looks stunning paired with blue.

    Raise the roof
    Channelling trompe l’oeil techniques, you can completely open up your space. Try wallpapering your ceiling to make your room appear taller. Dramatic patterns with small prints can create the illusion of greater interior space while adding beautiful touches of colour to your room. Photowall’s stunning Triangle Brush wall mural design is the perfect example pattern to emphasise the depth of your room.


    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Create the illusion of greater space by using mirrors to add the feeling of depth to your home. Use mirrors as wall art and accessorise using different designs and colours – gilded mirrors echo the metallic trend beautifully. Position the mirrors where they are likely to project the most light around your room. Gallery walls are set to stay as a huge interior trend, so use this as inspiration and arrange your mismatched mirrors on your wall.

    Use multifunctional pieces
    Furniture that can be used for other functions helps free-up precious interior space. Sideboards that are bookshelves, side tables that are drinks cabinets and coffee tables with additional storage are all great examples of how furniture can be used for different purposes. Furniture is also a key feature in your living space. You can turn your ordinary furnishings into masterpieces by using beautifully designed wall murals to liven up your chairs or shelves. Photowall’s Tiny Tree Triangle looks stunning paired with mid-century furniture – add the wall mural to some cabinet doors to give it a total revamp.

    triangel rak

    Shine bright
    Natural lighting is a key element of making the most of your space. Thick, heavy curtains can often block out the natural light needed to make your space look larger – try using blinds as an alternative – these block very little light, visually increasing the size of your space. Avoid harsh down-lighting as this keeps all the light in one space, so having floor and table lamps dotted around will ensure the light is spread around your room.

    How have you made your small space look chic?

  • Purrfect cat wall murals

    17 August, 2015

    Whether you’re sharing a pawsome picture on Instagram, or getting down on some feline-related GIF action with friends – cats are everywhere at the moment – and Photowall have the best collection of cat wall meowrals you’ve probably ever seen.
    In honour of Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th, we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to introduce feline designs into your home without looking like a crazy cat lady.

    Cats and colour pops
    Pops of colour paired with natural materials has to be one of this year’s biggest interior design trends. Mixing mustard yellows with paired down palette greys is a must in any space – especially your living room. Photowall’s Meeting in a Yellow Bureau wall mural is perfect to add a serious statement to your living room feature wall. The not-to-scale photograph adds a space-enhancing feeling to your room – something that any small interior space can benefit from. The mustard tones in the photograph look stunning paired with oak elements and different shaded grey walls. Opt for light grey if you’re short on space, or dark grey if you have high ceilings.



    If you’re a self-confessed cat lover then this is definitely the wall mural for you. Photowall’s Catmania wall mural looks fabulous paired with white walls and grey faux fur accents. The mural features over 100 different breeds of cat, so you’re really spoilt for choice when colour matching accessories. Soft hues are the perfect shades to accompany this mural and accessorising with statement colour pops is a wise design move – since it’s all about having fun, you should definitely reflect this in some random choices of vibrant colour.



    Pattern purrfect
    Embracing bold prints has been a big part of this season’s interior trends, and the beautifully intricate Catzy wall mural offers an ideal fusion for cat lovers and design enthusiasts. Catzy encompasses hand-drawn illustrations of nature, including a very mysterious looking Tom Cat sporting his best mid-distance gaze. This wall mural is perfect to echo the monochrome trend – pair this with white walls, charcoal accents and ornate-looking antiques. Finish off the look with a brass frame gallery wall on the opposite side of the room to your feature wall which will instil some balance.


    How will you be introducing feline friends into your home?

  • In my kitchen – wall mural collection by Ingela P Arrhenius

    13 August, 2015



    Photowall is launching the wall mural collection In my kitchen by Swedish illustrator and designer Ingela P Arrhenius. Inspired by flea-market purchases and old cookbooks, Ingela has created three designs with a true retro feel – all in different colour schemes.

    Colourful patterns with all kinds of kitchenware and shelving systems with charming props – there’s no doubt where Ingela P Arrhenius found the inspiration for her latest collection.

    “The kitchen has always been my favourite place. Also, our kitchen at home has so much nice stuff in it, all bought at countless flea markets, and it’s very inspiring to surround yourself with all those things,” says Ingela P Arrhenius.

    Ingela’s unique style, with a lot of colour and retro-tinged patterns, is appreciated and acclaimed around the world. The collection for Photowall comprises three designs, all in different colour schemes. Ingela’s favourite design in the collection is In my shelf, a motif which she designed a long time ago and has previously been printed on tea towels.

    “It was great fun adapting the design to suit a wall mural. Small-scale motifs are always easier, but that’s what makes wall murals such an exciting, challenging format,” says Ingela.

    In my kitchen is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £32 per square metre.


  • Reclaimed beauty and colour pops: this summer’s biggest interior trend

    10 August, 2015

    This summer’s interior design trends celebrate individuality and serenity through unique pieces that sit oh-so-harmoniously among everyday home essentials. There’s something distinctly beautiful about pairing the old with the new, and elements of reclaimed rustic décor combined with contrasting bold statement shades of colour accentuate this perfectly. Primary colours have been swapped for palettes that reflect the diversity of nature, and in this piece we explore different ways to use vibrant shades of mustard and yellow.

    Beautiful bathroom

    Bathrooms are often the hardest room in the house to get right. The perfect bathroom usually combines space-saving basics with objects that serve a purpose. Often, people opt for neutral shades and soft hues in their bathrooms for calmness. The alternative would be to follow this summer’s top interior trend and add in statement pops of colour with soft furnishings – bright towels, robes and rugs all add personal flair to your bathroom. Large bold patterns can also create an illusion of a greater interior space – try pairing our Pineapple wall mural with yellow accessories for those all-important colour pops.

    Pineapple_Rina Donnersmarck_Photowall_blogg


    Love your living room

    Unique character and charming details are key features in the reclamation interior trend – the trick of the trend is to pull together individual elements that work well alone and also form the bigger picture perfectly. Recreate the beautiful revival trend in your living room by blending together a fusion of styles that wouldn’t normally sit together. You can do this with just one fabulous feature wall teamed with rustic décor accompaniments. Photowall’s Old Brick Wall looks great with subtle colour pops and rustic accessories – try teaming this with reclaimed wood furniture and copper accessories.

    As one of the major selling points of your home, the kitchen is a great area on which to focus your efforts. Wallpaper that wows with beautiful bold patterns is a great way to add another dimension to your kitchen. The usual kitchen neutral palettes can be completely revamped with accent accessories. Try teaming Zikzak Yellow wallpaper with white subway backsplash tiles and wooden kitchen worktops.


    Sne design sikksakk yellow

  • Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

    5 August, 2015

    Creating indoor-outdoor connections in your home can give illusions of greater interior space, as well as leaving you with a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. There are very few design changes in your home that have this much of a positive impact on your everyday life.

    Let’s explore how to bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home.

    Introduce earthy hues

    Bring in colour palettes that represent the natural world. Different tones of green and blue are trending so this is the perfect opportunity to add these into your décor. This season’s mid-century trend encapsulates the character of the outdoors with natural wood, earthy hues and iconic designs. Rich pine greens, mustard yellows and ocean blues are perfection when paired with teak furniture.

    Wallpaper patterns encompassing nature are also prevalent this season. Photowall’s designer range of wall murals feature beautifully put together motifs that echo the natural environment. Bring plants and animals with wonderful wall mural, Wild at Heart which looks fabulous teamed with mid-century furniture.


    Bring in natural fibres and textures

    Introducing elements with an organic appeal creates a welcoming space. Materials such as wicker and rattan are inspired by nature and look great paired with earthy bold prints or rustic natural backdrops. Introduce these materials simply through home accessories – small wicker baskets are a great addition to the bathroom, and rattan can provide the perfect accent chair. Our fabulous Forest wall mural looks beautiful paired with indoor plants and rustic décor.



    Forest – Apricot

    Outdoor cues
    Encourage flow between indoor and outdoor space. Outdoor cues such as pebbles, stone and wood create a striking look that perfectly follows through from the outside in.
    Create a seamless movement by mirroring materials, colour palettes and fragrances you find outdoors. Fresh flowers, woodsy incense and floral potpourris are all great ways to bring the outdoors in. Home accessories such as terrariums are a huge trend this summer – try adding a few of these into your home to make a natural modern statement. Our Flourish wall mural looks stunning paired with natural materials such as wicker and reclaimed wood.



    How will you be introducing the indoors-outdoors look into your home?

  • Playful tips for the children’s room

    3 August, 2015

    Before you know it, it’s time to think about school again! As autumn always feels like a new beginning, we would like to pass on a few creative tips on how you can make the children’s rooms more exciting to come home to. You don’t need to repaper all the walls to completely change the feel of the room, minor adjustments can mean big changes. How about a small town made of wallpaper? Let the town continue with roads on the floor, for an even more playful feeling.

    Maybe you’ve found your favourite wallpaper, but are afraid it will be too much if you wallpaper an entire room with it? In that case, our best advice is to wallpaper a door. Here we’ve used the lovely motif Jungle love.

    Think of different ways to hang your canvas. Our World map – Atlas is a favourite for all ages.

    > To our children’s wall murals.

  • Hot interior design trends for summer 2015

    31 July, 2015

    From relaxed graphics, architectural geometrics and blurred lines to heavy greys paired with sugary sweet pastels – this summer’s interior trends are about celebrating individuality and juxtaposition. Gravitating towards the reflection of personal experiences rather than reflecting catwalk trends and stylish swatches, this season’s hot interior trends were not that easy to predict.

    Here, we explore how to get touches of this summer’s interior trends in your home in simple ways.

    Powerful patterns

    This season has seen a major influx in geometric prints and beautiful bold patterns. Embrace the geo angles and give your home edgy ultra-modern accents. Mid-century modern is a key style this season and geometric prints work well paired with 1950s teak furniture – an era of abstract patterns and beautifully bold colours.

    Give some power to the pattern and try using Marble 2.0 wall mural with white walls and white floors for a show-stopping interior.


    Raw reclaimed

    Encapsulating the stripped-back feel of an industrial warehouse – the raw reclaimed trend features timeworn materials taken from their original source. Bare wire work and plated metals are all bang on trend this summer, with people embracing a newfound love for reclaimed wood.

    Feature walls provide the perfect opportunity to feature the reclaimed wood trend without making major adjustments to your home. Photowall’s Old Wooden Wall looks stunning as a wall mural – pair with faux fur throws and wire candles to make a trendy statement in your home.


    Wonderful watercolours

    Adding a sophisticated flush of colour and softening the usual monochrome palettes – waterborne effects are everywhere this summer. Deriving from the ombre trend a few years back, the watercolour interior trend is fantastic for statement pieces and accent walls.

    Try pairing watercolours with other styles in your home. Combing a bold graphic pattern with stripes and chevron complements individual details of fabrics – watercolour print cushions are the perfect soft furnishing to add a touch of this summer’s biggest interior trend into your home. Wall murals are equally as simple add this style into your home – Photowall’s Colour puddle wall mural looks stunning as a statement wall in your bedroom.


    Which of these interior design trends will you be trying out this summer?

  • Wood, concrete and rusty tones – Textured wallpapers for a rustic feeling in your home

    20 July, 2015


    Not everyone is blessed with having a concrete or wooden wall in their house/apartment. But if you’re looking for a way to make your home a bit more rustic, there are other ways. On Photowall we provide a bunch of different textured wallpapers. On the picture above you can see a close up of  Pastel plaster, a pastel dream if your looking for a more romantic, rustic feeling.


    This is our Concrete wall, one of our favourites here at the wallpaper factory. Lovely in a kitchen for example.


    Old wooden wall make you think of Scandinavian summers in the country, and bright midsummer evenings.


    Fancy a bit more colour? How about Rusty patched plate?

    brown-wooden-wall-PhotowallWhen you lay your eyes on Brown wooden wall, you get the feeling you’re in a barn. Beautiful in a livingroom to mix up with modern, scandinavian interior.