• Photowall talks about kitchen – 5 Great Tips

    20 October, 2016

    The kitchen is a room for everything, from cooking and homework to cosy dinners and long talks. Quite simply, it’s a room to feel comfortable in. And because it’s such a versatile room, a lot of us spend a lot of time here, so cosy furnishing and decoration, with functional seating and equipment, are important factors to consider when remodelling. Here are our best tips for creating a functional kitchen that people want to spend time in.


    1 Plan what you need

    Storage, worktops and room to socialise. Check around with different suppliers to see what’s on offer. And don’t forget Pinterest for kitchen inspiration. In our kitchen folder you’ll find a lot of kitchen and dining room Pins.

    Think about what you do in the kitchen. If you love cooking – focus on smart storage like hidden pull-out drawers or hanging storage above the sink. Use an extra wide worktop or an island for more cooking space. If your kitchen is about socialising, a big dining table makes a great, attractive centrepiece. If you don’t have enough space – a folding table or extra leaves are a must.


    2 What’s your favourite colour?

    A kitchen doesn’t have to be white. On the contrary, most colours work perfectly well. A darker colour will give a warmer impression, and a light kitchen will give the impression of more space. If you like colours but don’t want to overdo it, remember you can always have a feature wall – one wall where you have patterned wallpaper, or units painted in your favourite shade.

    But if you do want to go all in, use three of your favourite colours: one for the tiles, one for the units and one for the kitchen table and chairs. The result? A delightful palette of colours! Other great ways to use colour include tone on tone, darker top units and lighter top walls, or a different shade between the chairs and the units, for example.


    3 Can you make more space?

    Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to have unlimited space in our kitchen. But size isn’t that important. The key elements are layout, storage and making smart choices – in everything from colours and furnishings to appliances. If space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to have a bespoke table made, and also a bench sofa if you use one. That way you can also plan all kinds of smart storage – built-in drawers under the table, or handy compartments under the sofa cushion.

    If you want more space, a folding table may be the solution. Floor space is often an issue, but don’t forget to look up and think about storage along the walls. Our best tip is to have high shelving and use rotating stools to make sure you can reach the top ones. Remember that a lot of products can be made to your specifications – so consider the possibilities of utilising all your nooks and crannies in the best way.


    4 Consider the environment

    It’s perfectly possible to renovate a kitchen in a more environmentally friendly way. Just a few simple points will make your project a little bit kinder to our planet. Here are our best eco-tips:

    • Use what’s there and don’t throw things away unnecessarily. Your kitchen may feel like new after simply rejuvenating the units or repainting.
    • If you do want to buy new – always choose eco-friendly. There are ecolabelled kitchens, eco-class wallpapers, and appliances that go easy on our natural environment.
    • Don’t forget second hand. Mix and match chairs of different colours and styles, and look for lamps and other furnishings at a charity shop or flea market – or see if friends and family are getting rid of anything. A few ‘different’ things and some retro furnishings are a good way to make your kitchen a bit more personal.
    • Make room for the recycling. Invest in good recycling boxes, and choose a clever way of hiding your rubbish.


    5 Do-it-yourself

    Sometimes, a minor change can make quite a major difference. Our best DIY tips are to repaint kitchen chairs in your favourite colour, repaint the worktops, frame and put up menus or paintings, or why not wallpaper? Even these small changes can bring a whole new feel to your kitchen.



  • Think pink on the wall this autumn

    13 October, 2016


    Say hello to pink this autumn. Pink in all its various shades is a subtle classic that provides inspiration and harmony during the dark season, in a way that no other colour can. But it can also make you smile. What’s your favourite shade?


    Scandinavian Surface – Hexagon – Pink

    Our pink wallpaper designs, and indeed all our other products, are printed to your measurements and made from sustainable material. And that means you don’t need to worry: a pink wallpaper from us is kind to the natural environment.


    Cathy Nordström – Astrid Peach

  • #ShareYourColour Competition

    6 October, 2016

    Terms & Conditions

    • Eligibility: This competition is open to persons over the age of 18, and are in no way affiliated with the Photowall brand, prize partners or family of those who are.
    • To enter, comment with your favourite colour on the Facebook or Instagram posts using hashtag #ShareYourColour
    • The competition opens Friday 7th October and closes Monday 31st The winner will be announced on Photowall’s Instagram and Facebook profile page, as well as blog by Friday 4th November.
    • There are two prizes: the winning entry will win a canvas print from the Shades of Colour collection (up to the value of £100), and the runner-up will receive a gift voucher worth £50 to spend on the Photowall site. Prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
    • If the winners does not confirm prize acceptance after three (3) days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn.
    • The promoter reserves the right to change the terms
    • Subject to availability, the promoter reserves the right to amend the prize package to equal or greater value without any prior notice in the event of circumstances out of reasonable control.
    • The winning image will be selected by a panel of judges at Photowall.
    • Entries from third parties or entries automatically generated by a computer will not be accepted. Entries will only be accepted if they comply with these terms.
    • By entering this competition you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.
    • Promoter: Nordic E trade AB – Photowall, Box 2032, Fraktflygargatan 18, SE-128 21, Skarpnäck, Sweden.
    • This promotion is subject to English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

    More competition information can be found here.


  • Introducing the new Shades of Music collection by synaesthetic artist, Jane Mackay

    Imagine a world where you can see music. Well, that’s an everyday possibility for London-based synaesthesia artist, Jane Mackay. The Shades of Music collection is a visual representation of the vibrant colours and shape formations she sees when she listens to the melody.

    The canvas collection comprises of three exclusive pieces that Jane painted when listening to classical versions of popular songs. Each artwork visually depicts iconic versions of Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit, Beyoncé – Halo, and La Roux – Bulletproof.

    Halo, features an exhilarating crescendo of yellow hues gravitating from a beautiful base of bold shades, while Bulletproof, is more subdued in colour. Its frantic brushstrokes combined with beautiful purple tones add a calmness to the waterfall-esque piece. Smells Like Teen Spirit, is contrasting in comparison – with rigid shapes and geometric-like structures, it’s juxtaposing to the lucidness of Bulletproof.

    Watch Jane’s incredible creative process in action in the video below.

    Jane’s exceptional gift encouraged us to think about how colours, sights and sounds can inspire other people. So we created the ‘Colour Your World’ competition. We’re asking people to share the colours they love, for a chance to win a canvas print from Jane’s stunning Shades of Music collection. Share your favourite colour on our Facebook and Instagram posts using #ShareYourColour. The runner up will receive a gift voucher worth £50 to spend on the Photowall site. T&Cs apply.

  • Transitional interior ideas: how to channel Hygge in your home

    4 October, 2016

    Known for their minimalist laidback lifestyle, the Danish are masters in creating cosy, functional designs. If you’re transitioning your interior ready for the autumn and winter months ahead, there’s definitely a few tips you can take from Denmark.

    The coveted Danish art form known as ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) is all about using Scandi-inspired tricks to transform indoor spaces into inviting areas that exude warmth. Hygge is a lifestyle choice that extends further than interior design, the notion is all about living well, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

    Here we explore how to create the Hygge happiness in your home using a mixture of accessories, textures and colour.

    Mood lighting

    Well-chosen lamps with functional properties will create cosy lighting levels perfect for cuddling up on the sofa. Industrial-style floor lamps allow you to direct light in the areas of your room that you feel need it most. The Danish are also known for their clever use of candles – scatter these around your home to create a welcoming space on darker nights.

    Hibernate in textiles

    Update your home with soft, warm fabrics – wool, sheepskin and cashmere textures are all perfect to get you ready for a long winter indoors. Add these to accent armchairs and sofas so your guests can get cosied up when they visit. Colourful rugs are also a great addition to help add warmth to your space.

    leaf wallpaper

    Gap Year – Red

    Create a social space

    Another Hygge philosophy is togetherness, and a focus on spending quality time with your friends and family at home is really important. Think about where your guests are likely to gather, and introduce things that will make them feel more at home. Open plan areas help increase conversation – try to rearrange your furniture to maximise the social setting.

    Flora and fauna features

    True Hygge happiness comes from an appreciation for the little things, and introducing organic elements in their purest forms will help create an innate feeling of being at one with nature. Small potted house plants and adding in green colour pops will give a new lease of life to your space. Panorama Grey by Scandinavian Surface will add in a feeling of wondering in the wilderness – create a living room feature wall using this design and accessorise with wool fabrics and rattan materials.

    grey illustration wallpaper

    Scandinavian Surface – Panorama, Grey 

    Food mood

    When the Danish describe Hygge, one of the key themes is the powerful feeling of comfort food and its ability to almost heal the soul. Channel these feelings of great appreciation for food by introducing beautiful handcrafted kitchenware – Hygge is a celebration of independent craftsmanship, and so accessories with an artisan feel are essential in channelling this mood.


    For more tips on how to create transitional interior styles in time for autumn – check out this handy article.

  • Trendspotting living rooms – four trends to keep an eye on this autumn

    3 October, 2016

    Autumn is here. A time to welcome in new colours, shapes and materials. Here at the wallpaper factory we take a look at four on-style living rooms, to be inspired by this season’s four hot trends.

    Living room 1 – Authentic Presence


    Here we see natural materials in a variety of forms. Most of all wood – in details, furniture and structured wallpaper. The materials should be elaborate – ideally home-made. The colours are taken (almost) exclusively from nature’s palette, but can readily be matched with different shades of orange. The Landscape Green wallpaper along with a brick wall corresponds perfectly with this trend. Add green plants in terracotta pots for an even more rustic feel.


    Living room 2 – Vibrant Shapes


    Playfulness, contrasts and bright colours. A retrospective trend influenced by the Memphis Group. The focus here is on block colours in intensive shades such as red, green and yellow. Capture the trend by putting Block Powder or Block Mix wallpaper on the living room walls, with matching cushions in the same bright colours.


    Living room 3 – Sheer Simplicity


    Creating a harmonious environment is in focus when you design your living room with Sheer Simplicity. Bring in the light, whether from large windows, open surfaces or with lighting. Match furniture in soft shapes with glass details and other interior objects in white, nude and light grey. Wallpaper with Watercolour Grey and match with a grey sofa and a glass table to make the perfect Sheer Simplicity living room.


    Living room 4 – Dramatic Elegance


    Forget the minimalist Scandinavian approach, the key here is definitely ‘more is more’. We see everything from theatrical details to pieces inspired by the Seventies. The colours are deep and dark – midnight blue, emerald green and plum purple are all very much in evidence in this trend. Velvet and silk blended with black marble and soft leather appear on furniture and other decorative details. Big, green plants also feel spot-on. Botany Banana + silver candlesticks in characteristic design = a Dramatic Elegance look in your living room.


  • Five must-have fashion week trends & how to add these into your home

    27 September, 2016

    Fashion season is back in full swing, and we’ve seen a shift in silhouettes and a palpable shakeup in patterns and colour. From contemporary catwalks at Fashion Week, fresh into the walls and accessories of your home – here we explore how you can use these trends to help inspire a fashion-led switch up in your home.

    Texture touches

    Radical ruffles adorned the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, and channelling notably ruched décor is the best way to get the look. Add in frilly cushions and chiffon curtains to channel a romanticised style to your space. These kind of fabrics work really well alongside pastel hues and blushed metallic shades of rose gold and copper.

    organic wallpaper

    Holy Granite by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    Pinstripe perfection

    Striped pattern variations were everywhere at London and New York Fashion Weeks, so filtering this trend down into your home will make sure you stay ahead of the curve. This beautifully replaces the bathroom nautical trend from last year and frames stripes in a totally different light. Add elements of this trend into your home with the Behind Trees by Studio Rita.

    Faded denim

    Stonewashed fabrics are making a resurgence, with denim being at the forefront of the trend. Take inspiration from this style by focusing on the faded elements and reflect them in your interior – watercolour wallpaper is the perfect example of this and works fabulously on a feature wall. Add in different textures featuring alternative shades of blue to mix up the look. Watercolour by South African design studio, Lemon will add a dramatic backdrop to your space.

    watercolour wallpaper

    Watercolour Blue, Lemon 

    Tiny florals

    Micro-repeat floral patterns mixed with delicate sheer materials were all over the Fashion Week catwalks. Beautiful snippets of this trend can be added into your home through the introduction of floral décor, accompanied with nods to nature through organic materials such as rattan and reclaimed wood.

    Graphic geometric

    Three dimensional prints are set to take over the fashion world, so why not get a snapshot of this in your own home to really pack a punch? This pattern trend is all about structured self-expression and introducing this trend into your home will give it a contemporary update. Add in geometric cushions and throws, and consider wire accessories to help create an additional sense of structure.

    geometric wallpaper

    Polygon Off White, By May

    How will you be recreating the catwalk trends at home?

  • Photowall and Lemon present: Frame of Mind

    15 September, 2016


    Photowall and South African design studio Lemon are proud to present Frame of Mind – a wallpaper collection focusing on people’s varying styles, moods and emotions. It brings together subtle watercolours, textile structures and highly detailed hand-painted patterns.


    Mosaic patterns from the bare mountain top, and banana leaves brought to life by decorative details. The motifs in the Frame of Mind wallpaper collection are colourful, subtle, present, personal and trendy, all at the same time – and they suit all different kinds of room.

    The collection includes 11 hand-picked motifs, some in different colour schemes. The motifs are available from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £29 per square metre.



    The porcelain, tablecloth, candlestick, cushions, bedside lamp and bedding are from R.O.O.M. The interior photos were styled by @hannerlii.

  • How to get your home Autumn-ready

    26 August, 2016

    As seasonal changes set in, welcoming chillier nights cuddled up on the sofa seem like a world away from the summer highs we’re now experiencing. But even if we’re in the midst of a sunny spell, there are still small steps you can take to create an autumn-ready feeling in your home. From stripped-back textiles to autumnal wallpaper, here we explore how to transition from summer liveliness to autumn cosiness.

    Pared-down palms

    Botanicals are back, and summer’s biggest interior pattern trend will be sure to follow through to autumn. Exaggerated palm prints and monstera leaves have taken the season by storm – to channel an autumnal variation of this trend, pare down the punchy hues in favour of earthy palm prints. Swedish designer, Linnea Nilsson Lundell, has created Monstera – a beautiful repeat pattern that’s perfect for a living room feature wall. Get the look and update your home accessories to reflect the green hues in this piece. Introducing decorative throws and house plants will work well to create an extra sense of harmony in your home.

    leaf pattern wallpaper

    Practical accessories

    Rainy season is around the corner, but it’s not always possible to keep an umbrella at hand. Decorative updates such as coat hooks and stands not only keep your rainy things in check, but also make a subtle feature of practical interior staples that don’t really excite the senses. Hunting for wall hooks that match your home style can add unexpected character to your hallway. If you’re particularly a fan of the monochrome trend, channel contrasting coat hangers with monogram imprints to inject some personality into your storage space.

    Power of the plaid

    A firm favourite among keen crusaders of cosiness, plaid is the perfect transitional pattern as it’s so versatile. It can be styled out in summer with neutral shades and in autumn/winter with dark, ethereal tones. Soft textures pair really well with tartan, and swapping out your light summer fabrics for heavier blankets and cushions helps to give your space a refresh without it dominating your interior style. If you’re looking for a quick-fix in your bedroom, consider updating your headboard fabric to a plaid pattern. Alternative autumnal cues such as deer wandering in the wilderness look fabulous on a canvas print. The Photowall Fallow Deer features stunning burnt orange and green tones that really suit the season.

    photo wall mural

    Check out some more of our tips on how to get your home autumn-ready

  • New designs from the creatives at About Blank

    23 August, 2016



    This year’s balmy summer evenings are coming to an end, and autumn is making its presence known. But why not make summer last a bit longer with wallpaper designs that convey a surfing feeling? With our new designs from About Blank, you’ll find everything from eye-catching palm trees and lovely mile-long sandy beaches, to surf photos taken at dawn.


    The designs can be ordered in any size you like and cost £31 per square metre. Pictured here is the design Huntington Pier – the perfect motif to make summer last a little longer in your home.