• Flowery, colourful and big – new trendy wallpaper motifs from Iwa Herdensjö

    17 November, 2017

    Hurrah! We’ve added even more Iwa Herdensjö motifs!
    The flowery Dare collection explodes with colour and is once again characterized by the Swedish designer’s personal and extravagant style.

    The motifs we’ve added to our product range Blaze and Stunner – are both available in five colour options, and each is filled with loads of big flowers in a colour scheme that truly stands out. Simply put – it’s a colour burst on your wall!

    Take a look at the motifs and see our new Iwa faves below.

    In 2018 we’ll be seeing more large patterns and colourful designs in both fashion and interior design, which is why we are especially pleased to present Blaze – a motif that falls in line with this growing trend. The playful mix of bright pink, turquoise, and the trendy colour, wine, is perfect if you are looking to create a space that stands out from the rest. Try combining the motif with loads of flowers and plants for a true colour explosion.


    Obove motif Blaze Blooming.

    The variety of colour options in the Stunner motif provides many styling options – this wallpaper will feel right in any room of your home.


    The Stunner Peachy motif in pink, green and retro orange works perfectly with natural materials and beige details.  


    Check out another one of our favourites pictured above, Stunner Bordeaux, which is perfect for any hallway.  

    All motifs from the collection are available as made-to-measure wallpaper for £28 per square metre.

  • Tiny Heroes – a new collection by Garbo & Friends

    26 October, 2017



    Photowall is proud to present Tiny Heroes – a collection created by the Swedish design studio Garbo & Friends. The collection consists of three detail-rich and timeless motifs – all with their own story.

    It was during a forest walk in the Småland region of Sweden that the colours of the rowan trees and leaves, paired with the animals of the forest, became the inspiration for the Fauna motif. The Mares motif has a completely different story – it was inspired by the sea and its inhabitants.

    “I started diving a couple years ago, and it was like experiencing a whole new world that I never knew existed. It was so beautiful and fascinating that it took my breath away. Mares is definitely a tribute to the sea,” says Susanne Karlsson Nemirovsky, Designer and Founder of Garbo & Friends.



    It is not only with nature – trips and new experiences are also a recurring source of inspiration for the collection’s illustrations.

    “As I travel, I think of how to transform my experiences and inspiration into a concept. I usually write a little story which then becomes the starting point for the collection,” says Susanne.



    The colours of the motifs are carefully chosen to create an overall warm and timeless feeling in the home. It is part of Garbo & Friends‘ sustainability concept.

    “The idea behind our designs is that they will stand the test of time, and the selection of colours and the size of the patterns plays a big role. Classic, old-fashioned designs from other designers provide much inspiration especially when it comes to tones and shades. That which is classic and timeless is somehow also naturally sustainable,” says Susanne.

    The exclusive Tiny Heroes collection is only available at Photowall as made-to-measure wallpaper for £29 per square metre.

  • Autumn’s hot texture trend

    15 September, 2017


    The image above showing the motif Weathered Concrete Wall.

    The wall mural trend of textured motifs is still going strong. We’re seeing concrete, marble, wood and brick textures everywhere this autumn, and here at Photowall, we are proud to present a new collection of textures.

    We recently joined forces with photographer M. Stenströmer to create the Travel Bug collection with 24 new motifs photographed on location all over the world.


    The motif above – Industrial Concrete Wall.

    A wall of concrete from a building on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, an undiscovered brick wall in the middle of Stockholm and an unexpectedly attractive surface in a dirty factory –  M. Stenströmer has travelled extensively throughout the world and photographed astonishingly unrefined surfaces which are then printed digitally in the Photowall studio.


    Pictured above is the Concrete Wall Horizontal Planks design by M. Stenströmer.

    The rough, authentic surfaces in the images give the collection an exciting story, especially given that all these unexpectedly beautiful surfaces can actually be found somewhere out in the wide world. The entire collection is exclusive to Photowall and can be ordered as made-to-measure wall murals for £29per square metre.

  • Photowall meets author and illustrator Stina Wirsén

    24 August, 2017

    Stina Wirsén’s creations can be described as colourful and diverse. They’re her great joy, passion and therapy.


    Stina Wirsén, Photo credit: Carl Thorborg

    It all started in 1968, when Stina Wirsén was one year old and clutched a pen for the first time. A single moment, and that was it: a lifelong acquaintance and a future career. That day was followed by a degree from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, illustrations in daily newspapers in areas ranging from politics to fashion, public art exhibits in Sweden and the world – and, of course, a multitude of children’s books. And she’s still going strong.

    “I love creating. I haven’t let go since the first time I lifted a pen. Drawing is my second language – sometimes even my first. It’s best when it revives childhood memories of building and sewing at home with my sister in Älvsjö,” says Stina Wirsén.


    Pictured above is the canvas motif “Utanfor Kojan Strax Bredvid Gojan

    Stina has created toys and other items related to her beloved books with her sister Anna Hörling. Many books, such as the Brokiga series, are also written in collaboration with Anna and Stina’s mother, Carin Wirsén. Most of their creations stem from personal experience.

    “My everyday life is my inspiration, or, let’s say, everyday life with a twist. When Anna and I make toys, puzzles or other products, we start from our childhood and then add today.”

    As Stina Wirsén says, a lot of everyday life shows up in her beloved books. For example, the characters from the popular Vem books experience everything from fights and everyday troubles to friendship and death – but everything is illustrated in a way that children understand.

    “To me, it’s all about the children, and that’s what drives me to create motifs that speak to them.”

    Stina Wirsén’s books transformed into wallpaper and canvas prints

    Even outside the world of the books, children can experience the playful images and colourful, diverse daily lives of the characters. Gula katten, Nallen and their friends appear on Swedish television often, and the images from the Vem and Brokiga books are available as wallpaper and prints.

    “To go from the page of a book to the wall of a room is exiting, but challenging. For example, when I created a wallpaper pattern for Ersta Barnhospice, I had to expand my watercolours and pen drawings on A4 letter-sized pages to cover an entire wall. I had the same challenge when Vem and Brokiga moved up onto the wall.”


    The motif featured in this picture is “Brokiga Myller

    Although the images and characters have moved up onto the wall, the motifs continue to tell their own story. A canvas print rich in details or a bright coloured wallpaper is also a medium for parents to tell stories, practice counting with their kids and name things together. Yet Stina says the intent of the books is not at all educational.

    “But I think everything I do reveals my opinions and philosophy of life, and then it probably becomes obvious that I believe art and literature to be enriching. Encounters and conversations are stimulated when reading my books and looking at my patterns together,” says Stina Wirsén.

    About Stina Wirsén

    Background: Stina Wirsén graduated from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1992 and has worked as an illustrator and author ever since. She has written children’s books and been an illustrator for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

    Stina’s works include about 21 Vem books and 18 Brokiga books. The books have been translated into 15 languages.

  • “Brokiga” and “Vem” – Contest with Stina Wirsén

    We are happy to present “Brokiga Myller” – a brand new motif by Stina Wirsén. To celebrate, we´re hosting a contest together with the illustrator and author herself.

    Take a chance to win your favourite motif from the collection “Brokiga” or “Vem?” as wallpaper or canvas for a value of 2000 kronor at Photowall. (We will correct the value to match the winner’s currency). You compete at Stina´s Instagram and the contest closes on Friday 1st, 2017. The winner will be announced at @photowall_sweden on September 5th.

    How you participate:

    1. Follow @photowall_sweden and Stina Wirsén on Instagram – if you’re not already doing so!
    2. Motivate in a comment below why you want to win.
    Good luck!


    Terms & Conditions

    • The winner will be selected by a panel of judges at Photowall, the jury’s decision can not be appealed and the jury does not need to motivate the decision.
    • The contest opens Thursday 24th and closes Friday 1st, 2017. The winner will be announced on Photowall’s Instagram by the 5th of September and the lucky winner will be contacted via Instagram.
    • The prize consists of wallpapers and canvas prints from Stina Wirsén’s collection (up to the value of 2000 kr – we will correct the value to match the winner’s currency.)
    • To participate you must have an open profile on Instagram, and the one who has written the best motivation wins.
    • The contest is open to persons over the age of 18. The winner is responsible for any tax profits and the price is personal and can’t be exchanged for money or be changed to another item.
    • We reserve the right to change the terms during the contest.
    • We don’t take responsibility for entries that have disappeared, sent incorrectly, or was delivered after the due date. We also don’t take responsibility for any technical problems or problems that can affect submissions or the end resolute.
    • The contest is not open to Photowall’s employees or family of those who are.
    • This contest has not been sponsored by, administered by or received any form of support from Instagram or other actors’
  • New motifs by Lemon – patterns inspired by the forgotten treasures of everyday life

    16 August, 2017

    Today we launch our second design collaboration with South African design studio Lemon. The Haphazard Places collection features 13 individual wallpaper patterns all inspired by details from everyday life.


    In the picture we’ve used the Arrow Pink design from the collection Haphazard Places.

    “Following last year’s successful collaboration with Lemon, it seemed only natural for us to continue the collaboration and launch new patterns. The design studio has a great sense for colour and shape which gives the wallpapers a harmonious feeling and captivates us,” says Amber Johnson, Photowall’s Product and Design Manager.

    The South African design studio takes much of its inspiration from the small details of everyday life that are often overlooked. The studio’s new wallpaper collection, Haphazard Places, features mountainous landscapes in muted shades, abstract patterns and geometric shapes in black and white. In creating this collection, Lemon allowed for a more random process where anything from a scrap of paper on the ground to graffiti on a wall in central Johannesburg can be used as sources of inspiration. This inspiration was then broken down into modern graphic patterns well suited for all homes and decor styles.


    The image above showing the motif Misty Landscape Blue.

    “We are interested in how graphic language design can work within an already existing space. When you are in the moment and actively searching for inspiration all around you, you will discover amazing things,” Kevin Frankental, co-founder of Lemon, explains.

    You will also note how the African inspiration for the wallpaper collection is manifested in the wallpaper patterns but with a softer and more toned-down look. Traditional African patterns and the nature of Africa, with its mountainous silhouettes and swaying palm trees, inspired parts of the collection.


    The motif above – Tribe Peach.

    “The inspiration behind Tribe comes from 90’s abstract art and mid-century furniture, but our main source of inspiration has been the beautiful patterns found on the African continent. Our best design comes from random moments of inspiration and sought-after beauty in our everyday life,” Frankental concludes.

    The Haphazard Places collection contains 13 hand-picked designs, all in different colour schemes. The motifs are available to order from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals for £29 per square metre.

  • Tips for the best-styled nursery

    3 August, 2017

    The best decor for a nursery is made by you. Create pennants, mobiles, wall decorations and hot air balloons. Best of all: So much can be done just with wallpaper. Here are two easy DIY decorations you can make all by yourself to personalize any nursery.


    Create unique hot air balloons with wallpaper. All you need is your favourite wallpaper, glue, scissors and thread.

    Step 1: Cut out round balls. You will need four for each balloon you plan to make.
    Step 2: Fold three balls in the middle, and put glue on one half.
    Step 3: Glue one of them to a flat ball. Now one half is glued, while the other half sticks straight up.
    Step 4: Glue on another ball the same way. But glue it to the other half of the flat ball.
    Step 5: Glue the third ball between the other two.
    Step 6: Cut out shapes that resemble a flowerpot for the basket, with a straight top surface. Cut just one for each balloon.
    Step 7: Cut two threads and glue them to the back of the balloon and the basket.
    Step 8: Repeat the steps until you have as many hot air balloons as you like. Attach another thread on the back to hang your balloon like a pennant.


    In the picture we’ve used the Marble 2.0 Nude design by Lilesadi.

    Create pennants out of wallpaper for your children’s room. All you need is your favourite wallpaper, glue, scissors and thread.


    Step 1: Draw a shape in the form of two triangles that are attached and use it as a template for the pennants.
    Step 2: Copy the template as many times as you need for the number of pennants you want.
    Step 3: Cut the shapes according to the template, but don’t separate the triangles!
    Step 4: Take a long thread or string (don’t cut it yet!) and fold the pennants over the string. For best results, use double-sided tape on the back of the pennant.
    Step 5: When you are happy with the number of pennants, cut the string.


    In the picture, we used the Merry Maritime Map design by Gustaf Öhrnell.

    A new way to wallpaper


    Test the limits of your imagination when wallpapering a nursery. A door, a closet and the ceiling over the bed can be wallpapered. Try combining motifs to create rooms within the room. You can create your children’s fantasy world out of bright patterns and playful motifs for their eyes to feast on and for their imaginations to take flight.

    In the picture, we combined the Berries Rose design by Andreas Engesvik with Marble 2.0 Nude from Lilesadi for a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and playful.

    Items in interior by Maze Interior and Garbo and Friends.

  • Styling the teenage room

    27 July, 2017

    Patience, compromise and creativity: These are oft-needed qualities when styling space for teens. But what happens when the teenagers get to choose? Our top tips for creating a teenage room for a great teen are for both with and without the teen’s help.


    Pictured above is the Grunge Concrete Wall design by M. Stenströmer.

    Do you have a teenager at home who wants to weigh in on decor, decide which wallpaper to put up and how the furniture should look? That’s great! Then the room will be more personal. Together you can consider the mood to create, the practical solutions such as where papers will be kept, where dirty laundry will be collected and what needs will be met. For example, is a desk needed?

    Style a teenage room according to interest

    First, ask what colours and styling details your teen likes, and most of all, what your teen wants to do in the room. Consider what is already in the room and what can be redone. It may be enough to repaint the desk, wallpaper an accent wall behind the bed or over the desk, or replace the existing desk chair with another chair you already have at home. The flea market is a popular place to find furniture and decor. It’s fun to go together and favourable to your wallet if tastes happen to change.

    Even if your teenager is not at all interested in how the space looks and lets you choose on your own, our advice is to start with your teen’s personal interests and choose decor in line with that style. Choose furniture and decor that will last until your child has grown to full height. Add details from your teen’s personal hobbies, such as football, music, drawing or dancing. Don’t forget that a teenager’s room often needs to include friends, either in the form of mementoes on the wall or space for an extra mattress on the floor.


    Pictured above is the Watercolour Blue design by Lemon.

    Motifs for a teenager’s room

    Choose matching wall art. Some teenagers may want motifs featuring their idols, pictures of their friends, graphic patterns, sports images such as Playing Soccer, or city skyline motifs such as Times Square, New York. Some motifs work best as an accent wall behind a desk or bed and others work better on a canvas print or as part of a gallery wall arrangement.

    Our top wallpaper tips for teenagers include Polygon Pastel By May, World Map Detailed, Getting Ready for Take Off and Brooklyn Bridge.

    Items in interior by Maze Interior and R.O.O.M.

  • Personalize your 10-year-old child’s room – our top tips!

    Autumn is approaching and many children are getting excited about starting at a new school. It’s a fresh start, a time for new interests and an expanded repertoire of things to do in the child’s room – everything from homework to playing video games.


    Pictured above is the Graffiti Elements design.

    Furnishing as needed

    A quiet corner for homework and creativity with space for a computer is a good idea. If your child’s room is low on space, go for a raised bed to create a sleeping loft with space for a desk underneath. Another good solution for fitting a desk into a small space is to attach a board to the wall. Remember to bring light into your kids’ room. Go for a desk lamp, a bed lamp or a ceiling lamp. Also, consider curtains that can be drawn aside to let light in but also darken the room when it’s bedtime.

    Children’s wallpaper, interests and decor

    Let personal interests determine the style of your children’s room. By this age, children have developed many interests. They may like the graffiti pattern Gouge, sport wallpaper such as Skilled Player, an art motif such as Art School Daydream, horses as in Running Mates, or music as in Music Notes World Map Color. Choose wallpaper to suit their interests. Don’t be afraid to enhance the decor with paintbrushes, paint pots, cars, stuffed animals or sports memorabilia. There is a multitude of delightful, creative toys and kids’ decor you can use to make the space personal and appealing.


    If it starts to look too jumbled and busy with colour, then invest in some stylish storage. Sometimes you have to get creative if there is not a lot of space in your child’s room. The best storage may be under the bunk bed or in high shelves. The closet may hide a play area, and desk space with built-in storage can be created on the spot Test the limits of your imagination.


    Pictured above is the motif My Rollercoaster design by Maja Sten.

    Wallpapering part of a wall

    Dare to go all out when choosing wallpaper patterns! Wallpaper over the bed, on closet doors, on part of the wall above the desk or just a small section of the room or wall. When you wallpaper part of a room, you can also choose a more colourful pattern. It won’t be as prominent as when you wallpaper an entire room.

    Did you know that you can also use wallpaper to create the illusion of a room within a room by wallpapering each wall in a different pattern. This is both appealing and playful.

    Our top wallpaper tips for 10-year-olds are Confetti from By May, Astral Unicorn, Space Odyssey and Graffiti Elements.

    Items in interior by SELECTED BY R.O.O.M. SKRAPAN and Designtorget.

  • A new kids’ room for a new school year

    And then it happens! It’s time to start school. New routines, new friends – and maybe new interests. What better time is there to spend time with the kids renewing their room?


    Pictured above is the canvas print Lightning is All Good from Disney’s new movie Cars 3.

    Children’s room styling inspiration for school starters

    Some kids may already know what they like and are not afraid to express their opinions. They found favourite film characters already at an early age – or perhaps they are all about animals or cars. Whatever they want in their room, we are sure they want it to be colourful! Buy furniture in neutral shades such as white and natural wood and let the kids choose wallpaper, canvas prints and interior decor that match their personalities and styles. If they like the movie Frozen, go for Frozen Fever – Elsa and Anna canvas print. If the Cars movies are their favourites, they are sure to love the Cars Cars Cars wallpaper.


    Plan so the furniture and decor in a kids’ room will last a few years. If there is space, get an adult-sized bed now. Buy children’s lamps with shades that can be changed to other colours. Choose a height-adjustable desk.


    The motif featured in this picture is We know the Way

    DIY with wallpaper

    At this age, many children start doing more advanced crafts, and being creative at school and with friends. So what can be better than crafts they can hang in their rooms – on the walls, shelves or above the bed. With wallpaper you can create pennants, hot air balloons, drapes or just small wallpaper shapes. Visit our blog for more wallpaper craft inspiration. Our top wallpaper craft tips are Owls Pattern by Mini Empire, Mountains by Fine Little Day and Happy Forest Pastel by Sne design.

    Children’s heroes and favourite characters often take a lot of space in terms of wall decor and toys, so we recommend you create practical, stylish storage space. This simplifies picking up all the colourful things that tend to get spread all over the floor. Put shelves on the walls of your kids’ room with space for boxes and frames to fill with pictures and mementoes. Or why not frame a section of their favourite wallpaper?

    Creative solutions for your children’s room

    It’s no secret that kids love to move and climb. “No running indoors and no climbing on the furniture” is a rule we often hear. But what about a children’s furniture solution that encourages movement and play? A climbing wall, a rope ladder, an indoor swing or a homemade fort are all nice options. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiring ideas and creative solutions for children’s rooms.


    Our top wallpapers tips for six-year-olds are Team Frozen, Tow Mater and patterns from popular Disney movie Vaiana.

    Items in interior by SELECTED BY R.O.O.M. and Granit.