• DIY – tip ahead of Valentine’s Day

    12 February, 2016


    The most loving day of the year is fast approaching and we are busy preparing surprises for our nearest and dearest. Check out our tutorial of how you can create a wall mural featuring fluffy 3D hearts – simple and cute. Use remnants of wall murals or your favourite motif. Here we have used wall murals from Plingsulli’s stunning collection.


  • New design collaboration – Nothing Can Go Wrng

    9 February, 2016


    Our latest design collaboration with the duo Nothing Can Go Wrng has resulted in a colourful collection of wall murals: Less Is A Bore. The collection includes six motifs, which have all been inspired by classic patterns and future trends.

    The designs can be ordered to size and cost 31£ per square metre.

    Pictured above is the motif: Holy Granite – Incredibly inspiring, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Top trends: geometric organics

    27 January, 2016

    Ever since the resurgence of 1970s design, colourful, bold prints have become a big part of interior trends. But this once retro print have since evolved into fluid forms, encompassing sweet pastel shades and textured graphic overlays. The pairing of geometric prints with organic materials, such as unfinished wood and stone, whole-heartedly finish off the interior look.

    Here we explore how to introduce geometric organic elements into your home to keep in with the trends.

    Colour palette

    Throw in subtle flourishes of colour and you can instantly add dimension and depth to your room. Simple palettes echoing organic materials add a send of spaciousness, and combing soft hues with stark geometric designs gives your home an ultra-modern feel. Dark greys paired with navy blues and dusky pinks are a great autumn addition to liven up your home in these darker months. For a little interior edginess mix different yellow tones with greys for a fresh Nordic look. Photowall’s Going Geometric is available as both a wallpaper and a wall mural, and looks fabulous paired with metal wire sculptures.



    Modular furniture

    Defined by its individual pieces, modular furniture can be arranged into a variety of formations to create new geometric shapes. Although these pieces are not truly organic on the surface, wooden modular furniture adds a nice twist to the whole contemporary versus archaic theme, prevalent in recent interior trends. Modular-style furniture looks stunning paired with a crisp geometric print.

    Texture touches

    An important part of the geometric trend is accompanying rigid structures with contrasting soft fabrics, this can be achieved by layering different textures in your home. Outdoor cues like stone, rattan and wood all play on the organic side of this trend. Rotterdam-based artist, Lilesadi fuses together geometric designs and embellishments of texture – her designs look beautiful as part of a grainy gallery wall or as more of a feature wall.


  • Simple feng shui tips to light up your life

    26 January, 2016

    It’s hard to believe that an ancient art developed well over 3,000 years ago is still so prevalent in interior design practices today. Feng shui is a complex system which reveals how to balance the energies of any space so that it assures health and well-being. Feng, meaning wind and shui meaning water, are Chinese symbols of good fortune and when combined are said to bring happiness and luck.

    Here, Photowall explores how to get the perfect balance of feng shui to create energy and happiness in your home.

    Make the right entrance  

    The quality of the entrance to your home is key to creating a good feng shui house. To create a positive flow in your home, remove any clutter that could be blocking the energy course from your front entrance or hallway. Front doors are considered to be the birthplace of your home’s energy point, and the quality of this energy then filters down through the rest of your home, so a strong focus should be placed in this area. Both the colour and the direction your door is facing is important in feng shui and helping to drive luck and prosperity – for example, east facing front doors should be painted either green or brown, whereas as south facing doors should be painted red.

    Feng shui energy is anchored by its main energy centres – the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Start to focus on these areas of your home to help create interior harmony that radiates through each room of your house.


    In order to create the best feng shui energies, your kitchen should feel airy and spacious. Simplicity is key – avoid cluttering up your worktops with gadgets. Fresh flowers bring an uplifting energy to your kitchen space and should be placed on your dining table or windowsill. In terms of colour choice, yellow is a great hue for your kitchen as it’s said to trigger the senses to aid digestion.


    Your bedroom décor should promote a harmonious flow of energy, as well as create a fun and alluring atmosphere that can both excites and calms you. Remove anything that could cause broken sleep, as TV’s, computers and exercise equipment can bring a feeling of negative energy into your room. The position of your bed in relation to the room is also important – your bed should be easy to access from both sides and shouldn’t be directly in line with the door.


    A good feng shui bathroom should be clean, comfortable and relaxing – there are a few ways to create this feeling in just a few simple steps. Mirrors are said to circulate energy around the room, and in the bathroom they help keep positive energy locked in. Create a spa-like feel with beautiful soaps, bath oils and fresh flowers which all help to combat negative energy, and ultimately create a relaxing atmosphere.

    Do you use feng shui ideas in your home? Maybe you hang beautiful artwork on your walls? Send in some of your favourite snaps that brighten your day for Photowall’s Morning Views competition. You could even win a cracking camera!

  • Trendspotting – the colours and shapes of spring


    Spring is finally approaching, bringing with it new trends. We can leave the dark, muted colours of autumn behind and focus on brighter shades. The big trend colours this spring are pink and blue, ideally matched with the accent colour white. Our interior inspiration continues to come from nature and plants climbing the walls feel just right – as in our wall mural Geranium, designed by Byracka.


    We’ll be seeing a lot of floral murals this year, and also geometric ones. We can’t get enough of hexagons, polygons, circles and dots. The Scandinavian Surface wall mural Hexagon Pink is the natural choice for the trend conscious.


    As always with interiors, the personal touch is more important than any trend when it comes to enjoying your home. So a personal wall mural from our range of more than 3,000 designs, or a photo of your own, is never wrong whatever the season.

  • Acne JR – wall murals motifs 2.0

    21 January, 2016


    Let´s introduce some new and updated wallpaper motifs from the Swedish design duo Acne JR – once again with the duo’s familiar design style in focus.

    Acne JR‘s new motifs are updated versions of their popular motifs Cumulus and Bamboo. They include fluffy clouds and blocky bamboo trees in new, wonderful colour-combinations with a host of exciting details to discover.

    All the new designs are available for £35 per square metre. Pictured: Cloudspotting – Pink

    To the motifs.

  • Interior inspiration: 5 bloggers you need to follow

    19 January, 2016

    Some of the best interior inspiration can be found on Instagram, and scrolling through a feed filled with interior love can evoke all kinds of positive feelings. Here we showcase five bloggers you need to follow to get your interior fix.

    Kate La Vie

    For a hint of home interiors, with a little bit of beauty and lifestyle thrown in for good measure, Kate La Vie (once called gh0stparties) is a sure-fire choice if you’re looking for snapshots of interior inspiration. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll be hit with beautiful highlights from her own home renovation. Her notably Nordic home style mixed in with flourishes of stationery recommendations and beauty finds make Kate La Vie one you need to follow.




    Hannah in the House

    Self-confessed design obsessed Hannah shares her love for Scandi interiors and minimal design methods on a regular basis. Her home style is inspired by appreciation for craftsmanship and Danish interior techniques, like hygge – which is roughly translated to mean cosy and calming. Hannah tries to achieve a zen-like calming environment using stripped back styling and monochrome colour palettes.




    Tea with Ruby

    As an admirer of everything pretty and a passion for piecing together minimal accessories, blogger Jane has embraced all aspects of interior design as she now offers interior styling advice. Jane’s home style is contemporary with a rustic feel, and she regularly showcases her love of wood in her beautiful Instagram feed.




    Kat got the Cream

    Blogger extraordinaire and passionate picture-taker, Kathryn, exudes interior love all over her Instagram feed. Sharing her love of all-things home, Kathryn not only showcases beautiful interior imagery, she also offers decorating and styling tips – perfect if you’re looking to spruce up your interior décor.




    Fabric of my Life

    For the perfect balance of travel, lifestyle and interiors, Kate Baxter from Fabric of my Life is definitely one to follow. Her feed is full of cultural interior insight from her trips around the world, as well stunning shots of her own home. Kate’s interior style is strategically minimalistic – she uses accessories layering with precision to avoid a feeling of clutter.




    Which of these interior design bloggers do you already follow?

    (Click on the pictures to get to the source)

  • 2015 interior trends to keep in 2016

    14 January, 2016

    There’s no doubt that 2015 was a year of style and sophistication in the interior world – botanical inspired designs adorned the walls of many interiors, as did minimalist style factory settings combined with muted pebble shades. It was a year defined by stripped-back refinement, a look which is set to continue into this year’s home design trends.

    As we’re now into what looks like a new year for interior styles, here we look at which 2015 design themes are still worthy of investment this year.

    Industrial chic

    As the ultimate in understated elegance, there’s no wonder industrial elements had their moment in 2015. It’s telling that the interior world’s love affair with concrete is far from over, with a growing number of people opting to cover their kitchen countertops with the finish, as well as install poured concrete floors. What was once considered a simple building material is now in the mainstream, and is set to be prevalent in 2016’s interior design. Complementing this trend perfectly are refined Edison light bulbs and subtle reclaimed wood elements. Whether you want to change your home style to an industrial-centric look, or simply keep a few subtleties in there if you’re not completely sold on it, the industrial trend allows you complete and utter versatility.


    Botanical beauty

    Botanical prints in exaggerated pattern arrangements exploded onto the interiors scene last year – olive-green velvet fabrics accompanied hessian home accessories to evoke a sense of outdoors, indoors. Nature-inspired gallery walls, as well as flat lay insect prints featured on soft furnishings, accompany this trend. But with multiple facets to this style, it can become quite overpowering in small spaces. For a lighter take on the trend, try introducing some plants into your home, make a beeline for some bee-print cushions or use Photowall’s Herb and Flower Collection wall mural and add it into some frames.


    Modern metallic

    The metallic home trend is by no means a new phenomenon, it’s something we’ve seen growing over recent years. This style originally started life as part of the industrial interiors trend. However, it has since come into its own with interior designers using metallic-inspired pantone wallpapers and home accessories, which heavily relied on metallic elements. Metals with an antique feel, such as copper, have become great pieces of interior detailing. This year, though, the focus has moved slightly from copper and shifted over to gold and brass. While dented copper accessories such as fruit bowls, and utensil holders will still be on trend, 2016 is all about brass light fittings and gold photo frames.

    Geo graphics

    We’ve seen a huge resurgence in seventies style interiors over the last year, and this micro trend looks as though it’s here to stay in 2016. Bold geometric patterns are inspired by the fearless style pattern designs of the decade, and it’s likely that these won’t go away any time soon. Whether you want to create a modern statement with a geometric wallpapered feature wall, or introduce geo-shaped home accessories such as hexagon mirrors or shelves, there are so many ways to get the geometric look in your home. Opting for furniture with harsh lines and geometric repeated patterns echoed in soft fabrics is a great way to introduce the trend. Geometric designs can be super-impactful if used subtly and can create an avant-garde flow throughout your home.


    Farmhouse charm

    Stylised barn-like interiors with rustic charm have been a big interior trend for the last couple of years – deriving from the shabby chic trend, farmhouse charm feels slightly more refined – with the same rustic appeal as shabby chic but slightly more classic.
    Painted furniture in mocha and cream hues gives a countryside feel, and accessorising with pieces that suggest a sense of the outdoors is the best way to channel this trend – hints of driftwood, chalkboard and gingham highlights are all part of getting this look. Straw-like materials such as wicker are a great subtle addition.


    Which of these interior trends will you be channelling in 2016?

  • Morning Views – competition winner announcement

    11 January, 2016

    Whether it’s the stillness of a stunning lake, or a beautiful bird going into flight – we discovered that looking at incredible, inspirational photographs on a morning can provide a shot of happiness in our day. We wanted to inspire people to capture the beauty of an early start, which is why we created the Morning Views competition – a chance to show off striking photographs captured on a morning walk, or snapped when admiring a gorgeous view from the comfort of your own home.

    Morning Views inspired the imaginations of so many people around the world, with over one hundred entrants in total, most of which submitted two or three beautiful images, there were so many incredible scenes submitted, it was difficult to whittle them down.
    A panel of expert judges went through each photo individually in order to choose the winner. Making the final decision was tough, but after many hours of deliberation, we came to a unanimous decision…

    The winner of the Morning Views competition is…
    Parrish Colman with Coastal Warming.


    Congratulations Parrish, you’re the deserving winner of a Canon EOS 750D DLSR camera, and your winning photograph will be featured on our webstore for the world to see.
    We felt Parrish’s photograph captured the natural beauty of the early morning sunrise, which wholeheartedly encompassed the spirit of the competition. Coastal Warming will now be available to buy on a store, so you can get your extra shot of happiness each day. Proceeds from the sales will go to Vi Agroforestry, Photowall’s supported charity.

    Parrish started capturing beautiful photographs in 2009 as a hobby, and began to photograph stunning nature scenes in his local park in Ipswich, Suffolk. Today, Parrish’s photography passion lies in wildlife photography as well as capturing natural scenes like he did so perfectly in Coastal Warming. You can view more of his incredible work and find out more about his other beautiful pieces by visiting Parrish’s site.

  • Holistic home: how to choose your home style

    4 January, 2016

    Defining your interior design style can be a challenge, but getting it right will transform the way you feel about your home. Whether you’re gravitating towards a more minimalist look, or tempted to go for something a little more out of your comfort zone – there are a number of ways to pinpoint your personal style.

    Here we explore how to narrow down your aesthetic and choose a style for your home that flows perfectly throughout.


    Maybe the idea of escaping the chaos of your day seems like heaven; coming home to a blank canvas excites you, and you’re comfortable around crisp sharp edges. Sound familiar? Then you should be definitely swaying towards a minimal interior look. Focus on furniture with clean lines and avoid pattern unless you choose to accessories with artistic prints and beautiful cushions. Stick to black and white hues to create a slick look, but consider using charcoal grey tones for a feature wall. Accessorise with mineral materials such as marble and pewter – all these elements will make for a contemporary feel in your home. If you feel like adding some texture to your walls, Photowall’s White Marble mural is perfect to add an extra sense of depth to your interior.



    Have you travelled the world just you and your backpack and looking how you can incorporate your cultural finds into your home? Maybe you find inspiration everywhere and have a need to create; then the boho look might just be for you. Showcase the best of your artisan credentials by combining the best of texture, pattern and muted colours to create a free-spirited feel. Arrange your found fancies so each piece stands out – whether you beautify the floors with mismatched rugs you picked up along the way, or keep it hippy chic with decorative wall hangings, the bohemian look lets you be young, wild and free. Tonnes of throws give a cosy feel, and lamps that look as though they’ve been collected from all corners of the world add welcomed mood lighting into your room. Experiment with textures and pattern by using Photowall’s Bohemian Birds wall mural to fill some frames on a gallery wall.




    Are you a fan of blending the old and the new? Have you always loved reimagined pieces of vintage furniture or reworked clothing and fabrics? Sounds like your style is classic. Whether you’re an antique addict or more about giving a bit of love to old pieces that haven’t seen the light of day for a while – there are countless ways of channelling the classic style in your home. Create a wonderfully nostalgic look by choosing prints that look like they’ve been reclaimed – Photowall’s Darwin on a Plate features illustrations that look as though they’ve been ripped straight from a chapter of a 1900s biology book. This design style pairs particularly well with upcycled furniture and antique metals like brass and copper. Accompany the classic looks with intricate knitted fabrics and reclaimed wood.


    What’s your home style?