• Create beautiful Midsummer wreaths with wallpaper

    21 June, 2016


    Summer is finally here, and Midsummer weekend is just around the corner. If you like to celebrate Midsummer with your nearest and dearest, don’t forget the most important thing – the Midsummer Wreath. Here at the wallpaper factory we’re decorating with wallpaper wreaths made from summery new designs by Rina Donnersmarck.

    Just in time for traditional Midsummer celebrations, Rina has created three new designs in beautiful colours and delightful patterns. In the picture above we’ve used the Jungle Multi and Jungle Pink designs, which are available as made-to-measure wall murals and canvas prints. The wall murals cost £35 per square metre and the canvas prints start at £24.

    Have a wonderful summer!



  • How-to create your own gallery wall

    As a key decorating trend this year, creating a gallery wall can bring a bolder look into your interior. Splashes of timeless design perfectly combined with the interior trends of the moment, and making space for art can give your home a dash of excitement. Showcase your personal style and channel a design style that complements your current décor themes.

    Here we explore how to create a gallery wall based on your home style and current interior trends.

    1) Find your style

    Before committing to a gallery wall, it’s important to determine what kind of layout and design style you like. Do you prefer a structured grid style where all the frames follow a particular layout? Or do you prefer a scattered style? It’s also worth considering what kind of interior design trends you find most appealing – if you’re a fan of the Nordic movement, then a grid style monochrome gallery wall might be for you.

    2) Earthy eclectic

    This style is perfect for the adventurous outdoor types and is loosely related to the 70s interior design resurgence. This interior style features botanical greens and dark wood elements with organic artwork. Wooden frames in a grid style work well to create a structured look that echoes the geometric patterns from 70s interior design.

    monstera wallpaper wallmural

    Monstera No 6 by Linnea Nilsson Lundell

    3) Bold and beautiful

    If you’re a person who likes to take risks and have a contemporary interior, then this gallery wall style could be for you. The trend is all about indulging in graphic patterns and bright colours to make a statement in your home. Bold letters combined with subtle colour pops and graphic imagery work best – channel the current pineapple trend with illustrations or wallpaper.

    pineapple wallpaper wallmural

    Pineapple by Nu Agency

    4) Romantic retreat

    Watercolour details add a contrasting softness into your interior. When selecting aquatic patterns for your gallery wall, you can create an area of your home perfect for relaxation. Often watercolour patterns feature subtle colour pops which are easily reflected in other parts of your interior.

    5) Experimental schemes

    Creating the perfect wall for your home is all about testing the water and seeing what works for you. We recommend you plan your layout before drilling holes through your walls – you can do this with paper and sticky tape just to get the base right before you work out your frame sizes and arrangement.

    What does your gallery wall style look like?



  • Evergreen garden ideas to transform your outdoor space

    14 June, 2016

    Warmer weather and longer days give you the opportunity to spend more time in the great outdoors. Long strolls in the evening sunshine accompanied by the occasional weekend coastal visits are beautiful, but there are more ways to get the summer feeling outdoors. You can recreate the feeling of your favourite summer pastimes from the comfort of your own home – as part of National Picnic Week, we’ve put together the best ideas to transform your garden into a space perfect for a spot of al fresco dining.

    Amp up the palettes

    The art of repurposing and reclaiming palettes has become a huge garden trend over the last year, and as an extremely versatile material, palettes can be as multifunctional as they are decorative. Whether you want to create a base to house your herbs, or some plant boxes for displaying your beautiful flora and fauna, there’s a whole host of inspirational ideas to give new meaning to your palettes. For your next summery get-together, why not create a makeshift bar out of stacked palettes and stone slates. Pinterest is the best way to get tonnes of palette ideas for your garden.

    Use the hues

    Add a splash of colour to your outdoor space to instantly brighten up your garden, and mix up the tones to create a scheme that works for you. Reflect your chosen indoor hues outside to keep a consistent flow throughout your home, or make a statement by adding contrasting colour pops to your plant pots and shed. Get creative with your paint, and add in some hand painted designs to breathe new life into your plant pots – you could even consider labelling your herb palettes to give a cute country chic feel to that area of your garden.

    Summer Meadow - Green 2

    Summer Meadow by Plingsulli 

    Take it to the next level

    Making the most of your garden space is key to creating a functional area to relax. If your garden is a little on the small side, using props to display your plant pots and garden accessories can create additional floor space, perfect for when you’re entertaining. Repurposing and upcycling existing furniture can add a unique style to your garden and can also provide an alternative space to store your plant pots. Creating raised levels in your garden adds character to your outdoor space, as well as a greater feeling of greener space.

    In the Garden - Blue

    In the Garden by Plingsulli

    Top of the pots

    If your garden lacks greenery, consider switching up the natural hues by introducing a selection of plant pots into your garden. Mismatched plant pots play into the cuteness of the country trend, while geometric metallic pots work really well if you’re aiming to create a Nordic outdoor space. Whatever your home style, adding in plant pots is a cost-effective and low maintenance way to create a garden that’s perfect for a spot of al fresco dining.


    How do you plan on transforming your outdoor space?

  • Top trends: Inky interiors

    6 June, 2016

    Dark and moody palettes have long been associated with the gloominess of areas neglected by lighting, but one of this year’s top interior trends successfully dispels that myth. Dramatic dark tones were prevalent in interior trends last year, and now we’re seeing a shift towards moody hues and inky blues. Whether these murkier shades are used as part of a feature wall, or to cover an entire room, we’ve taken a look at how best to incorporate these swatches in your home for maximum interior impact.

    Blend the old and new

    Originating from pantones prevalent in period properties, this trend allows you to introduce a touch of stately home into your interior. The inky trend gives you the perfect opportunity to blend the old and the new without redefining your home based around a particular period in time. Mix patterns such as stripes, which are a current trend in the fashion world, with inky blues and brass accents like photo frames, trinkets and lampshades to create a pleasant feeling of old and new, which blend together to create a modern, slick look inspired by olde-worlde home décor trends.

    Petrol hues & mysterious blues

    Shades of paint that evoke a sense of mystery, such as deep petrol hues, can create a dramatic effect in your space. The darker the hue, the more you have to try and consider how it will impact your room. Create a super-stylish living space by pairing dark, dramatic colours and beautiful bold feature accessories that will simultaneously lift the lightness of your room. Try channelling an alternative feature wall by using shelving to create a space for your photographs and artwork. Introducing a key blue piece can also add to the personality of a room – luxurious dark velvet sofas in your living room create a statement centrepiece for you to work around with different interior design styles.


    Return to the River by Icehotel

    Light hues lighten your mood

    Lighten the mood by pairing dark tones with cool neutral accessories. Use key Scandi design methodologies by mixing dark and light harmoniously – chalky whites and dove greys, as well as natural wood and stone, pair up perfectly to create a well put-together contrast. Be strategic about how you use your colour palettes – juxtaposing colours can give a luxe feel to your home but getting the balance right is key. The starkness of an inky blue kitchen mixed with the purity of an all-white tiled wall adds a sense of sleekness to your interior. Pattern and print can also be a fabulous way of creating contrast if you’re in fear of darkening your space a little too much. Reverse the flow and accessories using dark elements – photo frames and painted furniture mixed with dark fabrics can all be part of the beautiful ambience you create in this room.


    Flies by Mia Marie Overgaard

    Before you give your interior space an overhaul, try and make a mood board to help you visualise the end result. If you’re not completely sold on this bold colour blocking trend, try your hand with beautiful illustrative patterns and accessories with dark colour swatches.

    How will you be introducing the Inky Interiors trend into your home?

  • Coastal ideas to add the sun into your home

    27 May, 2016

    For most people, the idea of visiting a beach house conjures up imagery of long coastal walks and rediscovering natural beauty. The summer season is the perfect time to bring outdoor elements inside to create a space that shines brighter than the summer sun.

    Here we explore how to introduce an easy breezy coastal interior theme to your home.

    Cool coastal hues

    Enhancing colours associated with the coast will help you get a sea-themed feel without going overboard. Introduce crisp white and worn blue hues with a few splashes of occasional colour to really give your home that summer feeling. Any shades associated with marine life will work well here, and introducing beach-inspired canvas prints is a good option for getting a peaceful flow throughout your home.

    Sail away with me

    Seasonal home accessories allow you to shake up your surroundings without redecorating your entire home. Feel like you’re lost in the beauty of the ocean with cute lanterns and bird-inspired decorations, and fill your lanterns with fairy lights to replicate the look of the moonlight reflected in the midnight sea. Introducing some driftwood décor pieces further adds to the delight of this summer interior trend, giving a shipwrecked look to your home.

    sea themed wallpaper

    GI collection – Unreachable – Photowall

    Coastal backdrops

    Create a beach house feel with a material-based feature wall – the Photowall white painted wood wallpaper will create a look that’s perfect to inspire the summer feeling inside your home. If your interior has a more rustic feel, a stone wall backdrop will help recreate the rugged, rocky openness of the shoreline; pair this with distressed furniture and bright floral patterned cushions to create a haven with quirky features.

    white wood wallpaper

    Set the tone

    Understated soft furnishings can tone down the crispness of a sea-based colour palette. Channel nautical cushions and throws, and introduce wicker baskets for storage. Faded, textured palettes pair really nicely with this interior style, so keep an eye out for these kinds of material when switching up your soft furnishings.

    Seascaped artworks

    Whether you choose summer seaside snapshots, or abstract artworks that evoke sure feelings of the shores, canvas art can be a fantastic way to realise the sea theme in your home. Channel the natural movements of the ocean with the Photowall Sea Glass canvas – the beautiful blue hues in this design mirror the different shades seen in the ocean. This canvas would look beautiful paired with crisp whites and brassy metallic elements.

    abstract wallpaper


    Bold shelving

    Make the most of your space and introduce different interior trends by introducing shelving into your alcoves – you can display all your beach-themed essentials on each shelf to add a sense of playfulness and continuity to your interior. If you’re feeling daring why not try painting your shelving a blue colour to mirror the sea? A little flash of colour in the cosy nooks of your home can add an element of surprise into your furnishings.

    Are you inspired by the outdoors? Check out our recent collaboration with photographer Jonna Jinton called the Soul of Nature.

  • Weddings – with blogger Anja Forsnor

    25 May, 2016

    The wedding season is in full swing. Here at the wallpaper factory, we decorate a wedding reception and talk wedding tips with Swedish blogger and bride-to-be Anja Forsnor.


    Wallpaper pennants in delightful designs, pastel wallpaper backgrounds and loving heart frills are some of our best decoration tips for the big day. Blogger Anja and her fiancé Marcus remind us not to neglect the small details, and to surprise the guests with something unexpected. Check out our wedding photos and read Anja’s and Marcus’s thoughts in the run-up to their big day for more wedding inspiration.


    Motifs by illustrator Cathy Nordström and the motif Waves Blur by designer Linnéa Nilsson Lundell.

    So first off, how did Marcus propose?


    We had an absolutely magical holiday in Thailand last winter. On one of our last nights, Marcus got down on one knee on the beach and surprised me with a proposal. I was in tears. And there was a ring, of course, the loveliest ring in the world! Then we made a toast with coconut cocktails and kissed barefoot in the sand under a pristine starlit sky. Perfectly over the top, and so perfectly us.


    I was so nervous I can barely remember what I said. What Anja didn’t know at the time was that I’d already planned a proposal two years earlier. We were on holiday then too, and I’d booked a whole day at sea with Anja. But being a stubborn one, she’d decided to stay on the beach that day and nothing I could say was going to change that, so things didn’t turn out quite as I’d planned. At the time I was quite disappointed, but now it’s a fun anecdote we often laugh about.


    Cones with wallpaper motif Spring Medallion by Peppercookies and Confetti by designduo By May.

    How has the planning been for your wedding?


    We want to plan in peace and quiet without making any hasty decisions, so we spend a lot of nights poring over the dinner table. Having young children, we have to find little gaps as and when we can.

    Can you tell us anything about the day itself?


    We’re thinking playful, vibrant, personal, and of course it’s all about love! We’re thinking a bit outside the box and want to do things our own way. We’ve taken a bit of inspiration from a previous wedding we were at, but we’re keeping the details to ourselves for a while yet.


    Photobackdrop with motif Sprinkles Yellow by illustrator Cathy Nordström.

    Do you have any tips or advice for other couples planning a wedding?


    It’s YOUR day. Make sure the wedding is for you, and plan exactly the way you want it to be. Don’t think too much about what everyone else is doing, and have the courage to break with tradition if it doesn’t feel right for you.


    The furnishing and seating plan are often crucial in ensuring the right atmosphere. Round or slightly smaller tables are more social, and make it easy to get people talking. You want everyone to feel involved and to find their place in the party.

    What do you feel have been the key things to think about when planning a wedding?


    Laughing and having fun! So simple, but extremely important. Eat a good dinner, share a bottle of wine and talk to each other. Replace long lists with mood boards, or put together a lively playlist to set the right atmosphere.

  • How to create an island adventure in your children’s room

    23 May, 2016

    Let your children’s imaginations leap into their most treasured spaces and transform their room into something truly magical. If you’re planning to redecorate or renovate, starting with your children’s bedroom can help to unlock your interior creativity throughout the rest of your home. Here we explore how to make your children’s space amazing using an island adventure theme that can be easily adapted for your home:

    Shade rave

    Vibrant shades play an important part of creating a room that looks and feels like a jungle. Add in lush shades of green and colourful animal wallpaper to really give the feeling of wilderness. The bolder the pattern, the bigger the statement, and the introduction of a daring feature wall will add to the excitement.

    Anna Ekre - Jungle Love

    Anna Ekre – Jungle Love


    Wild at heart

    Choose your children’s favourite animals and feature them in their room – from tigers to elephants and creatures as tiny as frogs, the Photowall collection of animal wall murals will be the perfect introduction to your child’s room. If you’re not entirely sure whether to commit to an entire animal-based wallpaper, scatter some animal figurines or soft toys around the room to continue that playful element.

    Prop pops

    Whether it’s the shape of the bed or simple cues that evoke the feeling of an island adventure – there are a whole host of things you can add into your child’s room to give it that extra something. If your children are pirate-obsessed, throw in nautical accents and channel red, white and blue hues to remind your child of maritime musings.

    Galapagos green by Mini Empire for Photowall

    Galapagos green by Mini Empire


    Store more

    From bunk beds with under-bed storage and cool toy boxes to quirky shelving solutions, keeping your belongings stored away beautifully has never been easier.Get creative and work out the best ways to store your stuff based on the size of the room to utilise the most of the space – whether it’s floating shelves or a themed toy box, your child’s bedroom style can play a huge part in how you store their belongings.

    Kids room - room - Photowall

    Wall art collage

    Fancy filling a blank wall but not interested in wallpapering? Have some family fun and create a wall art collage on your children’s bedroom wall. Whether you choose to stick to an adventure island theme or venture off into something entirely different, let your creativity shine through. The Photowall wall murals are a fantastic option if you want to make different shapes using textures and colour.

    Kids room - houses - Photowall


    Fancy some more interior inspiration? Then check out the latest children’s wallpaper collection by Cathy Nordström. This striking collection brings together youthful graphics inspired by the beauty of the world around you.

  • Magic wall mural collection by Jonna Jinton

    18 May, 2016


    Mist dancing over narrow waters, ice-blue trees in the twilight, and magical forests in different guises. Today we are delighted to present our latest design collaboration: The Soul of Nature, a magical wall mural collection by Swedish blogger and photographer Jonna Jinton.

    The collection comprises 13 carefully selected nature motifs and is available as made-to-measure wall murals costing £31 per square metre. Our personal favourite is “River of Dreams”, picture above – the ideal design for any bedroom.



  • Photowall meets Jonna Jinton

    17 May, 2016

    She calls herself a lone wolf, but has a smile and a bubbly charm that could melt the harshest of Arctic snows. I have no end of questions: Why would a 21-year-old move to a small village in northern Sweden, population 10, all by herself? Does she never miss city life? Where did she learn to take such magical nature pictures? Photowall has met with Jonna Jinton – who is just about to launch her first wallpaper collection.



    Jonna Jinton, the photographer, artist and blogger who has put the small village of Grundtjärn in Ångermanland province firmly on the map, welcomes us with open arms outside her little red cottage. She left Gothenburg five years ago, and moved up to her family’s summer cottage in northern Sweden – all alone. Grundtjärn – the place where her mother, grandmother and great grandmother were all born – has been Jonna’s favourite place for many years, and she spent several weeks here every summer when she was growing up.

    “Even as a two-year-old I remember the feeling of being here; the smells, the calm, the silence. The feeling of washing clothes under the tap with grandma out in the meadow. I loved it, and as I grew up I realised more and more that this is where I wanted to be,” says Jonna, serving us coffee and homemade sponge cake in her rustic little kitchen.



    After a few lost years in Gothenburg, she finally followed her dream. With just a few hundred euro to her name, she caught the train to Sundsvall where she bought an old Volvo 240 and continued up into the forests of northern Sweden. She didn’t have a clue what she was going to live on, and had no idea about all the challenges she would face. But in hindsight, she could never have dreamt how well everything would turn out.

    “After several years of unemployment in Gothenburg, I got a job within a week of moving up here, painting the barn doors on a farm in a neighbouring village. I also started my blog, mainly so that friends and family could see how I was doing. But even in that first week I could see the number of readers increasing,” says Jonna.



    Today she makes a living from her blog, her photography and her artistry. And although things are not always that stable financially, she gets by, as the cost of living in the country is far lower than in the city, even though she has sometimes had to sacrifice entertainment and travelling. She says that things are slowly but surely looking up, and that she always knew there would be a few tough years, but she has no regrets at all. According to Jonna moving back to the city has never really been an option, even though times have occasionally been tough – especially in the early days when she had no hot water and her only heat sources indoors were a wood stove and a stove heater. After a freezing night, she would be energised as soon as she stepped outside the door, into nature. Grundtjärn is where Jonna’s creativity, her heart, lives. Here she is the person she wants to be.


    Creativity has always been a part of Jonna’s life, and she bought her first SLR camera when she was in high school. However, her inspiration truly blossomed when she moved to northern Sweden and started her blog.

    “It’s so incredibly beautiful here in Grundtjärn, and I felt that words were simply not enough to describe it. So photography became a natural means for me to convey the feeling of this amazing place,” Jonna explains.

    Jonna is self-taught – both as regards photography and photo editing. She is inspired by nature, of course, but perhaps primarily by light. Early mornings, evenings and summer nights are her favourite times. And when the mist dances across the mere, that’s when the real magic happens.



    Jonna shows us around her little house. When I see her studio, I want to move in immediately. This is where she spends a lot of time working with her creativity. She sometimes stays awake all night painting – when she’s not out in the woods taking photographs.

    Although Jonna modestly hardly even dares to call herself a photographer, people around the world are enraptured by her stunning images of nature: northern lights over snow-covered landscapes, enchanting summer nights, sparkling winter mornings and all the year’s seasons in the forest. Her photographs instil a sense of calm, a kind of magic that can make even the most die-hard city dweller long for the great outdoors. And she is just about to release her wallpaper collection for Photowall: The Soul of Nature, enabling people around the world to bring a bit of Grundtjärn’s magic into their homes.



    I ask her if she has any tips for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps and leave city life behind. How does one find the courage?

    “You have to see opportunities rather than problems. You don’t have to have all the answers from day one. I think of it as a staircase: take the first step and more will be revealed. Things often come good in ways you’d never think were possible. And of course I only had myself to think about, which made it easier. No one else had to suffer when things went badly for a few weeks,” says Jonna.

    Jonna lived alone in her cottage for several years, but a few months ago she met the love of her life, Johan, who used to live the other side of the woods. They now live together – with two dogs and two cats. While that may sound like a fairy-tale, life doesn’t really get much more real than this. With Mother Nature on the doorstep, and with a large helping of courage and single-mindedness, Jonna can live the very life she dreams of. In the very place she wants to be.




    Text and photo: Isabelle Pedersen for Photowall


  • How to introduce classic film themes into your home

    It’s official: the Cannes Film Festival 2016 has arrived and the red carpet glamour is in full swing. But even with all the glitz of the beautifully sculpted hairstyles and killer outfits, nothing can overshadow the cinematic celebrations at an international level. Ever since its creation, the festival has been a proud supporter of the creative brilliance behind the big screen – from the biggest Hollywood stars to the backstage runners, every inch of Cannes festival is magical. Just imagine if you could recreate this at home…

    Here we explore how to get the Cannes Film Festival feeling in your home all year round:

    Saint Joan

    Iconic scenes from classic films can provide the perfect backdrop to your home and make a bold statement about your style. Hollywood starlet Jean Seberg made her debut appearance in the 1950s classic Saint Joan playing the heroine of France, Joan of Arc. The Photowall Joan of Arc wallpaper looks suitably fabulous in a French boudoir style interior. Contrast the stark black and white photograph with soft pastel hues typical of French interior design.

    film wall murals

    Jailhouse Rock

    King of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presley, left everyone reaching for the mic and throwing out the moves in the 1957 hit, Jailhouse Rock. Considered a classic among rock‘n’roll fans. Jailhouse Rock successfully brought the spirit of music into film. Recreate this era of music in your home with subtle nods to the movement. Materials associated with the music are a good place to start – leather, studs and black and red themes combined with mid-century furniture would echo this trend.

    elvis presley wall mural

    La Dolce Vita

    Swedish-born beauty, Anita Ekberg, starred in the Italian classic of 1960 La Dolce Vita, which was a soul-searching representation of a celebrity-obsessed culture. After winning Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival of that year, La Dolce Vita put Italian filmmaking on the map and for anyone who has watched the film, it’s not difficult to see why. The glamourous beauty of the movie is echoed in the Photowall wallpaper and can be reflected in your home using luxurious fabrics and a monochrome colour palette.

    classic film wall murals

    Taxi Driver

    Robert De Niro stars as an insomnia-stricken taxi man in New York-based film, Taxi Driver. As he becomes increasingly detached from reality, Travis Bickle (De Niro) begins to hallucinate and struggles to figure out the truth in his day-to-day life. Recreate the feeling of the New York City streets by channelling cues associated with this busy and vibrant metropolis. Use the canary yellow synonymous with taxis as your accent colour. Photowall’s Taxi Driver wallpaper could be the backdrop for your theme.

    taxi driver wall mural

    For more interior film inspiration, check out how Photowall transformed this Star Wars fanatic’s attic into a space fit for the force.