• 4 interior trends to channel in 2017

    4 January, 2017

    It’s hard to imagine anything could top the lush tropic patterns and archetypal seventies swatches that took the design world by storm in 2016. But since leading colour experts Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as Colour of the Year 2017, we’re expecting even stronger vibrancy in this year’s interior trends.

    With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the key interior trends predicted for 2017 and how you can channel them in your own home.

    Zest is best

    You heard it – green is set to dominate colour palettes this year and utilising the natural shade can help create an energising space. Whether you use accent bursts or go emerald with your paint palettes, introducing green hues into your home will be a sure winner this year.

    As one of the most soothing shades around, green can add a sense of ease to any part of your home. You might not want to use green from floors to walls, but introducing the colour subtly with accessories is a great way to inject the trend into your home.

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    Jungle Canopy by AL Collection

    Distinctive textures

    Cracked textures will have their moment and mixing materials will be on-trend in 2017. Both sustainability and practicality are predicted to be the next big thing in interiors and design elements that reflect this will reign supreme. Cork walls in particular can add a sense of responsible minimalism to your space while also channelling a Scandi chic style – pair with crisp white tones for a contrasting edge to your interior space.


    Bringing organic elements into your home is already hugely on trend, but this year we’ll see this grow further. From the addition of living walls to horticulture-inspired graphic prints and fabrics – 2017 is set to be all about spotlighting nature in its rawest form. Simplicity will be key and how horticultural items are displayed will reflect this.

    grey illustration wallpaper

    Panorama Grey by Scandinavian Surface

    Art-inspired wall murals

    Art isn’t just saved for canvases this year. 2017 will see wall murals featuring organic stripes that take inspiration from artisanal creation and wild watercolour brushstrokes – they’ll effortlessly form a beautiful backdrop for any neutral space.


    My Greenhouse Watercolor 4 by Lisa Audit

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  • Winter wellbeing: how to create a calming space

    3 January, 2017

    Chaotic spaces can send any relaxed mind spiralling back into a frenzy. If you’re searching for a calming nirvana in your home, there’s no better area than your living room and bedroom. Using just a few simple tips and tricks, here’s how you can transform your rooms into pockets of peace, that’ll help you de-stress as soon as you walk through the door.

    Smart storage

    Give yourself room to breathe by taking away anything that is making your space seem disorderly – decluttering is always good for the soul, a therapy in itself. Once you’ve ticked that off, anything that has avoided the cull can be tidied away using clever storage and shelving. By removing mess and heaps of items, you’ll have more space to relax and be calm in.

    Calming colours

    Conjure mindful thoughts by harnessing the power of colour. If you seek a refreshing hue that alludes to the outdoors, choose blue as the primary colour for your scheme. You can’t go wrong with crisp white either – the ultimate soothing shade that nods to Scandi-chic. Other neutrals work well too, with soft greys, creams and dusty rose all go-to hues.


    Soothing details

    Opt for artwork or a feature wall to add extra relaxing impact to your room. Using a peaceful landscape can do just that, as creating a connection to the outdoors is thought to help evoke calm thoughts. But you don’t have to stop with a hint of nature – go all out with pretty potted plants and fresh bunches of flowers.

    grey illustration wallpaper

    Soothing lighting

    Play with your lighting to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in your room. Illuminate key features and use soft lighting – consider all harsh lights banned. Dimmer switches are great for ramping up the mood, while lamps provide warm light under stylish guise.


    Small luxuries

    Don’t forget the all-important indulgent details that are guaranteed to give you a much-needed boost. Must-haves for bedrooms include plump pillows and a super soft duvet to create an irresistible bed that beckons. For your living room, add scented candles and piles of soft furnishings – they’ll make all the difference.

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    22 December, 2016


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  • On-trend wall murals for 2017 and how to install them

    21 December, 2016

    wall murals

    2017 is set to be another stellar year for the interiors world, with an array of new trends ready to revamp our homes in fashionable style. Deliberating how to feature them in your own space can be tricky, but an easy way is through a feature wall. Not only are wall murals quick to install, they effortlessly add new life to your home.

    We’ve picked out three of our favourite trends for 2017 to inspire your next feature wall;


    Bringing the outdoors in is making a welcomed return to our homes in the New Year. It’s a trend we’ve seen time and time again, with natural colours and prints resurfacing. Take influence from jungles, forests and fields, with botanical patterns and plant motifs.

    nature wallpaper

    Dip into dark green

    This deep shade is going to be one of the must-have hues for 2017. With Scandi-style still prevalent, it’s not surprising that this emerald shade is going to become a crowd-pleaser. Dark green can easily be teamed with white and timber to achieve that oh-so-stylish Nordic look.

    Go geometric

    The interiors world is no stranger to geometric prints and they’re set to take over homes again in 2017. Whether oversized or petite, these patterns can bring an exciting dynamic and visual interest to any room. While geometric prints give a gentle nod to the 70s, you’ll find most have been updated in a sleek, contemporary manner.

    geometric wallpaper

    Installing a wall mural

    Deciding which trend to follow in 2017 is only half the battle. Once your chosen wallpaper arrives, you need to tackle the installation – but we’ve made it simple. Just follow our YouTube video which works through each stage of how to install a wall mural, as outlined below;

    1. Clear your space so you have room to manoeuvre.
    2. Unroll the paper and cut out each section of the mural, as it usually arrives in one roll.
    3. Use a pencil to mark on the wall where it will go – using a spirit level will help to make sure this is even.
    4. Apply wallpaper paste to the wall.
    5. Carefully hang the first section, beginning in a corner and starting from the top, taking care to smooth it out using a paper hanging brush so there’s no bumps or air bubbles.
    6. Fit the next piece of the mural, ensuring you carefully match the pattern. As you add each section, smooth down the sides to ensure a fluidity to the wall mural.
    7. Score off the top, bottom and sides so that it fits perfectly to the width and height of the wall.

    Find more interiors inspiration on our blog.

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    20 December, 2016

    times-square-new-york- december-20-photowall

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  • Guest room glam: get the look

    19 December, 2016

    Often one of the more overlooked spaces interiors, the guest room is frequently the most underused room in the home. But when family-centric dates in the calendar such as Christmas pop up, we find these forgotten rooms suddenly become one of our most important spaces.

    Considering revamping your guest room? There’s a number of boxes it must tick – welcoming, practical, stylish and comfortable are all key in nailing the ultimate space. Here’s how to achieve these four musts in a glamourous fashion;

    Vivid colour

    Glamour requires a stylish colour palette as a core base to the room. Try pairing neutral walls in cream or grey with a feature wall using bold wallpaper in rich hues to create an automatic touch of allure. Hints of metallic can also add that luxe feel – rose gold and copper are the shades of the moment, so incorporate accents of them as and when you can.


    Polygon Off White, BY MAY

    Must-have furniture

    A super comfy bed is an obvious must to ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep, but there are a plethora of other essentials that your guests will enjoy while staying with you. Pop a plump accent chair in the corner – not only will it add another element of comfort to a guest room, it can also be the perfect place to pop down bags and put on shoes. A chic vintage dressing table and mirror is not only practical but can elevate a guest room to luxe status. Don’t forget a pair of bedside tables – they’re a great place to stylishly display your home’s wifi password, as well as lamps, vases of fresh flowers and a stack of interesting books to keep your guests busy.

    geometric wallpaper

    Artful ambience

    To recreate a cosy and comfortable vibe that can make a guest room feel so inviting, opt for soothing lighting. This translates as lamps galore – they’ll offer that soft glow that you’re looking for to add instant warmth into your guest room. There’s nothing worse than harsh overhead lighting that will have guests scrambling for the light switch.

    geometric wallpaper

    Lost Diamonds, Scandinavian Landscape

    All the accessories

    Glamorous design calls for statement accessories in abundance. The bed is the epicentre of the guestroom and therefore needs to be suitably dressed to welcome visitors. Opt for a simple cotton bed set in a subtle shade, then pile with vibrant velvet pillows. A patterned throw can also add an extra style dimension, plus creates another layer of warmth, too. Dot scented candles around the room and finish off with the less glamorous necessities that make all the difference to guests, such as a clock and a bin.

    watercolour wallpaper

    Watercolour, Lemon

    For even more interiors inspiration, check out our blog.

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