• Photowall’s advent calendar – a great gift behind each door

    25 November, 2015

    Photowall Advent Calendar

    December is finally approaching. At this darkest time of the year, we fill our homes with light, make and put up lovely decorations, and devote some extra time to our nearest and dearest. Here at the wall mural factory we’ve decided to give an extra thought to our customers, so we’ve put together an advent calendar – of wall murals, obviously. But as well as being a brilliant DIY tip that would make any child jump for joy, each door also conceals an amazing special offer.

    Every day up until Christmas Eve, we’ll be selecting one design from our Christmas gift tips, and on that day you can buy it for half price. The offers in the first week are ideal for hallways, and then we move on to the kitchen, devote a week to the children’s room, and finally we pick out our best bedroom tips.

    Follow our blog to see each day’s offer and make sure you don’t miss your favourite.

    Wishing you a wonderful December with plenty of snow and festive feeling!

  • Alternative feature wall ideas

    16 November, 2015

    An impressive statement wall can give your interior space that wow factor, and transform an ordinary backdrop into an extraordinary interior design. Whether you choose to give your traditional feature wall a twist with exaggerated colourful patterns, or channel the latest trends with industrial-style hanging wall lights – there are ample options to create symmetry and space with alternative feature walls.

    Here we explore the best feature wall ideas to suit your home style.

    Gallery walls

    Single statement pieces are a thing of the past, with the gallery wall trend fast becoming a favourable option for collectors of beautiful things. When done right, this classic design tool can be carefully arranged to add colour and texture to a room. But art can be expensive, and wallpaper can provide the perfect alternative to creating the artistic look without the price tag. To channel some serious Nordic interior styles, Photowall’s range of designer wallpaper is perfect to add into your gallery wall. Choose a range that matches your interior style, then fill your frames with beautiful art.


    Floating shelves

    Shelving that blends into the interior palette creates depth and purpose. Use shelving in any corners you wish to make the most of, then accessorise using colour schemes reflected in your décor. Leaning artwork on your shelves plays into the Nordic interior trend, and bold typographic style prints look stunning next to modern metallic accessories. Not sure how many shelves to hang? Three in a row can provide additional storage space and more opportunity to accessorise and coordinate with your current home furnishings.


    Wall lights

    Wall lights hung like art are a big thing in interiors this season, with oversized single letters and symbols being used together with artwork to create striking spaces in your home. Hang some unfinished brass pendant lights on hooks in your kitchen for a touch of industrial chic, or dining room to create a luxurious and vibrant feel. Try and match your lighting cord to your chosen interior palette – monochrome kitchens look fabulous with black and white checked lighting cord.

    Which of these alternative feature wall ideas will you be using?

  • Structures are all the rage

    6 November, 2015


    Wallpaper can be so much more than patterned walls. If, like us at Photowall, you prefer to see wallpaper more as a material for change, you suddenly have tremendous possibilities to create just the feeling you’re looking for in your home.

    There has been a veritable explosion in the structure trend recently. Marble, concrete, wood and fully tiled walls feature strongly in almost every interior design magazine. Homes should feel rustic and down-to-earth – but also personal, reflecting the people that live there. If you’re not blessed with a wood panel you can reveal, or you want to create a concrete wall more simply, there are alternatives. At Photowall we have structure wall murals in a variety of forms. Never has it been so easy to create change.

    > To our structure wall murals





  • How to use Fashion Week Trends in your Home

    5 November, 2015

    With a surreal blur of style, sophistication and outrageousness, Fashion Week trends from around the world have already set the scene for what’s to come in the interior design world next year.

    New York Fashion Week saw some beautifully bright hippy chic styles, while Milan’s key pieces were all about ultra-feminine soft chiffon layers. If AW15 styles are calling out to you, bringing these latest trends into your home should ensure a stellar interior setup. Here’s a compilation of the best of the trends to choose from.

    Planetary Prints

    Planetary prints are having a serious style moment, so bring the look into your home with Photowall’s bold Stellar Field Nebulae  wall mural. This breath-taking design is perfect for feature walls, adding drama and focus to any room. It’s quite simply out of this world.

    Interior_StellarFieldNebulae_Photowall_webbDusky Florals

    You’ll have noticed this trend popping up on the high street filtered down from previous Fashion Week catwalks, and now’s the time to dress your home in this fab super-luxe new trend. Dark florals are romantic, a little mysterious, and altogether gorgeous. Photowall’s stunning Budgies wallpaper is as beautiful as they come. Plus, you could easily spend hours just sitting in front of it, trying to spot the creatures that hide between those pretty flowers.



    The bold geo designs of the 1970s are back, and now they pack a sophisticated punch. Create a retro feel to your home with super-stylish designs that repeat over and over to create a hypnotising take on this hot Fashion Week trend – get the look with Photowall’s fantastically retro Dark Circle wallpaper.

    Dark cirkle_Photowall

    Zest is best

    Orange hasn’t had much action in recent years, but thanks to the fashion pack, this zesty shade is making a comeback. Although it’s bold, there’s no need to be afraid of embracing this sassy shade and adding it to your décor. In fact, it can easily transform even the smallest of spaces such as stairs and hallways. Try our Orange Stairway to add a feisty industrial feel to your home.


    How will you be adding Fashion Week trends into your home?

  • Cosy autumnal interior ideas

    3 November, 2015

    Getting in sync with the seasons in terms of interior design can be difficult to achieve. It’s not as simple as adding a few seasonal updates to your wardrobe, or altering the shade of your lipstick – it’s the need for cosiness in the chills of winter and a want for a deeper sense of spaciousness in the summer that creates a feeling to alter your interior decor. Whether you add in some seasonal accessories, switch up your soft furnishings or give your living room a complete overhaul – there are tonnes of interior tricks to make your home feel more in touch with the seasons.

    Here we explore how to add in the perfect elements to create those cosy autumnal cues.

    Plaid bare

    Throw in anything with a plaid print and you’re already conjuring up an association with the colder months. Snowy mountain climbs and woodland wonderers searching for a cabin in the woods are reminiscent of the tartan trend, but how do you channel this look in your home? Faux fur throws, tartan cushions and oversized leather armchairs mirror the country lodge trend perfectly. Really make it your own and add in some subtle tartan print curtains – deep browns and graphite greys mimic the colder autumn conditions and also add a sense of warmth to echo the rare days we get the sunshine. To recreate the lodge look in your living room, try the Cabin Wooden wall mural.


    Autumn wildlife

    There’s nothing more beautiful than the pureness of nature, especially through the autumn months when life somehow seems stiller and a little bit more fragile. Red Deer wondering through snowfall and Grizzly Bears huddled up in hibernation are the embodiment of the autumn/winter, but this feeling of coldness outdoors can be easily transferred into cosiness indoors. Norwegian designers, Scandinavian Surface, create wintered scenes that draw on inspiration from the freshness of the Norwegian landscape. Their January Magpie, looks fabulous as a wall mural feature wall in your living room, or on a canvas in your hallway. Pair with charcoal and unpolished brass accessories, and throw in some burnt orange tones through soft furnishings for those autumnal colour pops.

    January Magpie - Photowall

    Twilight textures

    With the autumnal months comes shorter days, and the early nightfall can be replicated in your home in a few simple steps. Heavy materials such as rattan and tweed emulate the early morning darkness of the autumn sky and instantly give you that feeling of contentment in your home on a morning. Botanical prints are a huge trend at the moment, and the leafy look is the total personification of autumn. Channel this trend using the heavy materials associated with autumn and accessories with dark greens and ambers. Photowall’s Light Leaf Pattern looks fabulous as wallpaper or a wall mural.

    Design Leaves - Photowall

    How will you be bringing autumn into your home?

  • How to create a gothic-inspired home

    29 October, 2015

    Even if you’re not the type to get hyped up on the haunts that come with this time of year, there are still ways to add subtle touches of horror to what is technically the scariest season. Burnt orange tones emulating a lit pumpkin at nightfall, and monochrome tones cut with the starkness of black and white are reminiscent of classic horror, and are the perfect Halloween cues.

    Here we explore how to add a touch of ghoulish gothic into your home.

    Gothic gallery

    Beautiful baroque frames paired with stripped back metallic tones are a major trend this season. Create this look in your home using upcycled frames and Photowall’s wallpaper or wall murals. Use brass or copper spray paint to give your frames a luxe look, then arrange them in a grid-style layout – we swear by the rule of three in interior design, as it just makes everything look more refined. Choose three different wall mural designs and three rows of three frames (nine in total) to create your look, then fill your frames with haunting wallpaper. Gothenburg based designer, Albert Sjostam, is influenced by ethnic patterns which deliver a haunting look, perfect for adding a few chills to your living room.

    Stained Black and White by Albert Sjöstam - Photowall

    Haute Hauntings

    Colour palettes such as greys and charcoals are so hot right now and adding these into your home can add a sense of slick styling reminiscent of New York loft apartments. Add the Orchid Chaos design for a Halloween feature wall that will look fabulous all year round. Textures are a big interior trend this season and this particular wall mural has a metallic, oily texture which looks stunning paired with modern metallic accents and knitted throws.

    Orchid Chaos - Photowall

    Horror Home

    Nothing symbolises Halloween more than classic black and white horror films. The grainy rawness of cult classics such as Psycho can add a certain edginess into your interior palette. Monochrome is paving the way in terms of trends at the moment, so use this to your advantage. Pair Photowall’s ‘Psycho’ wall mural with white walls and Nordic-inspired furniture to channel the trend. Part of the reason horror is so thought-provoking is because of the mystery that surrounds it – this wall mural in particular evokes a similar sense of the unknown that you get from the big screen. Style this look with soft grey fabrics and geometric style cushions to give it some warmth.

    PSYCHO, Janet Leigh, 1960

    Will you be adding any of these looks into your home this Halloween?

  • Brand Spotlight: Acne JR

    20 October, 2015

    The old saying “two heads are better than one” is usually true, and it’s certainly the case when we collaborated with the totally talented Swedish toy company, Acne JR. The brand is well known in Sweden for creating iconic kids’ toys that showcase their own inimitable style. Forget cheap and nasty modern toys which only last a few weeks, and imagine toys that ooze style and design. They could look just as at home on a shelf in a super-stylish living room as they do on the floor of a child’s playroom.


    It’s difficult not to fall in love with Kranium. These cute wood-carved skulls contain a secret compartment that’s revealed by lifting off the lid which forms the top of their head. Perfect for storing shiny trinkets or maps to hidden treasure!


    Acne JR specialises in bright, bold designs with definite shapes that allow their products to pop. Bell is the perfect example of form and colour meeting playfulness – a cute soft puppy with a bell around her neck. An address label sits neatly on the back of the head to ensure that no child will be without their Bell for long.


    Storage doesn’t have to be mundane, which is why we love Totem. These handmade boxes are crafted from the Princess Tree, or Kiri in Japan. This light, characterful wood features three animal faces: owl, cat and bird, each with their own style of interior.

    It’s no wonder we’re so excited about our ‘Trompe l’oeil’ collaboration with this amazing designer.

    Find the Acne JR shop at http://www.acnejr.com/

  • Nature the focus of wall mural collection by Scandinavian Surface

    13 October, 2015


    Photowall is proud to present Nordic Moods, a collection designed by Scandinavian Surface of Norway. The multi award-winning design group has become renowned for its subtle, elegant style featuring beautiful silhouettes taken from Scandinavian nature – now evident once again in its latest collaboration with Photowall.

    Dark structural walls, beautiful trees and geometric elegance; Scandinavian Surface’s fascination with nature is clearly visible in the Nordic Moods collection.

    “Nordic nature is always an underlying inspiration in our design. We’re fascinated by the colours, shapes and structure. In combination with influences from art, architecture and geometry, in our design process we want to create a special experience and feeling with the wall mural,” says Ann-Tove Engenes.

    The murals in Nordic Moods range from surrealism to nature-like motifs. The colour scheme is broad, from light elegance to darker dull shades taken from nature’s own palette. Expressions such as weaving, mosaic, photography and textiles blend with structures of concrete, wood and metal to convey the magical feeling for which the Bergen-based design quartet is renowned.

    Nordic Moods is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £37 per square metre. The interior photos were styled and taken by Sofia Jansson/Mokkasin.

    Scandinavian_Lost_Landscape_Dark_Photowall_blogg Scandinavian_Panorama_grey_blogg

  • Interior Inspiration for Students

    12 October, 2015

    It’s the start of yet another academic year, and all across the country students are unpacking their belongings in new student accommodation. If that’s you and you’ve found yourself surrounded by the stark, bare, uninspiring walls of your new student room, don’t get downhearted.

    Whether you’ve opted for halls or a room in a shared house, the likelihood is you’ll be dealing with a room that would benefit from some interior inspiration. However, take control now, and you could soon have a room that reflects your own style, taste, and even course choice. Here’s how.

    Music Students

    Your passion for music needn’t be confined to the contents of your iTunes playlist, so display your musical allegiances loud and proud with an epic vintage themed wall mural. Our amazing Beatles-inspired wall murals are custom made to your own specific requirements, and they’re perfect for rented accommodation like student rooms because they’re not permanent. Be bold, be original, and make a statement.


    Architecture Students

    If you’re studying architecture or a related design subject, you’ll love making a grandiose statement with Photowall’s New York Skyline wall mural. Landscapes and cityscapes are ideal for adding serious wow factor, and even when you’ve got your head stuck firmly in coursework, you can look up and imagine you’re in the city that never sleeps – the perfect accompaniment to your studious all-nighters.


    Literature Students

    Don’t fancy studying late into the night in the uni library, but still want to be surrounded by your beloved books? Create your own mini library with Photowall’s Bookshelf White wall mural. It’s great for book-loving students and will add some serious cool factor to your room.


    Art Students

    The bare walls of a student room shouldn’t faze an art student, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed about how you can address this serious lack of colour and excitement in your new student room, check out Photowall’s Watercolours – Alla prima wall art. It adds instant drama, will transform any room, and creates a focal point you’ll love waking up to.


    How will you be livening up your student digs?

  • Rich murals in this autumn’s fashionable colours

    5 October, 2015

    Autumn is in full swing and soon the leaves on the trees will be a mere memory. A new season brings new trends and colours that find their way into all the nooks and crannies of our homes, including wall murals. Autumn and winter’s furnishings and colour schemes are darker than usual; the white that has been the base colour in our homes for so long has given way to darker shades and dirty pastels. Nature plays a big role in this season’s interior design. The muted tones come from Mother Nature’s colour spectrum and are combined with natural-looking structures such as wood, concrete and marble.


    Forest colours – green leaves and spellbinding shades


    This colour trend encompasses all the neutral colours such as white, black and brown through to green tones in warm, rich shades. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour, furnishings with tones from the earthy spectrum make an attractive addition. If you decide on this trend, plants are a must – the more the better. Nowadays we are seeing more and more cacti, but palms and the monstera/cheese plant remain popular. Shades of green create a calm, harmonious setting and make it easy to relax.

    Mural tips:
    Monstera no. 6
    Brown wooden wall
    Mosaic forest – green
    Colorform monogreen


    Earthy colours – orange, coral and dirty pastel pink

    The earthy colour scheme creates a wonderfully warm and cosy feeling in your home. Rich orange tones work well with dirty pastel pink and look great with brass and terracotta furnishings. This trend is a fresh, modern take on a wonderful 1970s vibe.

    Mural tips:

    Fruta do dragão – beach
    Monstera no. 4
    Old wall with wooden window
    Birds leaves


    Blue as the sky and sea

    Chez Edwina a  Paris
    Blue shades are bigger than ever and span the entire spectrum – from light, matt pastel blue, through petrol to deep dark blue. Here too the shades can be slightly dirty, and they work wonderfully with grey tones and structures like marble and concrete. Cool blue tones create a sense of space, so if you’re looking to create a room with a cool, airy feel, this is the colour trend for you.

    Mural tips:

    Columns – petrol
    Fruta do dragão – ultramarine
    Concrete wall
    Retroline blue