DIY Dog haven

9 April, 2013


I found this wonderful picture of “frenchie” Matilda from Dogs of Instagram in my Instagram feed a while ago. Although there is a plethora of dog stuff, much of the supply may not always be the most beautiful, being created purely in terms of design. But it is possible to fix a lot of things on your own. As an example, this cute dog bed.

do this:

1 Buy a used suitcase at a flea market, book or similar.
2 Screw the legs underneath. Ikea has a lot, including their Capita legs.
3 Buy foam at a fabric store and cut to the desired dimensions.
4 Embed with a nice blanket. I like Remix blanket from Ferm Living.
5 Pimp cover with photos and nice pictures. Lisa Bengtsson’s series Together with portraits of lovely dachshunds feels like a fun choice.

Complete with a nice bowl of Chacco and Eames’ classic hanger Hang-it-all to hang up the leash.