Meet Photowall designer Anna Ekre

9 April, 2013


Now the critically acclaimed and renowned designer Anna Ekre’s wallpaper collection is exclusively available at Photowall. The collection is created with inspiration from fairy tales and contains fantastic scenes, including lovers, lions and beautiful birds.

It is undeniably Anna Ekre’s this year. How about being appointed both Rookie of the Year by the Swedish Fashion Council and year’s textile design in the Elle Interior design award 2013? For Anna, the detail of the design is always the starting point in everything she does. Whether it’s clothes, pillows or wallpaper. We asked a few quick questions to get to know Anna better.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, what drives you?

– I really love what I do and it is my way of expressing myself. I have always felt a need to take what I see and experience and I feel fortunate that may devote myself to my passion into my profession.

What is the essence in your oeuvre?

– My illustrations and designs are the basis for everything I do. It is the essence and the start which I then take on to both clothing and furnishings.

Mention someone or something that inspires you?

– I’m always very inspired by nature. Its structures, patterns and designs never cease to amaze and impress me.

What is your decor style?

– I think I have a pretty sprawling interior style. I rely a lot on my feelings and what feels good at the moment. Since I am quite nostalgic and like to save things from my childhood, but also inherited things from loved ones. I love porcelain figurines and old photographs.

Which is your favorite motif in your collection at Photowall?

– Oh how difficult … I love the characters in the “ Jungle Love “, the fairytale atmosphere and feel of the “Fairytale“, the contrast between the blue birds and flowers in the cartoon “Bluebird” and the drama in “The Lovers .

What are your best decoration tips?

– Be personal, your home is for you. Arrange the still life of things you like. Make arrangements or small groups of photographs of loved ones mixed with personal memories as concert tickets and other personal memorabilia.

Anna Ekre studied illustration and graphic design at Parsons School of Design and has a degree in fashion design from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Anna’s collection is available for order as a measure custom photo wallpaper from Photowall. The collection consists of five designs and costs SEK 360 per square meter. For more inspiration, check out Anna Ekres inspiration board on Photowalls Pintrest .