October Theme: Back to Nature

9 April, 2013

I have written about Photowall’s large selection of nature-inspired wallpaper before. But as the trend grows stronger, I thought I would show more examples and a little interior decorating inspiration so you can see how beautifully one can match the wallpaper with furniture and other details. This time, I blend natural materials with illustrated design wallpaper from Fine Little Day and Petra Arnesson. Click on the pictures to go to the online shop.

Wooden Plank Withewashed Photowall
Light and Fresh 
Wooden Plank Whitewashed (available in different color combinations)

High Grass Sepia Photowall
Subdued High Grass Sepia

Aspen Forest Photowall
Popular Aspen Forest

Logs Photowall
 Tough Logs

Spruce Brown Photowall
Spruce Brown from Fine Little Day

Birds Pattern Photowall
Birds Pattern
by Petra Arnesson