Photowall discovers the artist Malin Stenströmer’s Lost Bird Design

9 April, 2013

By a fortunate coincidence  Lost Bird Design’s eclectic imagery caught Photowall’s eye and we fell head over heels. The encounter resulted in a wallpaper collection with thirteen vibrant patterns in a variety of hues.

Malin Stenströmer, the artist behind Lost Bird Design, describes the collection as a young and colorful potpourri of retro and modern design with playful patterns that catch the eye. She finds inspiration in dreams, travels to Japan and old, beautiful things she has collected. Lost Bird Design looks back on a bygone era as the artist herself experienced through art and design from past times.

kaboom black photowall
Kaboom Black
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We asked Malin to choose a few favorites from the collection:

“I would prefer to have Shangri-la White on my own wall behind my nice red sofa from the 40’s, or Kaboom Black in the bathroom. Shangri-la is the wallpaper with flamingos and parrots and Kaboom is the one with a lot of boom-bang-pow. ”

Shangri-la White
(Click on the link to see more pictures.)

As the name suggests, the collection consists of a bunch of bird motifs in different varieties but also unusual wallpaper in Art Deco and pop style. Don’t miss the cute and cool sea and space motifs for the little ones. Lost Bird Design is quality, thoughtful detail and uniqueness in one.