Photowalls favorites – Christian

17 April, 2013

In our interview series you get to know the people involved in Photowall a little better. Today’s instalment has Photowalls graphic artist, Christian, with his best interior design tips and talks about his favourites from the range.


Christian, can you tell me more about what you’re doing at Photowall?

– I have worked in the publishing industry for 30 years. First as a technician educator in various typesetting system and typography, I then had a reprofirma / original agency for 10 years. There, we used the first Macs with Photoshop and Quark Express, then it could take a day for your computer to turn a line image. When I ended up at Photowall I worked with digital printing, and would help to get production on the printing press and learning to press. It is coming along. Now we have two employees printers and I take care of special retouching for clients and designers. I also do some interior pictures for the website and have even done some wallpapers in our catalogue.

What is your style of décor in your home?

– Our home style is minimalist and light. No unnecessary pieces and no trinkets.
I’ve had time to go through many different styles: from coloured kitchen cabinets with tinted edges of pine period and the “heavy rustic furniture” period. But I think this bright and light decor that we have now is the most practical. Instead, we add colour by using colourful panel curtains and throw pillows to liven up.

What is your favourite scene from Photowall?

– My favourite scene is hard to say, but I like the wallpaper Positive from Javier Velasco. Disney Cars is also incredibly detailed and skillfully crafted, makes you happy looking at them.

What are your best interior design tips?

– My interior design tips may well be very bright with splashes of colour, we need light in the north.

Do you have any favourite interior design gadget in your home?

– The best thing that ever happened in terms of interior design is that the old ugly and bulky television sets have disappeared. Then we put Local Graphics wallpaper Södermalm in the hall. Really impressed by my good idea when I need to check out the nearest road somewhere.