Trendspotting: plants are in fashion

22 May, 2013

Like everything else, oh well everything is perhaps too strong – but most things anyway, there is fashion for potted plants. Right now the trend is changing from the last year’s olive trees to fig trees, or maybe even to oak plants. On the picture in the bottom right corner you can see the plant Sophora – brittle branches with millimeter small green leaves. The picture next to it shows black clover and the picture above shows the nice green leaves of Monstera. Of course the geranium is still in fashion, but this year it should be some slightly different kinds. Most preferably they should be unique, twisting, hanging and small-flowered. But – most importantly – is of course to choose the plants that you like the most.

Beautiful greens

Safe card in terms of pots is undoubtedly old terracotta pots, wicker baskets, blue patterned pots a la Spode, brass pots and Moroccan pots. Preferably in a mix.

Pictures from Pinterest.