Meet Photowall’s stylist Sten Vasseur

3 June, 2013

We are really proud of our inspiration images to the freshest collection Summer Memories by designer Ulrika Gustafsson. The stylist behind the images, Sten Vasseur, is a florist at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm – which turned out to be perfect as the collection contains beautiful floral motifs.


After having practiced in a flower shop in the eighth grade Sten knew that he would become a florist. Since then he had time to do quite a bit: everything from competitions such as Flower Grand Prix to decoration of the princess Estelle’s baptism and styling the latest collection for Photowall. We asked Sten a few questions to get to know more about him and his profession.

Sten, tell us more about your work at Grand Hôtel?
– We are four florists working full time at Grand Hôtel. It’s a very diverse job and there are many fun parties, dinners and events that we decorate. We prepare flowers for hotel suites, lobby, restaurants, banquet hall, outdoor areas and spa. All flowers are changed twice a week.

What is the most enjoyable florist task to date?
– There are many different big parties with different themes in Grand Hôtel. For example, ELLE Awards recurrent party where we decorate a mannequin with a dress made entirely of flowers. But the biggest task for me was when I were in the florist team, headed by the florist Claes Carlsson, who created the flowers for the princess Estelle’s baptism in the Royal Chapel in 2012.

What is your favorite motif in Summer Memories collection?
– I like very much all the different motifs. The one that first caught my attention is the wallpaper Forest in pink hue. For me it’s a bit like Josef Frank.

What is your top interior design tip?
– There is no right or wrong in interior design, get the details you really like and mix styles, it will help to achieve a more personal and private home. A freshly cut flower gives a lovely cozy warm feeling, even a single peony at the hall’s mirror will make a great difference.

How does your home look like?
– I have very mixed furniture at home: everything from flea market finds to design classics. Antique table in teak wood mixed with leather chairs from the 20TH century and modern lamps. My kitchen is functional with a colorful wallpaper from Marimekko and a bright red fridge from Smeg. The living room however is a bit more masculine with the brown armchairs in suede, reindeer antlers on the wall and the whole apartment has white glossy floor.


What was on your mind when you styled the images?
– I started from the first impression and feeling for each wallpaper. For me Forest is a bit 50’s inspired by John Bauer. The brown glass and room spruce gives a feeling of a lake. The teak wood mirror and armchair enhances the feeling of functional style which I think is in the wallpaper.

When it came to A warm summer’s day, I got an immediate feeling that one wants to sit under a birch tree with a good book and a coffee. This feeling I recreated with old wooden chairs in a birch grove, to bring to mind the Swedish summer in a small croft or similar.

Rose brings your thoughts to classic Swedish country, topiary boxwood hedges with lovely fragrant roses and raked gravel paths. The plexiglas table breaks the classic in the picture and makes it personal and interesting. The black and white photo and interior fittings are great memories from the past.

In the garden for me is a real garden with cultivation, plants and flowers, jam and marmalade jars in blue, gray and white hues with details in gold and brass tones and accentuate wallpaper.

The collection is photographed by Patrik Rasmussen.