Inspiration: fix your home office

2 August, 2013

Pay bills, write emails or work from home – a home office is really good to have. Try to decorate it according to the style you have in the rest of your home and remember that most importantly the home office should be well organized and have convenient storage.

Pictures from Pinterest.

Our top five tips for your home office:

– Stylish storage. Often you do not have unlimited space and in this case open shelves may be an option. Nowadays there are great, stylish binders and boxes that are really worth buying.

– Beautiful walls. Many people use their home offices as a creative space. Put up paintings, bulletin or mood boards with inspiring and beautiful images. It will work as a decoration with additional purpose.

– Furnish smart. Try different arrangements. Place your desk in a position of power which means that you should be able to keep track of your surroundings from your office chair.

– Neat and tidy. Do not let little things distract you. Keep your home office structured in a way that will help to achieve the best working atmosphere.

– Lighting. Good lighting is everything, especially in an office.