Meet the designers behind Playlists by Agent Bauer

11 September, 2013

Maja Sten, Martin Bergström, Cecilia Carlstedt, Graham Samuels and Clara Aldén.

What happens when you ask five of Sweden’s best illustrators to interpret their favourite songs? The answer is our collection entitled Playlists by Agent Bauer, which includes everything from graphically abstract patterns to floral watercolours. Experience an added dimension to each design by listening to the music each illustrator has chosen to interpret, while studying the motif. The songs can be found on our playlist on Spotify – each motif is named after the song title.

Read more about the illustrators’ designs and song choices below.


Maja Sten, Martin Bergström, Cecilia Carlstedt, Graham Samuels and Clara Aldén.

Maja Sten – My Rollercoaster

My Rollercoaster by Kimya Dawson is a song where the singing is just kind of spoken out, kind of like drawing without thinking about it too much. Letting yourself be consumed by the unconscious. I noticed that my best bits came when I was talking on the phone. I also like the branches, which are like Mother Nature’s rollercoaster. If I was an ape I could swing along on them.” – Maja Sten


Martin Bergström – Cold Song

“Unfrosted freezers, icy comets and confusing camouflage inspired me in my pattern for Photowall. I dedicate the pattern to Klaus Nomi and his song The Cold Song.” Martin Bergström


Cecilia Carlstedt – A Forest

“I’ve always loved botanical drawings, and my design A Forest has detailed pencil drawings of different leaves which I’ve then put together into a pattern. Murals often have a light background, but I wanted to try out a darker shade to create an autumnal feeling which I thought went well with the nostalgic leaf theme.” – Cecilia Carlstedt


Graham Samuels –  Core of Nature

“In the song Core of Nature, Midlake sing of walking alone in a wood and trying to penetrate its unknowable mysteries. It makes me think of the forests of England, dense and enveloping oak forests, beautiful and comforting while at the same time ancient and mysterious, even frightening. This is the feeling I hope to evoke in my design.

Just as the music is modern, but channels old English folk music, I hope to blend the contemporary with a feeling of the hand-made design of a past age.” – Graham Samuels


Clara Aldén – Berg-Kirstis Polska

“I’ve chosen the song Berg-Kirstis Polska by Jan Johansson. Based on my choice I’ve developed a mural made up of poisonous flowers that grow wild in Sweden. I wanted to create a motif that’s beautiful to look at, but that has an edge!” – Clara Aldén

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