Neat wallpapers with a scent of autumn

14 October, 2013

From flourishing meadows, warm breezes and bare legs – to fallen leaves, chilly winds and decreasing hours of daylight. That autumn is on its way can’t be mistaken. With a wallpaper from Photowall, we hope to contribute to increased well-being in your home, since the number of hours spent at home often increases this time of year.

Below, we’ve picked out five of our best autumn wallpapers that we believe and hope will give you a positive autumn feel. Among the designers of the motifs you will find Cecilia Carlstedt and Albert Sjöstam. And of course the chosen wallpaper motifs will fit throughout the year. Take a look at the motifs, which one would you choose for your walls?

Michael Mullan-woodland trees
Michael Mullan’s motif Woodland trees

Fine little day-fir forest
Fine little day’s motif Fir forest

Anna Ekre-lovers
Anna Ekre’s motif Lovers

Albert Sjöstam-totem
Albert Sjöstam’s motif Totem

Cecilia Carlstedt-a forest
Cecilia Carlstedt’s motif A forest