New wallpaper collection – Vintage Cities

20 November, 2013


Today we are launching a brand new wallpaper collection: Vintage Cities. The motifs depict well-attended and popular cities such as Rio de Janeiro, New York, Rome and Paris – all with a vintage inspired feel.

The best thing with this collection is definitly the opportunity to experience the heartbeat of the city from your own home. The silhouette of the Eiffel Tower  at sunset, an aerial shot of New York’s skyscrapers and a double-decker’s journey along the streets of London. Beautiful designs to be inspired by.


The collection includes 10 motifs which are available both as wall murals and canvas prints. The wall murals cost £26 per square metre and the canvas prints start at £18.



  • The Blog Identity

    I just featured your company on my blog. Best regards!

  • Wallpaper Ink

    Some really great designs here. I love the coastline image too, it’s stunning. Where is that?