A fresh take on wall murals

27 February, 2014

Today we are launching a brand new wall mural collection. The aim is to take the classic wall mural one step further – a little more crazy, fun and daring. It’s time for wall mural 2.0.

What happens when you think outside of the conventional wall mural motifs? If you skip the forests, beaches and city views? The results can be seen in Photowall’s and Noll Images’ innovative new wall mural collection. Photographers like Joel RhodinKarolina Henke and Henrik Halvarsson are behind several of the motifs.




The collection comprises 36 carefully selected, unexpected and surprising motifs representing everything from coloured circus tents to laughing plastic whales.


All the motifs are available as made-to-measure wall murals for GBP 31 per square metre. The interior images for the collection were photographed by Dennis Blomberg and styled by Petra Bauer.