My favourite things – new wall mural collection

21 January, 2015

Today we are proud to present our latest wall mural collection: the My favourite things collection, by five talented illustrators from London-based agency Peppercookies. The challenge for the illustrators was to depict their very favourite things, and the result is everything from graphical buildings resting on soft clouds, to colourful flowery meadows.

The five talented illustrators behind the designs are Lisa Billvik, Mira Nameth and design duo Edholm Ullenius from Sweden, and Danes Mia Maria Overgaard and Michelle Carlslund.

Read more about the illustrators and the motifs below.


Edholm Ullenius – Flourish

edholmullenius-blogEdholm Ullenius is a Stockholm based graphic design & illustration studio, operating worldwide. Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius founded the agency in 2002 and over the years they have collaborated with a wide range of clients, from Ikea to Paul Smith.

Edholm Ullenius about their motifs.

Linked: “The love for drawing is the foundation of our work. We have a process of taking turns working on a project. Either we start, end or in the middle swap the work around in order to add our individual touch to it, which this is a perfect example of.”

Flourish: “We often find inspiration whilst walking in the forest or sitting on a cliff in the Swedish archipelago. This design is a collection of some of our favorite flowers, like Cowslip and Lily of the valley.”


Lisa Billvik – Wild in My Garden

lisa-billvik-blogLisa Billvik is a freelance illustrator and fashion designer with a degree in fashion design from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.

Lisa Billvik about her motifs: “We are all a part of nature. It is our heritage. We have to protect it and cherish it. In our origin we find our future.”


Mira Nameth – Spring Pines

mira-nameth-blogMira Nameth is an illustrator, creative director, and designer. Mira’s illustrations have won awards in the American Illustration and PRINT Magazine’s “hand drawn”.

Mira Nameth about her motifs.

Spring Medallion: “I wanted to create a pattern with a magnificent, symmetrical expression, but that still felt modern. It resulted in the pattern Spring Medallion.”

Spring Pine: “The inspiration for the motif Spring Pine comes from Japanese shoji screens, but the pines design gives the pattern a more Nordic expression.”


Mia Marie Overgaard – Flies

mia-marie-overgaardblogMia Marie Overgaard works as an illustrator with a degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Mia creates realistic yet surreal, detailed illustrations of people and animals living in a dream-like universe.

Mia Marie Overgaard about her motifs Beetles och Flies: “For these patters, I found inspiration from the silhouettes of insects. In my eyes, the insects are tiny living jewels of the nature. I have arranged beetles, cicadas, grasshoppers and flies in harmony and patterns in which they do not naturally appear. In this way they are transformed into more decorative objects.”


Michelle Carlslund – Bird 

michelle-carlslund-blogDanish illustrator Michelle Carlslunds work is recognized by eclectic cityscapes, cheeky tigers and honey loving bears. Michelle aims to make her illustrations feel playful, warm and nostalgic.

Michelle Carlslund about her motifs.

Birds: ”When choosing the theme for this pattern I pictured an entire wall filled with birds flying around, as having an open sky inside your home. Apparently birds chirping make you feel calm. In the old ages, when birds were singing, it meant nothing dangerous was going to happen. Perhaps you can hear tiny bird chirps and feel safe surrounded by these birds on your walls within your home.”

Sky City: “With this drawing I construct my own dream cityscapes. Working with wallpaper as a canvas has given me a great opportunity to create an infinite city that just goes on and on – the kind you can only imagine.”