Trend report from the Milan Furniture Fair

8 May, 2015

To get some new inspiration and look for the latest interior design trends, we visited the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan – one of the world’s largest and most famous furniture and design fairs. Here are some of the trends we picked up:

Green plants

The green trend continues and we want to fill our rooms with everything from winding ivy to large bamboo trees and various cactuses. Put the plants in different and unexpected places in the room and most preferably: let them hang in hanging pots.

Influences from the seventies 


We draw inspiration from the 70s and materials that we will see more and more of is: velvet, leather, brass with really shiny surfaces and marble in green and brown shades. Materials that create a luxurious and elegant feel.

Rough surfaces and natural materials


In contrast to the shiny surfaces are textured surfaces. Patinated, veined, marbled and perforated surfaces. We will also continue to see a lot of natural materials like: cork, wood, rattan, bark, bamboo and rope – traditional raw materials. We will also see a lot of untreated wood and leather, preferably in combination. Brick and stone with a natural and somewhat raw appearance is also on its way.

Playful and colorful with humor


We will see a lot of playful, colorful and humorous design that flirts with pop culture and sports in the future. Memphis pattern, terrazzo patterns and spots, squares and dots that are a bit higgledy-piggledy. We will also see a lot of glass and Plexiglas, both in color and clear and preferably in a delightful mix.

Patterned floors


It’s time to turn our eyes to the floor. We will see a lot of patterned wooden floor and tiled floor in different colors, but above all: patterned carpets. Everything from graphic to photorealistic designs that create an exciting effect.

Red and dirty pastels


The biggest upcoming trend color is undoubtedly red, bright red shades that combines nicely with black and white. But also dirty pastels lingers – matched nicely to concrete gray, untreated natural wood and blond woods.