Passion for pineapple

11 June, 2015

iwaherdensjö-pineapple-wallpaper-photowallLately we’ve seen the pineapple everywhere in the interior world. On posters, pillow cases, lamp foots – you name it. Photowall of course is a big fan of the trend and for the brave we have wallpapers to decorate the walls with this beautiful fruit.

iwaherdensjö-pineapple-wallpaper-photowallWe all love this fruit, and when you think about it – it’s not that strange. A juicy, exotic fruit that make us dream of summer and foreign worlds.

NUAgency_pineapple_ wallpaper_PhotowallThe fascination of pineapples started back in the 15th century. At the time it was a rare and very expensive fruit, and therefore it became a symbol of wealth and hospitality. At dinners people decorated the tables with pineapples to show their status. The architects at the time was not late to embrace the popularity of the fruit. They used the shape for textiles, lamps and even buildings.

pineapple_collageNowadays you see the pineapple everywhere. The sources to this collage you can find on our Pinterest account Passion for pineapple (you follow us on Pinterest, right?).

Pineapple_Rina Donnersmarck_Photowall_bloggThis motif is called “Pineapple” and is designed by the German illustrator Rina Donnersmarck. Perfect in a kids room or maybe in your kitchen.


IwaHerdensjö_abacaxi_dust_photowallFor someone who like the motifs a little more abstract Swedish designer Iwa Herdensjös  “Abacaxi” might be the perfect choice.

NUAgency_wildatheart_photowallPineapples are also hiding in NU Agencys motif “Wild at heart“. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Yesterday we loved the owl, today the pineapple. What do you think will be the next big trend?