Wood, concrete and rusty tones – Textured wallpapers for a rustic feeling in your home

20 July, 2015


Not everyone is blessed with having a concrete or wooden wall in their house/apartment. But if you’re looking for a way to make your home a bit more rustic, there are other ways. On Photowall we provide a bunch of different textured wallpapers. On the picture above you can see a close up of  Pastel plaster, a pastel dream if your looking for a more romantic, rustic feeling.


This is our Concrete wall, one of our favourites here at the wallpaper factory. Lovely in a kitchen for example.


Old wooden wall make you think of Scandinavian summers in the country, and bright midsummer evenings.


Fancy a bit more colour? How about Rusty patched plate?

brown-wooden-wall-PhotowallWhen you lay your eyes on Brown wooden wall, you get the feeling you’re in a barn. Beautiful in a livingroom to mix up with modern, scandinavian interior.