Playful tips for the children’s room

3 August, 2015

Before you know it, it’s time to think about school again! As autumn always feels like a new beginning, we would like to pass on a few creative tips on how you can make the children’s rooms more exciting to come home to. You don’t need to repaper all the walls to completely change the feel of the room, minor adjustments can mean big changes. How about a small town made of wallpaper? Let the town continue with roads on the floor, for an even more playful feeling.

Maybe you’ve found your favourite wallpaper, but are afraid it will be too much if you wallpaper an entire room with it? In that case, our best advice is to wallpaper a door. Here we’ve used the lovely motif Jungle love.

Think of different ways to hang your canvas. Our World map – Atlas is a favourite for all ages.

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