Interior Inspiration for Students

12 October, 2015

It’s the start of yet another academic year, and all across the country students are unpacking their belongings in new student accommodation. If that’s you and you’ve found yourself surrounded by the stark, bare, uninspiring walls of your new student room, don’t get downhearted.

Whether you’ve opted for halls or a room in a shared house, the likelihood is you’ll be dealing with a room that would benefit from some interior inspiration. However, take control now, and you could soon have a room that reflects your own style, taste, and even course choice. Here’s how.

Music Students

Your passion for music needn’t be confined to the contents of your iTunes playlist, so display your musical allegiances loud and proud with an epic vintage themed wall mural. Our amazing Beatles-inspired wall murals are custom made to your own specific requirements, and they’re perfect for rented accommodation like student rooms because they’re not permanent. Be bold, be original, and make a statement.


Architecture Students

If you’re studying architecture or a related design subject, you’ll love making a grandiose statement with Photowall’s New York Skyline wall mural. Landscapes and cityscapes are ideal for adding serious wow factor, and even when you’ve got your head stuck firmly in coursework, you can look up and imagine you’re in the city that never sleeps – the perfect accompaniment to your studious all-nighters.


Literature Students

Don’t fancy studying late into the night in the uni library, but still want to be surrounded by your beloved books? Create your own mini library with Photowall’s Bookshelf White wall mural. It’s great for book-loving students and will add some serious cool factor to your room.


Art Students

The bare walls of a student room shouldn’t faze an art student, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed about how you can address this serious lack of colour and excitement in your new student room, check out Photowall’s Watercolours – Alla prima wall art. It adds instant drama, will transform any room, and creates a focal point you’ll love waking up to.


How will you be livening up your student digs?