Nature the focus of wall mural collection by Scandinavian Surface

13 October, 2015


Photowall is proud to present Nordic Moods, a collection designed by Scandinavian Surface of Norway. The multi award-winning design group has become renowned for its subtle, elegant style featuring beautiful silhouettes taken from Scandinavian nature – now evident once again in its latest collaboration with Photowall.

Dark structural walls, beautiful trees and geometric elegance; Scandinavian Surface’s fascination with nature is clearly visible in the Nordic Moods collection.

“Nordic nature is always an underlying inspiration in our design. We’re fascinated by the colours, shapes and structure. In combination with influences from art, architecture and geometry, in our design process we want to create a special experience and feeling with the wall mural,” says Ann-Tove Engenes.

The murals in Nordic Moods range from surrealism to nature-like motifs. The colour scheme is broad, from light elegance to darker dull shades taken from nature’s own palette. Expressions such as weaving, mosaic, photography and textiles blend with structures of concrete, wood and metal to convey the magical feeling for which the Bergen-based design quartet is renowned.

Nordic Moods is available exclusively from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £37 per square metre. The interior photos were styled and taken by Sofia Jansson/Mokkasin.

Scandinavian_Lost_Landscape_Dark_Photowall_blogg Scandinavian_Panorama_grey_blogg