How to create a gothic-inspired home

29 October, 2015

Even if you’re not the type to get hyped up on the haunts that come with this time of year, there are still ways to add subtle touches of horror to what is technically the scariest season. Burnt orange tones emulating a lit pumpkin at nightfall, and monochrome tones cut with the starkness of black and white are reminiscent of classic horror, and are the perfect Halloween cues.

Here we explore how to add a touch of ghoulish gothic into your home.

Gothic gallery

Beautiful baroque frames paired with stripped back metallic tones are a major trend this season. Create this look in your home using upcycled frames and Photowall’s wallpaper or wall murals. Use brass or copper spray paint to give your frames a luxe look, then arrange them in a grid-style layout – we swear by the rule of three in interior design, as it just makes everything look more refined. Choose three different wall mural designs and three rows of three frames (nine in total) to create your look, then fill your frames with haunting wallpaper. Gothenburg based designer, Albert Sjostam, is influenced by ethnic patterns which deliver a haunting look, perfect for adding a few chills to your living room.

Stained Black and White by Albert Sjöstam - Photowall

Haute Hauntings

Colour palettes such as greys and charcoals are so hot right now and adding these into your home can add a sense of slick styling reminiscent of New York loft apartments. Add the Orchid Chaos design for a Halloween feature wall that will look fabulous all year round. Textures are a big interior trend this season and this particular wall mural has a metallic, oily texture which looks stunning paired with modern metallic accents and knitted throws.

Orchid Chaos - Photowall

Horror Home

Nothing symbolises Halloween more than classic black and white horror films. The grainy rawness of cult classics such as Psycho can add a certain edginess into your interior palette. Monochrome is paving the way in terms of trends at the moment, so use this to your advantage. Pair Photowall’s ‘Psycho’ wall mural with white walls and Nordic-inspired furniture to channel the trend. Part of the reason horror is so thought-provoking is because of the mystery that surrounds it – this wall mural in particular evokes a similar sense of the unknown that you get from the big screen. Style this look with soft grey fabrics and geometric style cushions to give it some warmth.

PSYCHO, Janet Leigh, 1960

Will you be adding any of these looks into your home this Halloween?