Cosy autumnal interior ideas

3 November, 2015

Getting in sync with the seasons in terms of interior design can be difficult to achieve. It’s not as simple as adding a few seasonal updates to your wardrobe, or altering the shade of your lipstick – it’s the need for cosiness in the chills of winter and a want for a deeper sense of spaciousness in the summer that creates a feeling to alter your interior decor. Whether you add in some seasonal accessories, switch up your soft furnishings or give your living room a complete overhaul – there are tonnes of interior tricks to make your home feel more in touch with the seasons.

Here we explore how to add in the perfect elements to create those cosy autumnal cues.

Plaid bare

Throw in anything with a plaid print and you’re already conjuring up an association with the colder months. Snowy mountain climbs and woodland wonderers searching for a cabin in the woods are reminiscent of the tartan trend, but how do you channel this look in your home? Faux fur throws, tartan cushions and oversized leather armchairs mirror the country lodge trend perfectly. Really make it your own and add in some subtle tartan print curtains – deep browns and graphite greys mimic the colder autumn conditions and also add a sense of warmth to echo the rare days we get the sunshine. To recreate the lodge look in your living room, try the Cabin Wooden wall mural.


Autumn wildlife

There’s nothing more beautiful than the pureness of nature, especially through the autumn months when life somehow seems stiller and a little bit more fragile. Red Deer wondering through snowfall and Grizzly Bears huddled up in hibernation are the embodiment of the autumn/winter, but this feeling of coldness outdoors can be easily transferred into cosiness indoors. Norwegian designers, Scandinavian Surface, create wintered scenes that draw on inspiration from the freshness of the Norwegian landscape. Their January Magpie, looks fabulous as a wall mural feature wall in your living room, or on a canvas in your hallway. Pair with charcoal and unpolished brass accessories, and throw in some burnt orange tones through soft furnishings for those autumnal colour pops.

January Magpie - Photowall

Twilight textures

With the autumnal months comes shorter days, and the early nightfall can be replicated in your home in a few simple steps. Heavy materials such as rattan and tweed emulate the early morning darkness of the autumn sky and instantly give you that feeling of contentment in your home on a morning. Botanical prints are a huge trend at the moment, and the leafy look is the total personification of autumn. Channel this trend using the heavy materials associated with autumn and accessories with dark greens and ambers. Photowall’s Light Leaf Pattern looks fabulous as wallpaper or a wall mural.

Design Leaves - Photowall

How will you be bringing autumn into your home?