Simple feng shui tips to light up your life

26 January, 2016

It’s hard to believe that an ancient art developed well over 3,000 years ago is still so prevalent in interior design practices today. Feng shui is a complex system which reveals how to balance the energies of any space so that it assures health and well-being. Feng, meaning wind and shui meaning water, are Chinese symbols of good fortune and when combined are said to bring happiness and luck.

Here, Photowall explores how to get the perfect balance of feng shui to create energy and happiness in your home.

Make the right entrance  

The quality of the entrance to your home is key to creating a good feng shui house. To create a positive flow in your home, remove any clutter that could be blocking the energy course from your front entrance or hallway. Front doors are considered to be the birthplace of your home’s energy point, and the quality of this energy then filters down through the rest of your home, so a strong focus should be placed in this area. Both the colour and the direction your door is facing is important in feng shui and helping to drive luck and prosperity – for example, east facing front doors should be painted either green or brown, whereas as south facing doors should be painted red.

Feng shui energy is anchored by its main energy centres – the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Start to focus on these areas of your home to help create interior harmony that radiates through each room of your house.


In order to create the best feng shui energies, your kitchen should feel airy and spacious. Simplicity is key – avoid cluttering up your worktops with gadgets. Fresh flowers bring an uplifting energy to your kitchen space and should be placed on your dining table or windowsill. In terms of colour choice, yellow is a great hue for your kitchen as it’s said to trigger the senses to aid digestion.


Your bedroom décor should promote a harmonious flow of energy, as well as create a fun and alluring atmosphere that can both excites and calms you. Remove anything that could cause broken sleep, as TV’s, computers and exercise equipment can bring a feeling of negative energy into your room. The position of your bed in relation to the room is also important – your bed should be easy to access from both sides and shouldn’t be directly in line with the door.


A good feng shui bathroom should be clean, comfortable and relaxing – there are a few ways to create this feeling in just a few simple steps. Mirrors are said to circulate energy around the room, and in the bathroom they help keep positive energy locked in. Create a spa-like feel with beautiful soaps, bath oils and fresh flowers which all help to combat negative energy, and ultimately create a relaxing atmosphere.

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  • Agata

    I have some tips to light up my life.
    First step is always keep clean house. It is really important. Tidiness and harmony!
    Second step, if its something broken you should fix it or throw out. If not, your good energy is locked.
    Third step, you should remember to have in good condition your tap, because if not its mean that wealth run away.
    I have at my home wallpaper with bamboos, stones and waterfall. :)