Trendspotting – the colours and shapes of spring

26 January, 2016


Spring is finally approaching, bringing with it new trends. We can leave the dark, muted colours of autumn behind and focus on brighter shades. The big trend colours this spring are pink and blue, ideally matched with the accent colour white. Our interior inspiration continues to come from nature and plants climbing the walls feel just right – as in our wall mural Geranium, designed by Byracka.


We’ll be seeing a lot of floral murals this year, and also geometric ones. We can’t get enough of hexagons, polygons, circles and dots. The Scandinavian Surface wall mural Hexagon Pink is the natural choice for the trend conscious.


As always with interiors, the personal touch is more important than any trend when it comes to enjoying your home. So a personal wall mural from our range of more than 3,000 designs, or a photo of your own, is never wrong whatever the season.