Romantic styling: How to create a cosy home

21 April, 2016

Recreate the look of love in your interior styling and capture the romantic ambience. Whether you channel cosy cues or make a statement with the colour of lust, there are plenty of ways to create a starry-eyed interior mood.

Let’s take a look at how to add some romance into your interior décor.

Mood lighting

Introduce ambient lighting into your home and instantly create a sense of warmth and calmness – with just the flip of a switch you can completely transform your interior space and inject some love into your home. The type of lighting you choose really depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve – rustic-style interiors benefit from clever use of candles, while industrial-style interior design looks tasteful with cleverly placed ceiling pendants and floor lamps.

Cosy cues

Channel the ultimate Zen in your abode with soft fabrics and natural materials to add tranquillity into your space. Draped throws and faux fur rugs transform your space into an area perfect for snuggling. Knitted fabrics work particularly well with a neutral colour palette, the Photowall Simple Message Heart features a textured overlaid design that will complement your chosen fabrics and neutral hues perfectly. This simple design falls into the minimalistic monochrome interior movement that has become so popular today.

Rich hues

Rich red hues are synonymous with the day of love, but are also offer a stylish swatch all year round. Grab attention with the colour palette associated with passion, and channel a vibrant red feature wall in your living room to create drama. Alternatively, you could consider adding in maroon hue home accessories if a red feature wall really isn’t your thing. Deep reds and earthy browns combine well and different shades of purple mixed with greys can work in large open-plan rooms.

Floral touches

Adding floral accents to your home can brighten up your décor and breathe new life into your home. Whether you choose to accentuate your room with an illustrative floral feature wall, or add in accessories with floral motifs, there’s a whole host of things you can do to up your interior scheme. Introducing some floral wallpaper to romanticise your living space, or channel the metallic tray trend and style up your coffee table with a bouquet of bright flowers.


How will you be adding a touch of romance into your interior?