Exciting new children’s wallpaper collection by Cathy Nordström

3 May, 2016

Photowall presents the Daydreams children’s collection designed by Swedish illustrator and designer Cathy Nordström. Inspired by children’s inexhaustible imagination, Cathy has created eight playful wall mural designs, in two different colour schemes.

Inspired by nature, with beautifully subtle Scandinavian influences, Cathy Nordström’s design style balances minimalism with elaborate patterns perfectly to create a unique take on her Scandi heritage.

Collaborating with Photowall to create playful designs reflecting the characteristics of childhood imagination, Cathy Nordström’s wall mural designs encourage play, discussion and imagination: something that the designer herself kept in mind throughout the design process.

The strikingly put together collection features graphic-patterned ice lollies covered with dot details, rounded trees and stones in fanciful shapes and blue polar bears living in forests together with flamingos and giant strawberries.

“I want children’s imaginations to expand when they see my designs. These wall murals have been created specifically for children and it is therefore especially important for the designs to encourage games, stories and curious questions,” explains Cathy Nordström.

children's patterned wallpaper

Cathy Nordström has a background as a graphic designer, so design and form have been a constant presence in her life. Cathy’s playful style reflects her love of nature and its small undiscovered details. Her personal favourite in the collection is Ice Cream.

“Ice Cream is a design that makes me happy. It’s simple yet still playful and works in any room at all. It’s a design for everyone quite simply.”

children's wallpaper ideas

Daydreams is available exclusively from Photowall and is made up of eight designs, all in two different colour schemes. The designs can be ordered to size and cost £31 per square metre.

All the photographs for the collection have been styled by Linda Åhman and shot by Jonas Gustavsson