Weddings – with blogger Anja Forsnor

25 May, 2016

The wedding season is in full swing. Here at the wallpaper factory, we decorate a wedding reception and talk wedding tips with Swedish blogger and bride-to-be Anja Forsnor.


Wallpaper pennants in delightful designs, pastel wallpaper backgrounds and loving heart frills are some of our best decoration tips for the big day. Blogger Anja and her fiancé Marcus remind us not to neglect the small details, and to surprise the guests with something unexpected. Check out our wedding photos and read Anja’s and Marcus’s thoughts in the run-up to their big day for more wedding inspiration.


Motifs by illustrator Cathy Nordström and the motif Waves Blur by designer Linnéa Nilsson Lundell.

So first off, how did Marcus propose?


We had an absolutely magical holiday in Thailand last winter. On one of our last nights, Marcus got down on one knee on the beach and surprised me with a proposal. I was in tears. And there was a ring, of course, the loveliest ring in the world! Then we made a toast with coconut cocktails and kissed barefoot in the sand under a pristine starlit sky. Perfectly over the top, and so perfectly us.


I was so nervous I can barely remember what I said. What Anja didn’t know at the time was that I’d already planned a proposal two years earlier. We were on holiday then too, and I’d booked a whole day at sea with Anja. But being a stubborn one, she’d decided to stay on the beach that day and nothing I could say was going to change that, so things didn’t turn out quite as I’d planned. At the time I was quite disappointed, but now it’s a fun anecdote we often laugh about.


Cones with wallpaper motif Spring Medallion by Peppercookies and Confetti by designduo By May.

How has the planning been for your wedding?


We want to plan in peace and quiet without making any hasty decisions, so we spend a lot of nights poring over the dinner table. Having young children, we have to find little gaps as and when we can.

Can you tell us anything about the day itself?


We’re thinking playful, vibrant, personal, and of course it’s all about love! We’re thinking a bit outside the box and want to do things our own way. We’ve taken a bit of inspiration from a previous wedding we were at, but we’re keeping the details to ourselves for a while yet.


Photobackdrop with motif Sprinkles Yellow by illustrator Cathy Nordström.

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples planning a wedding?


It’s YOUR day. Make sure the wedding is for you, and plan exactly the way you want it to be. Don’t think too much about what everyone else is doing, and have the courage to break with tradition if it doesn’t feel right for you.


The furnishing and seating plan are often crucial in ensuring the right atmosphere. Round or slightly smaller tables are more social, and make it easy to get people talking. You want everyone to feel involved and to find their place in the party.

What do you feel have been the key things to think about when planning a wedding?


Laughing and having fun! So simple, but extremely important. Eat a good dinner, share a bottle of wine and talk to each other. Replace long lists with mood boards, or put together a lively playlist to set the right atmosphere.