Coastal ideas to add the sun into your home

27 May, 2016

For most people, the idea of visiting a beach house conjures up imagery of long coastal walks and rediscovering natural beauty. The summer season is the perfect time to bring outdoor elements inside to create a space that shines brighter than the summer sun.

Here we explore how to introduce an easy breezy coastal interior theme to your home.

Cool coastal hues

Enhancing colours associated with the coast will help you get a sea-themed feel without going overboard. Introduce crisp white and worn blue hues with a few splashes of occasional colour to really give your home that summer feeling. Any shades associated with marine life will work well here, and introducing beach-inspired canvas prints is a good option for getting a peaceful flow throughout your home.

Sail away with me

Seasonal home accessories allow you to shake up your surroundings without redecorating your entire home. Feel like you’re lost in the beauty of the ocean with cute lanterns and bird-inspired decorations, and fill your lanterns with fairy lights to replicate the look of the moonlight reflected in the midnight sea. Introducing some driftwood décor pieces further adds to the delight of this summer interior trend, giving a shipwrecked look to your home.

sea themed wallpaper

GI collection – Unreachable – Photowall

Coastal backdrops

Create a beach house feel with a material-based feature wall – the Photowall white painted wood wallpaper will create a look that’s perfect to inspire the summer feeling inside your home. If your interior has a more rustic feel, a stone wall backdrop will help recreate the rugged, rocky openness of the shoreline; pair this with distressed furniture and bright floral patterned cushions to create a haven with quirky features.

white wood wallpaper

Set the tone

Understated soft furnishings can tone down the crispness of a sea-based colour palette. Channel nautical cushions and throws, and introduce wicker baskets for storage. Faded, textured palettes pair really nicely with this interior style, so keep an eye out for these kinds of material when switching up your soft furnishings.

Seascaped artworks

Whether you choose summer seaside snapshots, or abstract artworks that evoke sure feelings of the shores, canvas art can be a fantastic way to realise the sea theme in your home. Channel the natural movements of the ocean with the Photowall Sea Glass canvas – the beautiful blue hues in this design mirror the different shades seen in the ocean. This canvas would look beautiful paired with crisp whites and brassy metallic elements.

abstract wallpaper


Bold shelving

Make the most of your space and introduce different interior trends by introducing shelving into your alcoves – you can display all your beach-themed essentials on each shelf to add a sense of playfulness and continuity to your interior. If you’re feeling daring why not try painting your shelving a blue colour to mirror the sea? A little flash of colour in the cosy nooks of your home can add an element of surprise into your furnishings.

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