How-to create your own gallery wall

21 June, 2016

As a key decorating trend this year, creating a gallery wall can bring a bolder look into your interior. Splashes of timeless design perfectly combined with the interior trends of the moment, and making space for art can give your home a dash of excitement. Showcase your personal style and channel a design style that complements your current décor themes.

Here we explore how to create a gallery wall based on your home style and current interior trends.

1) Find your style

Before committing to a gallery wall, it’s important to determine what kind of layout and design style you like. Do you prefer a structured grid style where all the frames follow a particular layout? Or do you prefer a scattered style? It’s also worth considering what kind of interior design trends you find most appealing – if you’re a fan of the Nordic movement, then a grid style monochrome gallery wall might be for you.

2) Earthy eclectic

This style is perfect for the adventurous outdoor types and is loosely related to the 70s interior design resurgence. This interior style features botanical greens and dark wood elements with organic artwork. Wooden frames in a grid style work well to create a structured look that echoes the geometric patterns from 70s interior design.

monstera wallpaper wallmural

Monstera No 6 by Linnea Nilsson Lundell

3) Bold and beautiful

If you’re a person who likes to take risks and have a contemporary interior, then this gallery wall style could be for you. The trend is all about indulging in graphic patterns and bright colours to make a statement in your home. Bold letters combined with subtle colour pops and graphic imagery work best – channel the current pineapple trend with illustrations or wallpaper.

pineapple wallpaper wallmural

Pineapple by Nu Agency

4) Romantic retreat

Watercolour details add a contrasting softness into your interior. When selecting aquatic patterns for your gallery wall, you can create an area of your home perfect for relaxation. Often watercolour patterns feature subtle colour pops which are easily reflected in other parts of your interior.

5) Experimental schemes

Creating the perfect wall for your home is all about testing the water and seeing what works for you. We recommend you plan your layout before drilling holes through your walls – you can do this with paper and sticky tape just to get the base right before you work out your frame sizes and arrangement.

What does your gallery wall style look like?