Top wallpaper recycling ideas

28 July, 2016

Adding a bright and colourful feature wall or wallpapering an entire room can be a great way to transform the look of a space. But you can often be left with excess wallpaper which can feel like a waste. We’ve taken a look at the easiest ways you can take the fun element of wallpaper design and use it elsewhere in your home:

Top drawer design

Beautifully transform the interiors of drawers – or the back of shelving units – by lining them with your favourite patterned wallpaper. Of course your favourite chest of drawers won’t be rugged enough to snag your delicates, but a pop of colour or a striking pattern can add that extra little bit of interest.

In the frame

If you’ve chosen a lively, graphic pattern for your statement wall, mirror that burst of personality on an opposing wall. Cut your leftover wallpaper down to photo frame size, and display several pieces on a gallery wall to perfectly complement the bold prints at the other side of the room. An easy interior update with minimal effort.

Alternatively, show off your favourite photograph in a frame that’s backed with wallpaper to demonstrate your own personal style.

Flies by Mia Marie Overgaard

Flies by Mia Marie Overgaard

All wrapped up

Extend your vibrant style into your loved ones’ lives by crafting greetings cards to suit almost any occasion. Use intricately cut wallpaper samples, swatches of fabric and other craft items to decorate Christmas cards or wish someone a happy birthday. You could even go one step further, and wrap gifts in unused wallpaper – it’s much stronger than wrapping paper and the bold prints will make for a great talking point.

Step by step

If you adore the simplicity of wooden flooring and stairs in your hallway but want to add some wow factor, cut wallpaper to fit the stair risers. Once you’ve pasted it on, varnish it to make the paper hardwearing, and you’ve got a beautiful décor that will immediately draw the eyes up as you enter your home.

Coming to a head

Instead of creating a feature wall behind you bed, play around with the idea of an over-sized headboard by upcycling wallpaper backed on to wood to give your boudoir a unique twist. Be daring with bright patterns and hues to match the colour scheme of the room and accessorise with bold cushions and throws.

Eternal Weekend by Nothing Can Go Wrng

Eternal Weekend by Nothing Can Go Wrng

Chic cabinet interiors 

Brighten up the inside of a dull medicine cabinet by adding pops of colour and pattern between its shelves. Alternatively, transform a china cabinet into a stunning display piece – experiment with different patterns to ensure it becomes the glamorous focal point of the room.

How will you be transforming your interiors with upcycled wallpaper?