Imaginative children’s rooms that inspire play

11 August, 2016


The end of summer draws near, and autumn and the back-to-school season will soon be upon us. So why not start the new school year with a revamp in the kids’ room? Here are our best tips on how best to decorate a children’s room in a way that inspires fun and play.

Paper a feature wall with a pattern that the kids can colour in themselves. Your own Picasso (with paint that’s not always inside the lines) straight on the wall. Above we have used the Happy Forest – grey motif by Sne design.

Alternatively, order a blank canvas and let the kids really make their mark. Here at the wallpaper factory, we used colourful balloons, arrows and our own mini artist to create a watercolour painting in a fun way. It is a great happening for birthday parties or just as a fun activity for the family.


Follow these easy steps to create your own unique masterpiece.

1. For this idea you need: a blank canvas, craft paint, balloons, a balloon pump, darts and some pins. Make sure that you use a craft paint that is non-toxic and washable.

2. First fill each balloon with some of the craft paint. We used the same colour as the balloons, but you can mix and match colours.

3. Use the balloon pump to blow up the balloons (But be gentle when pumping up as you don’t want paint going everywhere, and be sure to tie the balloon once it’s fully inflated).

4. Attach the balloons via the tie you made to the blank canvas with one of the pins.

5. Give the children a dart and enjoy the balloon popping fun :-)


If you´re unsure about letting your own mini artists loose on the walls with paint, we have extended our range with children’s motifs by designer Cecilia Lood. Imaginative, detailed designs that take us on a journey into spotted clouds and slumbering foxes.

The motif pictured below is called Forest Turquoise. An imaginative design in soft colors that inspires the children to play and dream.


The motif Tree Top Pink  pictured below, creates a warm and cosy feeling in the bedroom.


For more inspiration check out our collection of childrens wallpaper. Cecilia Loods fairytale collection is avaliabe here.

To order a blank canvas from Photowall please contact our Customer service and we will help you out.

Best of luck with your creative projects!