Photowall and Lemon present: Frame of Mind

15 September, 2016


Photowall and South African design studio Lemon are proud to present Frame of Mind – a wallpaper collection focusing on people’s varying styles, moods and emotions. It brings together subtle watercolours, textile structures and highly detailed hand-painted patterns.


Mosaic patterns from the bare mountain top, and banana leaves brought to life by decorative details. The motifs in the Frame of Mind wallpaper collection are colourful, subtle, present, personal and trendy, all at the same time – and they suit all different kinds of room.

The collection includes 11 hand-picked motifs, some in different colour schemes. The motifs are available from Photowall as made-to-measure wall murals costing £29 per square metre.



The porcelain, tablecloth, candlestick, cushions, bedside lamp and bedding are from R.O.O.M. The interior photos were styled by @hannerlii.