Introducing the new Shades of Music collection by synaesthetic artist, Jane Mackay

6 October, 2016

Imagine a world where you can see music. Well, that’s an everyday possibility for London-based synaesthesia artist, Jane Mackay. The Shades of Music collection is a visual representation of the vibrant colours and shape formations she sees when she listens to the melody.

The canvas collection comprises of three exclusive pieces that Jane painted when listening to classical versions of popular songs. Each artwork visually depicts iconic versions of Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit, Beyoncé – Halo, and La Roux – Bulletproof.

Halo, features an exhilarating crescendo of yellow hues gravitating from a beautiful base of bold shades, while Bulletproof, is more subdued in colour. Its frantic brushstrokes combined with beautiful purple tones add a calmness to the waterfall-esque piece. Smells Like Teen Spirit, is contrasting in comparison – with rigid shapes and geometric-like structures, it’s juxtaposing to the lucidness of Bulletproof.

Watch Jane’s incredible creative process in action in the video below.

Jane’s exceptional gift encouraged us to think about how colours, sights and sounds can inspire other people. So we created the ‘Colour Your World’ competition. We’re asking people to share the colours they love, for a chance to win a canvas print from Jane’s stunning Shades of Music collection. Share your favourite colour on our Facebook and Instagram posts using #ShareYourColour. The runner up will receive a gift voucher worth £50 to spend on the Photowall site. T&Cs apply.