Trend-spotting – 4 trends to keep an eye on in 2017

20 January, 2017

A new year and new wallpaper trends where colour and personality are in focus. At Photowall we’ve rounded up the key trends for the wall.

Wallpaper Trend 1 – Authentic Presence


We’re welcoming the year where structure wood-wallpapers are dominant, at least if you like the trend’s authentic presence. Here we see rustic and beautiful green, with details that reflect the hand-made. And what breathes more craft than a structure on the wall? Let wood and nature take place on your wall.

Wallpaper Trend 2 – Vibrant Shapes


Yearn for the bright colours, playful pattern combinations and art of the 1980s.  A splash of colour or a geometric pattern on the wall is absolutely right in this trend. Here it’s all about humour. Our best tip to cheer up the wall: add wallpapers with block colours or dots.

Wallpaper Trend  3 – Dramatic Elegance


Finally it’s time to push the boundaries. Here it is perfectly fine to add more of everything on your wall. The wallpaper is slightly crazier; the motif a tad bigger and if it is filled with big-leaved plants it’s all you need – almost, anyway.

Wallpaper Trend 4 – Future Feelings

future-feelings-blogThe future offers sparkling Northern Lights and planets on your wall. Choose between black, midnight blue, or to boldly go where few have gone before, why not shocking pink? And the icing on the cake – the wallpaper designs are printed digitally!