Swedish designer Linnea Nilsson Lundell shares her top arts and crafts tips for Valentine’s Day

13 February, 2017

Here at Photowall Valentine’s Day is a day filled with love, crafts and wallpaper, but also a day we are happy to send greetings to our loved ones. This year we did it with cards and wallpaper envelopes created by designer Linnea Nilsson Lundell using her new wallpaper motifs that fittingly is called Lovebirds.


A greeting on this pinkish day is never wrong! Linnea Nilsson Lundell’s best tip is to draw your own card – fun to do and a personal gift to get. Linnea used the sketches for her new wallpaper motif.


Below Linnea shows how the motif came to life and how, especially for this day, turned it into a Valentine’s Day card. You also get a step by step guide to see how she created an envelope with a heart shaped wallpaper cutout.

Wallpaper Envelopes – step by step

You will need – your favourite motif (in this picture Linnea used her own motif Lovebirds Velvet Sharp), double-sided tape, a scissor, pencil, ruler and a heart shaped template.

1. Draw a line around the heart template on the motifs back.

2. Cut out the heart.

3. Draw lines where you’ll fold the edges. One tip is to bend the edges a little to see where to fold and then draw the lines, but don’t bend it too hard to leave marks on the wallpaper.

4. Afterwards fold the lines edges on the long sides of the heart.

5. Use adhesive tape, but only on the lower part (the hearts round parts) that will be folded up. This is so the card can be placed inside when your envelope is finished.

6. Tape with adhesive tape on the sides.

7. Fold up the bottom, the hearts round parts.

8. Finished! Now add your hand-drawn card with a love greeting and send it to your loved ones.


Finally, we would like to tip that everyone can create their own wallpaper or Canvas. You can easily upload a sketch, illustration or photograph to photowall.co.uk and we’ll print it – a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.