International Women’s Day – Photowall is inspired by female designers in our range

8 March, 2017

It’s all about women, six powerful and inspiring female designers. On this year’s women’s day, we would like to pay an extra little tribute to them and their wallpaper motifs.

Nothing Can Go Wrng

Hand-painted brushstrokes, glamour and an explosion of colour sums up the design duo Nothing Can go Wrng’s wallpaper motifs. The Stockholm-based duo of Adriana Bellet and Paula Maso create motifs where their love of colour and form are in focus. For Photowall, they created monstera leaves, terrazzo patterns and confetti glitter, all in nice colour combinations.



Eternal Weekend – Blue – Nothing Can go Wrng

Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton’s magical wonder of nature began to grow when she moved to a small village in the northern parts of Sweden at the age of 21. Today she is the photographer, blogger and artist who made the dream-like nature of northern Sweden into wallpapers. With her camera, Jonna has captured dancing mists, ice blue trees in the twilight and lonesome trees.



Into the Wild – Jonna Jinton


Cathy Nordstrom

Ice lollies covered with dots, blue polar bears living in the forest with flamingos and giant strawberries create room for the imagination on the walls of your children’s room. Cathy Nordstrom’s collection for Photowall encourages playfulness, discussion and is created with inspiration from children’s inexhaustible imagination.



Ice Cream Pink – Cathy Nordström


Team Hawaii

Mushrooms, frogs, birds and butterflies, the design duo Team Hawaii with Malin Grundström and Anne Gustavsson have created wallpaper motifs, which draws our minds to nature. Their wallpaper collection, Nature Calling, is available exclusively at Photowall and the collection’s motifs can be ordered to size.



Cuckoo’s Nest Heather - Team Hawaii


Besides these six designers, we have many new, established and talented female designers and photographers in our range, which we are very proud of. All with their own unique design language and creative process. We are also continuously looking for new collaborations with amazing women to highlight.