May the Fourth: We meet Star Wars fans and make over a room with wallpaper

3 May, 2017

Han Solo, Princess Leia and Boba Fett are here – that can only mean it’s May the Fourth! And we met some hardcore Star Wars fans, chose our favourite motifs, shared Star Wars memories and restyled with wallpaper.

Meet Tomas, who made over his attic with a Star Wars theme. His wallpapered walls feature Stormtroopers, starships and Yoda, and he’s even moved in his collection of Star Wars characters. There’s no mistaking that Tomas is a dedicated Star Wars fan!


Pictured, the wall mural motif Star Wars Coruscant Buildings

“I’ve liked Star Wars for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I saved everything involving Star Wars – from press cuttings and ice cream wrappers to cinema posters and pens. Collecting memorabilia has always gone hand in hand with my interest and has always been a part of me,” Tomas tells us.

This is why no one was surprised when the room highest up in the family’s house was made over into a true Star Wars den. Especially Tomas’ three-year-old daughter, Leia, who shares his interest.


Tomas with daughter Leia in front of the R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine wallpaper motif.

“Leia already knows the names of all the characters and starships from the film. She also loves enlightening the other family members with Star Wars facts, and her reaction the first time she stepped into the room after its transformation was simply incredible. It was obvious in that moment that she’s a true Star Wars fan!

Star Wars fan number two – David

The next Star Wars fan we met is David, who has collected Star Wars memorabilia for as long as he can remember and saw his first film when he was six.

“Back then, it wasn’t as easy to watch a film whenever you want like we can now. But one day when I was six, all the Star Wars films were being shown on TV, and I was glued in front of it all day. After that, I was hooked,” David tells us.


David with his favourite motif Star Wars – Cloud City as a canvas print

David moved to Stockholm when he was ten, and it was there that his collecting really took off when he discovered an antique shop.

“Before then, I had played with the neighbour’s Star Wars toys, but a whole new world opened up to me when I set foot in the antique shop, Wigerdahls Värld. And I’ve been collecting Star Wars memorabilia ever since.”

We then asked David to share his favourite Star Wars memory.

“I have so many, but I’m going to choose one that’s not really a memory. It’s that I have gotten to know many people through my collecting, and I can now call them close friends.”

Sofie tells us about her top Star Wars memory

Sofie’s first encounter with Star Wars was when she rented the animated films about Ewoks with her sister every Friday. Her top Star Wars memory came a few years later.


Sofie with her favourite motif Star Wars Poster 9 as a canvas.

“It was the first time I saw the real Star Wars film when I was 10 years old. I was with my family at a party, and the other kids and I got bored of listening to the adults. Our solution was to watch a Star Wars film, and we fell in love with it.” Sofie tells us.

Her favourite motif reflects her love for the first film she saw.

Meet Viktor and 9-year-old Ivar

Our fourth and fifth Star Wars fans are Viktor and his 9-year old son, Ivar, who already likes the films and everything related to them. Together they watch their favourite film, Return of the Jedi and on the wall hangs the canvas motif Star Wars – Darth Vader Lightsaber.


Viktor remembers when he first became interested in Star Wars, but Ivar was hooked from day one. At least since he got his hands on an R2-D2 Lego set.

“I would call both of us Star Wars fans. We build with Lego and pretend we are different characters. If could to choose to be one Star Wars character for a day, I would be Han Solo,” says Viktor.


It was a little harder for Ivar to choose.

“Maybe Anakin – oh, wait! Actually, I would pick Boba Fett,” says 9-year-old Ivar.

Kristina with her favourite canvas motif

The last fan we met is Kristina, who is a big fan of the films of the original trilogy from the 70s and 80s. Her favourite motif is when R2-D2 and C-3PO approach Jabba the Hutt’s Palace in the desert landscape of the planet Tatooine.


“This motif takes me on a real trip down memory lane, and I can see it both as a wall mural or a print in the living room, children’s room and maybe even an office,” says Kristina.

Compete to win Star Wars wallpaper or prints

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