Styling the teenage room

27 July, 2017

Patience, compromise and creativity: These are oft-needed qualities when styling space for teens. But what happens when the teenagers get to choose? Our top tips for creating a teenage room for a great teen are for both with and without the teen’s help.


Pictured above is the Grunge Concrete Wall design by M. Stenströmer.

Do you have a teenager at home who wants to weigh in on decor, decide which wallpaper to put up and how the furniture should look? That’s great! Then the room will be more personal. Together you can consider the mood to create, the practical solutions such as where papers will be kept, where dirty laundry will be collected and what needs will be met. For example, is a desk needed?

Style a teenage room according to interest

First, ask what colours and styling details your teen likes, and most of all, what your teen wants to do in the room. Consider what is already in the room and what can be redone. It may be enough to repaint the desk, wallpaper an accent wall behind the bed or over the desk, or replace the existing desk chair with another chair you already have at home. The flea market is a popular place to find furniture and decor. It’s fun to go together and favourable to your wallet if tastes happen to change.

Even if your teenager is not at all interested in how the space looks and lets you choose on your own, our advice is to start with your teen’s personal interests and choose decor in line with that style. Choose furniture and decor that will last until your child has grown to full height. Add details from your teen’s personal hobbies, such as football, music, drawing or dancing. Don’t forget that a teenager’s room often needs to include friends, either in the form of mementoes on the wall or space for an extra mattress on the floor.


Pictured above is the Watercolour Blue design by Lemon.

Motifs for a teenager’s room

Choose matching wall art. Some teenagers may want motifs featuring their idols, pictures of their friends, graphic patterns, sports images such as Playing Soccer, or city skyline motifs such as Times Square, New York. Some motifs work best as an accent wall behind a desk or bed and others work better on a canvas print or as part of a gallery wall arrangement.

Our top wallpaper tips for teenagers include Polygon Pastel By May, World Map Detailed, Getting Ready for Take Off and Brooklyn Bridge.

Items in interior by Maze Interior and R.O.O.M.