Tiny Heroes – a new collection by Garbo & Friends

26 October, 2017



Photowall is proud to present Tiny Heroes – a collection created by the Swedish design studio Garbo & Friends. The collection consists of three detail-rich and timeless motifs – all with their own story.

It was during a forest walk in the Småland region of Sweden that the colours of the rowan trees and leaves, paired with the animals of the forest, became the inspiration for the Fauna motif. The Mares motif has a completely different story – it was inspired by the sea and its inhabitants.

“I started diving a couple years ago, and it was like experiencing a whole new world that I never knew existed. It was so beautiful and fascinating that it took my breath away. Mares is definitely a tribute to the sea,” says Susanne Karlsson Nemirovsky, Designer and Founder of Garbo & Friends.



It is not only with nature – trips and new experiences are also a recurring source of inspiration for the collection’s illustrations.

“As I travel, I think of how to transform my experiences and inspiration into a concept. I usually write a little story which then becomes the starting point for the collection,” says Susanne.



The colours of the motifs are carefully chosen to create an overall warm and timeless feeling in the home. It is part of Garbo & Friends‘ sustainability concept.

“The idea behind our designs is that they will stand the test of time, and the selection of colours and the size of the patterns plays a big role. Classic, old-fashioned designs from other designers provide much inspiration especially when it comes to tones and shades. That which is classic and timeless is somehow also naturally sustainable,” says Susanne.

The exclusive Tiny Heroes collection is only available at Photowall as made-to-measure wallpaper for £29 per square metre.