Flowery, colourful and big – new trendy wallpaper motifs from Iwa Herdensjö

17 November, 2017

Hurrah! We’ve added even more Iwa Herdensjö motifs!
The flowery Dare collection explodes with colour and is once again characterized by the Swedish designer’s personal and extravagant style.

The motifs we’ve added to our product range Blaze and Stunner – are both available in five colour options, and each is filled with loads of big flowers in a colour scheme that truly stands out. Simply put – it’s a colour burst on your wall!

Take a look at the motifs and see our new Iwa faves below.

In 2018 we’ll be seeing more large patterns and colourful designs in both fashion and interior design, which is why we are especially pleased to present Blaze – a motif that falls in line with this growing trend. The playful mix of bright pink, turquoise, and the trendy colour, wine, is perfect if you are looking to create a space that stands out from the rest. Try combining the motif with loads of flowers and plants for a true colour explosion.


Obove motif Blaze Blooming.

The variety of colour options in the Stunner motif provides many styling options – this wallpaper will feel right in any room of your home.


The Stunner Peachy motif in pink, green and retro orange works perfectly with natural materials and beige details.  


Check out another one of our favourites pictured above, Stunner Bordeaux, which is perfect for any hallway.  

All motifs from the collection are available as made-to-measure wallpaper for £28 per square metre.