• Personalize your 10-year-old child’s room – our top tips!

    27 July, 2017

    Autumn is approaching and many children are getting excited about starting at a new school. It’s a fresh start, a time for new interests and an expanded repertoire of things to do in the child’s room – everything from homework to playing video games.


    Pictured above is the Graffiti Elements design.

    Furnishing as needed

    A quiet corner for homework and creativity with space for a computer is a good idea. If your child’s room is low on space, go for a raised bed to create a sleeping loft with space for a desk underneath. Another good solution for fitting a desk into a small space is to attach a board to the wall. Remember to bring light into your kids’ room. Go for a desk lamp, a bed lamp or a ceiling lamp. Also, consider curtains that can be drawn aside to let light in but also darken the room when it’s bedtime.

    Children’s wallpaper, interests and decor

    Let personal interests determine the style of your children’s room. By this age, children have developed many interests. They may like the graffiti pattern Gouge, sport wallpaper such as Skilled Player, an art motif such as Art School Daydream, horses as in Running Mates, or music as in Music Notes World Map Color. Choose wallpaper to suit their interests. Don’t be afraid to enhance the decor with paintbrushes, paint pots, cars, stuffed animals or sports memorabilia. There is a multitude of delightful, creative toys and kids’ decor you can use to make the space personal and appealing.


    If it starts to look too jumbled and busy with colour, then invest in some stylish storage. Sometimes you have to get creative if there is not a lot of space in your child’s room. The best storage may be under the bunk bed or in high shelves. The closet may hide a play area, and desk space with built-in storage can be created on the spot Test the limits of your imagination.


    Pictured above is the motif My Rollercoaster design by Maja Sten.

    Wallpapering part of a wall

    Dare to go all out when choosing wallpaper patterns! Wallpaper over the bed, on closet doors, on part of the wall above the desk or just a small section of the room or wall. When you wallpaper part of a room, you can also choose a more colourful pattern. It won’t be as prominent as when you wallpaper an entire room.

    Did you know that you can also use wallpaper to create the illusion of a room within a room by wallpapering each wall in a different pattern. This is both appealing and playful.

    Our top wallpaper tips for 10-year-olds are Confetti from By May, Astral Unicorn, Space Odyssey and Graffiti Elements.

    Items in interior by SELECTED BY R.O.O.M. SKRAPAN and Designtorget.

  • A new kids’ room for a new school year

    And then it happens! It’s time to start school. New routines, new friends – and maybe new interests. What better time is there to spend time with the kids renewing their room?


    Pictured above is the canvas print Lightning is All Good from Disney’s new movie Cars 3.

    Children’s room styling inspiration for school starters

    Some kids may already know what they like and are not afraid to express their opinions. They found favourite film characters already at an early age – or perhaps they are all about animals or cars. Whatever they want in their room, we are sure they want it to be colourful! Buy furniture in neutral shades such as white and natural wood and let the kids choose wallpaper, canvas prints and interior decor that match their personalities and styles. If they like the movie Frozen, go for Frozen Fever – Elsa and Anna canvas print. If the Cars movies are their favourites, they are sure to love the Cars Cars Cars wallpaper.


    Plan so the furniture and decor in a kids’ room will last a few years. If there is space, get an adult-sized bed now. Buy children’s lamps with shades that can be changed to other colours. Choose a height-adjustable desk.


    The motif featured in this picture is We know the Way

    DIY with wallpaper

    At this age, many children start doing more advanced crafts, and being creative at school and with friends. So what can be better than crafts they can hang in their rooms – on the walls, shelves or above the bed. With wallpaper you can create pennants, hot air balloons, drapes or just small wallpaper shapes. Visit our blog for more wallpaper craft inspiration. Our top wallpaper craft tips are Owls Pattern by Mini Empire, Mountains by Fine Little Day and Happy Forest Pastel by Sne design.

    Children’s heroes and favourite characters often take a lot of space in terms of wall decor and toys, so we recommend you create practical, stylish storage space. This simplifies picking up all the colourful things that tend to get spread all over the floor. Put shelves on the walls of your kids’ room with space for boxes and frames to fill with pictures and mementoes. Or why not frame a section of their favourite wallpaper?

    Creative solutions for your children’s room

    It’s no secret that kids love to move and climb. “No running indoors and no climbing on the furniture” is a rule we often hear. But what about a children’s furniture solution that encourages movement and play? A climbing wall, a rope ladder, an indoor swing or a homemade fort are all nice options. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiring ideas and creative solutions for children’s rooms.


    Our top wallpapers tips for six-year-olds are Team Frozen, Tow Mater and patterns from popular Disney movie Vaiana.

    Items in interior by SELECTED BY R.O.O.M. and Granit.

  • Vintage style wedding and DIY tips – Part 3 of this year’s Wedding Special

    23 May, 2017

    Wild flowers, playful details and wallpaper pennants. This year’s final Wedding Special is brimming with tips and ideas to make your classic Vintage wedding a night to remember.


    Get the Vintage Vibes look

    You needn’t go all-out vintage. With the right details, you’ll get the look you want. Hand-picked wild flowers look lovely in flea-market vases. If you pick a rustic yet romantic venue for your reception, soften the setting with white textiles and pops of colour. Hang pennants from the ceiling and set the table with whimsical drinking jars. Don’t forget the candles and personal greetings for guests to create the look we like to call Vintage Vibes. Our top wallpaper tips for this look are Wooden Plank Wall, Colorform Monogreen and Rusty Patched Plate.



    On the walls, on the tables and from the ceiling. There are many places where you can decorate with crafts you made yourself. Here are our best DIY crafting tips, both with and without wallpaper.

    • Wallpaper letters.
    • Wallpaper pennants. Create a pennant template and draw it. Draw and cut out as many as you like. Fold the pennants over a string and tape them to the back side so they stay in place. Space the pennants evenly. Don’t cut the string until you are satisfied with the distance!
    • Table seating place cards.
    • Wallpaper books of greetings and information about the big day.
    • Your own print!

    Crafting with the Chevron Parquet, Wild Flowers Watercolor Pattern and Butterflies motifs is the perfect way to find the right look.


    Capture the moment forever – your own print on the wall

    Send us an image of that special moment from your wedding ceremony or celebration that you want to cherish a little longer. All you have to do is select an image, upload it in as high resolution as possible in our shop and choose what size you want. We now also offer a 20 percent discount on canvas prints from your images. Enter the code ownimage17 at checkout to activate the discount. This offer is valid until 31 May 2017 and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

    Create your own canvas print here! 


    Large print

    Would you like a large print? We can help you create a canvas print from your own image up to 150 cm in both width and height. And best of all, we have reduced the price of our largest prints, so you’ll pay a lower price per square metre if you order a large print.

    To all canvas prints in our range! 

  • And the winner is …

    15 May, 2017


    Congratulations to Anneli Karsnäser who submitted the winning entry in our Star Wars contest, and a big thank you to everyone for their outstanding entries. We would like to give those of who did not win a small consolation prize. Enjoy 30% off on all our Star Wars motifs until 21 May, valid for both wallpaper and prints. Enter the code starwarsweek at checkout. (This offer may not be combined with other discounts or offers.)

    The Star Wars motifs Darth Vader Graphite, Obi-Wan Kenobi Graphite and Yoda Graphite are pictured above.

    May The Force Be With You!

  • Spring Sunshine: Scandinavian design – the Scandi Way

    12 May, 2017

    As we gently roll into the brighter days of spring, the winter echoes of hygge become fainter. Instead, the Swedish term “lagom” lingers on the lips of bloggers and throughout the online design community, shifting focus towards finding the perfect balance in Scandinavian interior design – not too much, not too little.

    The Scandinavian style remains at the forefront of current trends, with its clean lines, playful pops of colour and unforgiving sense of class – and we expect this design concept to continue to grow in popularity. Join us as we explore how Scandinavian interiors adapt to the changing seasons, and how to bring this minimalist style into your own home this spring.

    Use wall art for a splash of colour

    Art remains a core component of modern Scandinavian homes. Whether those are retro-inspired wall prints or ultra-modern furniture, so consider swapping out any dark-hued designs with brighter counterparts this spring. If you’ve been living Scandi for a while, it’s likely your home comprises of a mostly monochrome colour palette – so inject vivid accent colours such as red, green, yellow or orange to make the colours pop against a neutral background and welcome spring in style.


    Flaunt your flowers

    The Scandinavian love of nature lends itself well to springtime decoration, giving you the chance to bring the outdoors in using natural tones and features – and plants are the perfect place to start. Start small by using a vase or something more creative to display a handful of your favourite flowers and enjoy the impact this can create on the overall aesthetic of a room.


    Wallpaper motif – My Greenhouse Flowers

    For the particularly green-thumbed reader, flowering houseplants are a worthwhile investment and look right at home in nature-focused Scandinavian designs. A flower injection in the form of a floral wall mural can also provide a much-needed burst of springtime sunshine, and look fantastic when placed on a single feature wall where there is an abundance of natural light. Alternatively, faux flowers can look just as good as the real thing, and don’t require any maintenance!

    Explore earthy tones with wood


    The use of wooden materials is apparent in any Scandi home, as they look to connect their living space with nature – and lighter toned woods sit nicely within the airy aesthetic of modern Scandinavian design. Opting for ‘unfinished’ wooden furniture can deepen this look, adding rustic charm for a subtle but stylish contrast. Whether you choose wooden chairs, wall beams or wood-look wall murals, feature wood in your home to create a nature-inspired space this spring.


    Wallpaper motif – Brown Wooden Wall

    Paint with pastel shades

    Scandinavian design doesn’t tend to employ large blocks of bright colours – that’s where pastels come in. Of particular interest in 2017 are the increasingly popular shades of pastel pink, which can work seamlessly in Scandinavian homes to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. Modern interior materials like metallics, concrete and marble all complement this shy shade of red, so bringing this tint into your home could be just the thing to brighten up your home and complement existing decor.

    Focus on flooring

    Whitewashed floors and walls are at the epicentre of Scandinavian home designs, providing the clean base needed to style with sharp lines and monochromatic shades. Spring is the season of change, so get creative with floor tiles by using Nordic-inspired styles to complement your home decor. For a change of pace from a predominantly whitewashed home, use floor tile designs to incorporate cool-blue hues in your bathrooms or kitchens for on-trend appeal and effortless class.

    No matter the season, the Scandinavian design principles can be incorporated into your home interior. Whether you bring nature indoors with green plants, natural materials or focus on flooring to add finesse to your springtime Scandi look, follow our helpful tips and you’ll be well on your way to bringing minimalist class into your home this year.


  • Can’t-miss tips for hosting your wedding reception at home – Part 2 of our Wedding Special

    11 May, 2017

    Fly off and get married – then come home and celebrate with your loved ones. Follow these tips to transform your wedding celebration into a truly delightful party – at home. But have in mind these useful takeaways when you get married in another country.


    The lettering is created by the wallpaper motif Botany Banana by Lemon

    Get the Home Simplicity look

    Invite your friends and family behind the scenes of your home and show them your personal style. Start simple by designing a digital invitation to your reception and then use it to invite guests on Facebook. Organise a clothes swap session with your friends to combine finding the perfect dress with the fun of making wallpaper pennants – or create a photo backdrop with your favourite wallpaper to create the look we like to call Home Simplicity. Our favourite wallpaper to use for this style are Berries Rose by Andreas Engesvik, Linen Blue by Lemon and Sycamore by Iwa Herdensjö.

    Our best advice for your wedding celebration – at home!

    • Use what you have to decorate. Everything from porcelain, vases and other festive finery.
    • If you have a garden, decorate the tables with some freshly cut flowers and green sprigs.
    • Create a playlist and then share it with the guests in advance so they can add their own favourites.
    • Rent a food truck for late-night nosh when the party carries on into the wee hours.
    • Also, have a think about whether you have any extra places to sleep, like an extra bed or even a sofa. Or perhaps a neighbour has an extra space that guests who have a long way to travel could use to overnight instead.


    DIY wallpaper crafts and table decorations

    Crafting decorations with wallpaper for your wedding reception is both fun and easy and gives a more personal touch. Use wallpaper left over from a renovation or else wallpaper samples. We made decorations from Botany Banana, Speckle and Linen by Lemon, and from Fruta do Dragão by Iwa Herdensjö.


    Photo backdrop made with wallpaper Linen Pink and Grey by Lemon and the bride Nora.

    Our best crafting tips:

    • Make your own lettering for signs. Draw the letters on the back of the motif and then cut out. Use the letters to write out directions, label rooms, create a menu or even list the evening’s activities.
    • Set the tables with origami swans made from wallpaper at each place setting.
    • Photo backdrops – it’s quick and easy to create spectacular backdrops for the photos of the big event by cutting out and vertically hanging wallpaper garlands of small, cascading circles and rectangles.
    • Create hats and cut out amusing mouth and moustache shapes to make your photos even more fun.
    • Create table decorations in the shape of diamonds by following our simple guide.


    Creative activity ideas for a fun home party

    It doesn’t have to be difficult to find games that are fun for everyone. Start by thinking about what you and your friends are interested in. If they like music, then it might be fun to hold a dance contest in the living room to your favourite tunes. If history is your thing, create a unique historical walk around your garden with mini-quizzes dotted along the way containing amusing little puzzles and riddles. Or why not set up a canvas next to the drinks table where guests can paint messages of congratulations and love to the happy couple?


    Canvas print with love greetings from the guests.


    Lettering for the living room-dancing, created from the wallpaper motif Fruta do Dragão by Iwa Herdensjö.

    Three handy takeaways for getting married abroad

    • Enquire about certain practicalities in the country you want to get married in before booking. In some countries, you’ll need to have stayed there for couple days prior to the ceremony, and in other countries, at least one of the couple may be required to be a resident of the region. Contact the embassy for advice and assistance.
    • And don’t forget to enquire about what you’ll need to bring with you for the ceremony. This may vary depending on whether you have a church wedding in the country in which one of you is a resident or if you have a civil wedding following the country’s local marriage laws.
    • Before setting off, contact the officiant who will preside over the marriage ceremony to set a time and get more information.

    Or, at many airports you could even get married before departure and then celebrate with a wonderful honeymoon before the party.


    Trending: Chic diamonds from Linen and Marble Landscape wallpapers by Lemon.

    Don’t miss part 3 of our Wedding Special, where we share advice on creating the perfect classic vintage wedding.

  • Indoor wedding tips and decor: Part 1 of this year’s Wedding Special

    4 May, 2017

    It’s wedding season and preparations are in full swing. We can plan everything – except the weather. That’s why part 1 of our Wedding Special is all about ideas and crafts for celebrating your wedding indoors.


    Step into a creative world of inspiration full of wild flowers and retro details. Start with a muted colour scheme, then add pops of colour with candies and confetti for a romantic and playful style we like to call Romantic Retro.

    Romantic Retro how-to

    Capture the right mood by choosing a romantic venue with turn-of-the-century details, and use the same colour scheme in your decor and crafts. Bring your personality to the mix with some playful, unexpected – almost modern – touches. When you select decor and furniture for an indoor wedding reception, think glass vases, brass candle holders, antique chairs and flowery china. But don’t forget to delight with paper cones and yummy popcorn. Our top wallpaper tip for this style is Wild in My Garden by Peppercookies, Confetti from By May and Changing Waves by Sne Design.


    DIY wallpaper crafts and table decorations

    Do it yourself! Your wedding will be more personal and it’ll be easier to stay on budget. And you don’t need to worry about wallpaper crafts or handmade confetti being spoiled by wind and rain when you hold your reception indoors.


    Our top DIY tips for indoor weddings

    • Wallpaper balloons. Simply cut out a balloon shape and attach a string. The balloons can be used as a photo backdrop or a playful decoration.
    • Table placemats. Our premium material is best, or laminate the placemats to resist spills.
    • Wallpaper cones.
    • Table seating place cards.
    • Decorative bow wraps. With a few snips, folds and a little tape you can easily create lovely and romantic bows as cutlery holders.
    • Homemade confetti made from petals or cut bits of paper in various colours.
    • Pom-poms

    Our top wallpaper tips for DIY: Spring Pines, Colorform Mint and In the Garden.

    Create your own garlands
    Make a heart template, lay it on the back side of the wallpaper and trace it. After tracing as many hearts as you like, you can start cutting them out. Once you have cut out your hearts, tape a string to the back side, near the middle. Don’t cut the string yet! Keep taping it to all the hearts, with the same spacing between them, and then cut off the string. Now you’re done!


    Indoor games

    Create a fun, chatty atmosphere with a game of guessing the age of vintage clothing. Or, have a music competition with the same theme. Play a game of balloon stomp or the wallpaper game.

    Wallpaper game
    How well do you know the bride and groom? Make wallpaper cards for wedding guests to have ready when they think they can answer questions about the bride and groom.


    Manor house, castle, or wedding at home

    Finding the perfect venue can be both time consuming and expensive. And even if the space should suit the style of the wedding, you can create the right mood almost anywhere with a little creativity, fabric and wallpaper.

    • Ask your friends! One of your acquaintances may have an aunt or colleague who knows someone who can rent a venue. Ask, and describe the atmosphere you want for your reception.
    • Say you find a space that doesn’t really suit your style. Take a look and see if you can wallpaper pieces of plywood or suspend wallpaper strips or fabric from the ceiling.
    • A beautiful pattern that is repeated in the table decorations and suspended from the ceiling and walls enhances (almost) any venue.
    • For Romantic Retro style in a manor house or banquet hall, start looking early. The most popular venues often have long waiting lists. We were fortunate to borrow beautiful Kristinehovs Malmgård for our photo shoot.

    Our top wallpaper tips: My Greenhouse Flowers, Spring Medallion and Bugs & Butterflies.


    Rent or borrow umbrellas and put up rain shelter for guests to step out for fresh air. And make sure the local taxi company’s number is posted and the Uber app is ready as the evening winds down.

    Don’t miss Part II of our Wedding Special: The modern wedding.


    Trending: Chic coasters cut from A Warm Summers Day wallpaper by Plingsulli.

    Vintage dresses and china from Vintagefabriken.


  • May the Fourth: We meet Star Wars fans and make over a room with wallpaper

    3 May, 2017

    Han Solo, Princess Leia and Boba Fett are here – that can only mean it’s May the Fourth! And we met some hardcore Star Wars fans, chose our favourite motifs, shared Star Wars memories and restyled with wallpaper.

    Meet Tomas, who made over his attic with a Star Wars theme. His wallpapered walls feature Stormtroopers, starships and Yoda, and he’s even moved in his collection of Star Wars characters. There’s no mistaking that Tomas is a dedicated Star Wars fan!


    Pictured, the wall mural motif Star Wars Coruscant Buildings

    “I’ve liked Star Wars for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I saved everything involving Star Wars – from press cuttings and ice cream wrappers to cinema posters and pens. Collecting memorabilia has always gone hand in hand with my interest and has always been a part of me,” Tomas tells us.

    This is why no one was surprised when the room highest up in the family’s house was made over into a true Star Wars den. Especially Tomas’ three-year-old daughter, Leia, who shares his interest.


    Tomas with daughter Leia in front of the R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine wallpaper motif.

    “Leia already knows the names of all the characters and starships from the film. She also loves enlightening the other family members with Star Wars facts, and her reaction the first time she stepped into the room after its transformation was simply incredible. It was obvious in that moment that she’s a true Star Wars fan!

    Star Wars fan number two – David

    The next Star Wars fan we met is David, who has collected Star Wars memorabilia for as long as he can remember and saw his first film when he was six.

    “Back then, it wasn’t as easy to watch a film whenever you want like we can now. But one day when I was six, all the Star Wars films were being shown on TV, and I was glued in front of it all day. After that, I was hooked,” David tells us.


    David with his favourite motif Star Wars – Cloud City as a canvas print

    David moved to Stockholm when he was ten, and it was there that his collecting really took off when he discovered an antique shop.

    “Before then, I had played with the neighbour’s Star Wars toys, but a whole new world opened up to me when I set foot in the antique shop, Wigerdahls Värld. And I’ve been collecting Star Wars memorabilia ever since.”

    We then asked David to share his favourite Star Wars memory.

    “I have so many, but I’m going to choose one that’s not really a memory. It’s that I have gotten to know many people through my collecting, and I can now call them close friends.”

    Sofie tells us about her top Star Wars memory

    Sofie’s first encounter with Star Wars was when she rented the animated films about Ewoks with her sister every Friday. Her top Star Wars memory came a few years later.


    Sofie with her favourite motif Star Wars Poster 9 as a canvas.

    “It was the first time I saw the real Star Wars film when I was 10 years old. I was with my family at a party, and the other kids and I got bored of listening to the adults. Our solution was to watch a Star Wars film, and we fell in love with it.” Sofie tells us.

    Her favourite motif reflects her love for the first film she saw.

    Meet Viktor and 9-year-old Ivar

    Our fourth and fifth Star Wars fans are Viktor and his 9-year old son, Ivar, who already likes the films and everything related to them. Together they watch their favourite film, Return of the Jedi and on the wall hangs the canvas motif Star Wars – Darth Vader Lightsaber.


    Viktor remembers when he first became interested in Star Wars, but Ivar was hooked from day one. At least since he got his hands on an R2-D2 Lego set.

    “I would call both of us Star Wars fans. We build with Lego and pretend we are different characters. If could to choose to be one Star Wars character for a day, I would be Han Solo,” says Viktor.


    It was a little harder for Ivar to choose.

    “Maybe Anakin – oh, wait! Actually, I would pick Boba Fett,” says 9-year-old Ivar.

    Kristina with her favourite canvas motif

    The last fan we met is Kristina, who is a big fan of the films of the original trilogy from the 70s and 80s. Her favourite motif is when R2-D2 and C-3PO approach Jabba the Hutt’s Palace in the desert landscape of the planet Tatooine.


    “This motif takes me on a real trip down memory lane, and I can see it both as a wall mural or a print in the living room, children’s room and maybe even an office,” says Kristina.

    Compete to win Star Wars wallpaper or prints

    Want to make over your home with Star Wars motifs? Then enter our Star Wars contest for a chance to win wallpaper or prints with the beloved film characters valued at £440. All you need to do to enter is tell us your top Star Wars memory and describe how you would make over your home if you won.

    Email your entry to starwars@photowall.se by 11 May. The winner will be selected by Photowall’s jury (the jury’s decision cannot be appealed) and will be presented here on our blog on 15 May. To participate you must be at least 18 years old and live in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland or in the Netherlands.

  • 21st Century Rustic Living

    28 April, 2017

    The rustic aesthetic is defined by bold, natural features combined with homely comforts and a nod to countryside living. As we move further into 2017, this trend is becoming more popular – and it’s not hard to see why. In this post, we’ll be exploring rustic living in the 21st century, looking at what makes this trend so appealing and providing you with our insightful guidance to bring countrified living into your own home this year.

    Let nature inspire you



    Jonna Jinton – The Secret Place

    At the core of rustic living is its dependence on natural components; raw materials like wood and stone work seamlessly together to create genuine surroundings that shy away from artificial intrusion. Wood, perhaps the most commonly used material in modern rustic design, is endlessly versatile but relatively inexpensive – making it the ideal material to bring into your home this year. Wooden beams are a timeless addition to any rustic home, and faux beams can look just as impressive as their built-in counterparts.

    Simpler ways to bring nature home include small accessories like wood-cut coasters, coffee tables and flowers. For a minimalist take on modern rustic living, black stone is the perfectly natural way to bring sophistication into your kitchen by creating an island or feature wall that will allow you to impress your guests.

    Use wooden flooring creatively

    Wooden flooring is synonymous with the rustic look, leading the way when it comes to evoking feelings of warmth, and flawlessly finishing off any look. Waltzing its way back into homes again this year is parquet flooring, which makes for an interesting take on a traditional flooring type.

    Modern designers have adapted this trend by using whitewashed boards or geometric shapes to transition the style to suit today’s taste, so use wooden flooring creatively to fit it into your own home style. Alternatively, classic rustic wooden flooring can be painted in Scandinavian-inspired greys, or left in its natural state to let the features of its raw beauty shine through.


    Adapt a countrified colour combination

    A traditional country colour palette consists of canary yellows and ducks egg blues, with shades of white, brown and beige for a simplistic, yet charming effect. While the sight of these colours is not uncommon in modern rustic homes, 21-st century style has encouraged home-owners to think outside of the box and try new, brighter accents to complement these base choices. Whether you’re going bold with Indian reds or bringing a space to life with greens, stepping outside of the traditional rustic comfort zone means you can create a one-of-a-kind space.


    Accessorise with art

    Modern homes are not complete without some form of art – whether that be a canvas print, statue or wall mural – and these creative mediums give you the chance to express your personality. Textured wall murals like brick or wood can add an element of interest to your rustic space, without the expensive price tag.


    Wallpaper motif – Old Ruff Brickwall

    While traditional rustic homes would focus on predominantly classical art, modern homes are free to incorporate contemporary art styles to fit the current aesthetic. Whatever art you opt for, make sure it reflects the space you’re creating. The rustic aesthetic continues to rise in popularity and shows little sign of slowing down. With the appealing aesthetic of home comfort, combined with nature and charm, the draw of countrified living has never been stronger – and with our top tips above, you could be one step closer to creating your own slice of rustic paradise, wherever you live.

  • Style with green this spring – 5 tip

    21 April, 2017

    The fabulously retro Swiss cheese plant paired with gorgeous green wallpaper – what could be more perfect for spring? Bring in the fresh green feeling of spring with large-leaved potted plants, pretty spring bouquets and flowing ferns.


    We’ve shed our winter jackets and can finally have our afternoon tea or coffee outdoors. In other words – it’s spring, and we love it! After freshening up our wardrobe, the change to spring also gives an urge to update our decor, and this season we are stoked about styling our homes with all things green.

    Top 5 tips for greenifying your home

    1. Green looks fresh and rejuvenating

    Loving green is easy for so many reasons, and we came up with several. Besides the obvious – that it’s simply beautiful – green has a calming and balancing effect. It works great in most rooms but definitely works best in rooms where you want to relax in a harmonious environment. If you combine green with grey, white, baby pink or even a wood pattern motif, you’ll bring out even more of the colour’s natural beauty.

    2. Don’t forget plants

    Surely you’ve heard this already, but it’s worth repeating: Decorating with plants is always right. Let plants become a feature of your decor. Choose the potted plants and leaf shapes that suit your style. Create a botanical oasis with the retro Swiss cheese plant, fig trees, the Chinese money plant and ferns. Match the plants and their pots to your interiors. Some plants even have a humidifying effect and are perfect on your desk or in your bedroom.


    Lottas Trees – Mountain Pine – Off White. Vases and the basket comes from Designtorget.

    3. Greenifying – beyond the flower pot

    Do you absolutely adore plants but feel you haven’t got the space or the right environment for plants to thrive? Then our top tip is to use products created from nature as the best source of inspiration for a natural and tranquil vibe. Find towels patterned with green leaves, hang a shower curtain with plant life motifs, snuggle with flowered pillows and put up curtains that reflect the serene forest and countryside.


    Lemon – Botany Banana

    4. Wallpaper in a range of shades

    Perhaps you’ve already decided on green for your walls but not the exact shade. Our top tip is to test your way forward. Order wallpaper samples and put them up, remembering that the shade you choose sets the mood of the room: Forest green and other subtle shades of wallpaper create an elegant and more luxurious vibe whereas green wallpaper with brown tones reflect a warm and cosy atmosphere. For a bright, fresh feeling, light green or pea green will do the trick.


    Acne JR – Bambu Green

    5. Where else can you do the green look?

    Green plants, decor and wallpaper work just as well in your summer cottage or conservatory as they do in your house. Choose the right flowers and foliage for the feeling you want to create, then add textiles like pillows and curtains for a natural, cosy vibe.


    Floral wallpaper

    Do you want to greenify your home? Right now, until 8 May, we offer 30 % off on all our green motifs. This offer may not be combined with other discounts or offers. To activate the discount, don’t forget to use the code springgreens when you check out.